Mark Teaches Ethan How to Play the Trumpet

Birt 1 ágú 2020
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Memento Mori.
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  • Ethan is me but when I was learning to play the flute

  • memento mori

  • no way,,,, dats what i did toooo. i played trumpet in fifth grade, then switched to baritone midway

  • the intro omg

  • I play a brass instrument (euphonium) and watching this. I literally had to play with them because Ethan just kept making me internally scream. It’s cool that mark knows brass instruments (probably mentioned it before and I forgot cuz small brain) but yeah it’s cool.

  • Omfg I got my trumpet like 2 days ago and I am taking classes and this just randomly pops up in my recommended section?!?!

  • I would pay good money for mark to do trumpet videos tbh

  • It's so nice to see fellow trumpet players. Greetings my brothers😂

  • 12:14 Me every day

  • I played tuba 2 years ago and the start brings back memories

  • mark be nice too Ehthan

  • wow

  • eVeRy GoOd BoY dOeS fInE (Egbdf)

  • I took band and chorus in 6th grade and the only thing I remember is how to breathe and posture and ethans posture upsets me

  • omg i miss playing the trumpet... the memories.... the fourth grade muscle memory is coming back....

  • 10:18 your hand is ✨ *sinful* ✨

  • He was trying to play spongebob anthem

  • Ethan: Freshman beginner Mark: Band director that has ascended beyond the musical realm

  • i love the dying elephant what Ethan had become.....


  • Ethan is how i was when i first played trombone in 6 grade im now in 7th and are a symphonic band we use F-trigger trombones. I also am a beginner/intermediate cello player mainly beginner and for trombone our band director (brass teaching one we have 2) is Always Carry Extra Guac. And Good Burritos Dont Fall Apart

  • Me the entire video: lol Me when Mark explains EGBDF and FACE: ..... ooooooh, so that what it is- OOOOOOOH!!!! I learned something today

  • mark: “think of it like a lover’s kiss” ethan: *incoherent honking noises*

  • Mark's trumpet is from 4 years ago when he played the theme from Hearts and Heroes

  • 11:24 I was waiting for them to start playing duuuuun duuuuuun duuuuuuuuuuuuun DUM DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM (idk the name so i'm sorry ;n;)

  • The fact that marks trumpet was out of tune hurt my ears but this was very enjoyable

  • Ode to Joy!

  • I play Viola and seeing Ethan finally understand EGBDF and FACE brought me actual joy.

  • I haven't heard a trumpet in so long, I was blasted to when my brother would practice for marching band

  • EGBDF. Every good boy deserves fudge! That's what I learned

  • Also why did you start him off with ode to joy lol

  • Trumpet player approved

  • As a trumpet player the pinkie is meant to go in the thing near the valves

  • Mark Is correct

  • It's like mark is good at everything

  • The phineas and ferb style intro made me waaay too excited 😹

  • I love the Phineas and Ferb intro remake

  • I learned Every Good Boy Does Fine and FACE

  • Mark is wrong

  • Am I the only one who learned "every good boy deserves fudge" for EGBDF?

  • The Phandom: Glabella Unuses and Annuses: 6:18

  • I play trumpet and I'm pretty good, last year I got in All county, and watching Ethan was just cringe.

  • I am also a trumpet player and I was never taught to put my thumb in between those

  • I need a notification sound of Mark just saying "Egbdf"

  • Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  • Ngl the theory stuff really helped with my guitar.

  • The way 17:56 sounded like traffic

  • think of it like a lovers' ki- *loud mouthpiece quacking*

  • Yes, start out with trumpet, then you will be able to begin to grasp the beauty and perfection that is the Bassoon. First, you must successfully pass the trail of the weaker instruments to be able to have the privileges of attempting handle the bassoon. (Also the lack of air that Ethan used to support his sound gave me middle school band trauma)

  • I don’t like the Phineas and Ferb references

  • Literally NO ONE is talking about the intro, these comments suck lol

  • mark would be an excellent music teacher *flashbacks to bad experiences with my old violin teachers*

  • Ahhh flashbacks to marching band days, where the trumpet players would open their spit valves and I would be drenched in the drool of my mortal enemies

  • heeeeyyy I played the trumpet and fifth and then switched to baritone in sixth as well, except i didn't quit and now i play the tuba

  • As a French horn player I feel ultimate brain power.

