Making the Ultimate Unus Annus Burger

Birt 15 sep 2020
McDonalds... Travis Scott... STEP ASIDE, TRASH. It's time for Unus Annus to take center stage in the world of BURG.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • as a man who works a mcdonalds I can say I fucking hate the Travy Patty

  • Three hundred and sixth video: Finished.

  • Frankenstine burger

  • This makes me hungry

  • siren head amy

  • It's hemispherical. HEMISPHERICAL! This made me hungry for a burger myself. 11:40 Guys, quick, write this down before it goes away forever! (actually don't, for the sake of the channel.)

  • and this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you check the bag to see if you got what you ordered *before* leaving

  • Travis Scott step aside

  • Something different about Amy lately... I can't quite put my finger on what 🤔

  • and here we see mark reminding us all of that *one* team member who never pulled their weight :) /lh

  • That's not an Unus Annus burger, you can just get that shit in Texas

  • Omg I can't wait too make this tomorrow. I might even make a video of the creation. Following you guys has truly made my life more entertaining despite this pandemic. Thank you 👦

  • How did McDonald’s forget NOT ONE BUT TWO QUARTER POUNDERS????

  • Me: Fuck! The drive thru forgot to make my sandwich plain! My mom:

  • Ethan: straight james charles Mark: korean cr1tikal

  • fries good yes 🍟

  • I feel really bad for all the people that have to deal with the people who take Unus and Annus's bits seriously. Like, I feel bad.

  • yeah you guys said not to archive anything from unus annus but.... that recipe tho

  • Ethan: Loves Tomatoes and Hates Ketchup Me: Loves Ketchup and Hates Tomatoes

  • I’ll take 3 please

  • I really like Ethan's earring, looks great

  • Unus Annus

  • I work for McDonalds and I can confirm the Travis Scott was just a quarter pounder with lettuce and bacon (though it bugs the fuck out of me that they keep saying it’s a double quarter pounder when it’s not). Even worse, though, is the J Balvin meal. Literally just a regular Big Mac with a fry and a McFlurry. And unless you order it on the app there’s NO discount. Literally the exact same price as buying a Big Mac with a fry and a McFlurry. So dumb people who don’t read the advertisements come in and order it and I have to explain why it’s ten fucking dollars. Utter fucking bullshit.

  • If these people ever enter a McDonalds kitchen the quality of the food will improve, and the amount of people going missing in a McDonalds will double.

  • do u think Evan had a bite after the cameras stopped

  • I'm surprised after all these videos, Mark hasn't pulled a Mr. Hippo when he goes on a tangent.

  • Love how mark is just chowing down on fries the whole time

  • omg almost done catching up ahhh

  • i would just like to say that Eef looks amazing in that turtle neck mwah beautiful

  • Ethan doing all the work: Mark: H E M I S P H E R I C A L

  • *Mark:* "I dun wan too many potatoes on my side. Too much starch." *Mark: *chows down a whole pack of fries**

  • Am I the only one concerned with whether or not they actually put Chica in a cage 10 feet away from New Amy?

  • I only ever have chicken nuggets and fries and McDonald’s

  • *I was literally about to write down the WHOLE recipe thank you Lixian* 🙏

  • Amy is looking a little green....

  • And i thought it was just my mcdonalds that forgot half my order

  • new title: ethan makes a burger while mark sits there and eats fries

  • Doesn't Maccas already have the thing where you can create your own burger, or is that only in Australia?

  • alternate title: mark and ethan not really knowing who travis scott is for almost 12 minutes

  • The meat from McDonald's never Molds or goes bad so technically they could use it as many times as they want.

  • Eef: doing all the work Mark: peacefully eating fries and saying “I was thinking the same thing”

  • I love how marks just telling ethan what to do and ethan has to do all the work lmao

  • I couldn't finish my 20 piece nuggets yesterday and I took a nap, when I woke up it was gone. I'm actually so upset

  • Who’s puppy is that?????

  • I thought mark and Ethan where trying to get McDonald’s to notice so they can get a burger like Travis Scott and J Balvin

  • That's probably the best mc d food I've ever seen

  • this is my actual fucking dream McDonald's sandwich XD

  • Ethan constructing a sandwich while Mark power eats fries.

  • My birthday video lol

  • Hello, McDonalds. I want one Unus Annus Meal to go.

  • Is this a 2 Guys and 1 Burger Version of 2 Girls and 1 Cup?

  • this feels like a GMM episode. Mark feels like Link (no tomatoes, longer hair) and Ethan feels like Rhett.

  • How many people besides me screenshoted the ingredients?

  • Hey my nickname is the henisphere. Lmao

  • There's just something about Ethan with his hair done glasses on and piercings in all black that gives me soft badboi feels uwu💖💖

  • Evan sounds exactly like me when they forget my food

  • I honestly can't tell if it's a joke or if NerdFiction really can't spell sandwich.

  • 11:05

  • they just did a subway style mcdonald’s sandwich

  • Day thirty four, has anyone tried making this homemade?

  • McDonald’s must be running. Low on money if they have to have a special celebrity burger. Then again this is America, like 50% of our population is obese. McDonald’s is definitely getting good business

  • So I'm off to order enough food for about 4 people in order to make a single sandwich for myself. Worth it.

  • all I can think about is how Ethan’s bite is smaller than marks

  • As someone who has worked in fast food, this would be a god damn horror for backline

  • I got a DQ ad for this vid

  • What’s funny is I think there is gonna be some fanfic from this video

  • I legit rlly wanna try this

  • I have saved the resipy and will make this for my children

  • Mark is Garfield. Ethan is Odie. Tell me I’m wrong 😂

  • We need McDonald’s to get this burger before Unus Annus is gone.

  • Alternate title: Ethan makes Unus Annus Burger While Mark Eats McDonald's

  • Honestly they have never gotten along so well before....

  • Why does it look like Eef is making out with the burger when they first took a bite?

  • Day 306, Video 307

  • This is literally 11 minutes and 52 seconds of mark and Ethan eating fries and yelling.

  • I hungy for a burger now

  • Someone should make this from scratch

  • now i'm hungry

  • 5:53

  • Was actually successful in acquiring an Unus Annus burger! Buddy is a manager at a bk and he watches show!

  • I’m gonna be totally honest, when they first used these in the basement video I thought mark was just doing a bit with the screaming and saying he couldn’t hear it- Nah, they’re actually possessed. XD

  • What song is that meme with two Travis scotts

  • They could of just cut it in half

  • I sent it to McDonald's over email

  • Wow mark and Ethan not fighting?! What😚😚🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️💕💕

  • I will make this tomorrow. And I will die a happy man.

  • i wish i could afford to buy multiple burgers from mcdonalds just so that i could also experience this burger

  • ethan quoting adam driver "eXACTLY exaCTLY" 4:32

  • Wait, when did you get a pupper?? And him name is my doggos name🥺🥺🥰

  • tasty tasty borgers

  • Ethan: Says anything. Mark: "I was thinking the same thing" Everyone Else: This is the only video that he will agree with Ethan

  • Now I wanna try this.

  • I will eat this on the day this all ends

  • New title idea: frankenburger

  • I kinda wanna eat the Unus annus burger.

  • Mark directing everything and making Ethan feel like they actually worked as a team is the biggest big brain gunius moment ever

  • I rekon that if enough people ask for it they'll do it

  • “Amy will watch over Bodi” Bodi: 👁👄👁

  • Fucking love this bit

  • So weird my mom ask me what i want from mcdonalds while I watch this video and i didnt say fries cuz I didnt want fries but now I see mark eat fries I WANT THEM