  • nah mark is so respectable for sticking with the trumpet, mad respect

  • Mark, if your ISchats career ever fails, (not saying that it would) I feel you'd be great teacher for playing the trumpet. Just saying.

  • 16:31 this genuinely happens so much.

  • im realizing now i watched this video two months ago before i realized what this channel was (about a month ago) and i’ve been binging ever since but it’s just weird to think about

  • Bro i play the baritone and it is so easy

  • Actually i think he needs a lower dosage lmao

  • me as a treble cleff user a easier way to remember egbdf is Every Good Being Desrvers Fudge


  • "Driving Amy insane" Me: Thats debatable.

  • 17:55 I don't think I've ever laughed harder in my life

  • When u realize unnus annus ends 6 days before your birthday😭

  • *wheezes in Clarinet*

  • no description text on this one ,interesting

  • Ethan is me during band, and mark is my talented friends..

  • Wait, your stomach is meant to go out when breathing in? How am I breathing incorrectly

    • I'm pretty sure i breathe through my liver

  • Ethan did actually really well for I'm assuming his first time (other than 5th grade) it took me a long time to make a sound out of a flute

  • My brother taught me trumpet and he plays that in school, @4.45min he was holding it wrong Ethan was correct about the pinky and mark was right about the thumb

  • It is cool to see different basic tones for things. I read their "C" as a B-Flat from my experience with a Violin, but I understand that some people have different inner opinions on their tones.

  • If it weren’t for corona I’d like to imagine mark would be teaching the 4 small children and Ethan things like a kindergarten teacher with everyone sitting cross cross on a carpet

  • ode to joy sounds like me and my music teacher

  • "The trumpet is to be respected." Me, a percussionist: haha snare go brrrr

  • idk man i just play the trombone

  • Trumpet is hard to learn unless your really committed to it

  • Things about the trumpet mark is wrong about is that i dont know cause i play trombone

  • Mark: Casually scribbles trebles clef Me: physically in pain because it doesn’t clearly circle G

  • I am a treble chef player I play the french horn and Ethan should try to keep his cheeks puffed in and to go higher get the corners of his mouth to tighten and he should be fine!

  • i met my boyfriend my freshman year of college because i asked him to teach me how to play the trumpet. he was in marching band in his HS.

  • The little dicit behind the valves, you need to put your thumb. Yourpinkie can go in the ring near your fingering. You can either put it under or over. You can't puff up up your cheeks and you need to sit straight for a good airway so you can hold a longer breath. You can't lean back, you have to sit up straight and you can't look at the ground when you play. You need to open up your teeth about the size of your pinkie and keep them open, you need to straighten your teeth. Oh, and a tip, never put on chap stick before you play and never eat before playing. By playing as much as you do with the trumpet. The tops of the finger tips, they turn so you can put them in the right place.

  • Ode to joy

  • Me rolling into my psychiatrist's like "I think I need a higher dose" before shredding on the trumpet is my new goal for 2020

  • Me a trombone/baritone player who only reads bass clef 👁👄👁

  • 5:35 I absolutely started DYING laughing

  • Honestly, Ethans ADHD make him crazy! It’s so funny though and it makes me so happy! 🥰

  • This video was exactly what it’s like to be near a middle school band class

  • I watched that intro so much😂😂❤️ This bitch don’t know about Pangea 😂😂😂😂 I’m dead Did you know I’m on medication currently?!!!? 😂😂 this is how I die... I can’t even with these two😂😂

  • Can we just talk about how amazing that into was xD

  • Mark = high school band Ethan = every elementary kid alive


  • there were at least a couple trumpets in my high school band who would wouldn't put their thumb in between the first and second valve. I agree with Mark, there's no question it restricts movement. I was always confused why this wasn't taught to us.

  • *me, a flute player* I wanna see them t r y

  • This will be forever remembered as the time Eef sexualized trumpets

  • Trumpet/French horn player here.... I wanted to dive into this video and play with them because oh my GOD Not only do I just miss band a lot, it also physically hurt me so see Ethan play LMAO I know he dropped it in 5th grade, I understand he's really rusty. I get that. As someone who does play trumpet, it was just kinda cringy. But it was also really hilarious XD

  • He forgot to teach Ethan the ready position

  • so is no one gonna talk about the intro?????????

  • Oh my God! I had the same issue Ethan has breathing as a kid. I needed to train myself to breath properly as my incorrect breathing was causing me to get nodules on my throat.