Learn to Jump Higher in 16 Minutes and 16 Seconds

Birt 15 okt 2020
We've lost them. NASA last sighted them leaving the orbit of Jupiter. At their current trajectory they will exit the solar system in approximately 29 days.
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Unus Annus.


  • I think Ethan may be some kind of science baby

  • Slime Ethan has entered the chat

  • this man rly convinced ethan to put chalk on nike x off white high tops

  • I don’t know how to run and jump😂

  • Unus and fat

  • To the 400 people that disliked. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • 👁️👄👁️

  • they never did amy’s great idea :,(((

  • This is by far my favorite unus annus video

  • How to jump higher lmao: I’m 5’5 1/4 and I can touch the rim of a 10ft basketbal rim. First of all, it’s all in your approach and arm swing. You wanna have a powerful and explosive arm swing, and you want a good and fast approach. Second of all, DO NOT TAKE TOO MUCH TIME ENGAGING INTO THE ACTUAL JUMP BECAUSE U LOSE YOUR MOMENTUM FROM YOUR RUNNING APPROACH Third of all, like the guy said in the video they watched, have a positive mindset before jumping, u gotta believe and imagine that u are light as a feather Thank u for reading this if u actually did lol

  • Eef: coffee!? Mark:chalk.... Eef:.... Mark:CaLm

  • I’m so mad that the small jumps made me cackle..

  • Im European I understand nothing


  • I made a comment

  • but you gotta focus

  • me, a non american, watching mark trying to figure out how high ethan jumped by counting and adding and subtracting inches for like a solid minute: help.

  • When they could have just taped the tape measurer upside down

  • I love when they're both having fun.

  • 1 year of unus annus more like 1 year 4 braincells

  • Heyyy birthday video

  • why is no one talking about the sticker that is still on marks shirt?

  • 14:25 timestamp of Ethan being ✨fabulous✨

  • how is no one talking about marks pony tail

  • CLICKBAIT! it's 16 minutes and 15 SECONDS

  • the title: Learn to Jump Higher in 16 Minutes and 16 Seconds the video length: 16:15 Me: they lie to me never forgive

  • it has come to my realization that I am, in fact, thoroughly attracted to Ethan. damnit

  • Is it bad I love how long marks hair has gotten

  • Probably the best Unus Annus video ending

  • When someone is being smart in front of me 3:49

  • I was 4 minutes into the video and it felt like it had been on for months Turns out thats because it restarted itself im a dumb

  • I love how the thumbnail assumes that he ascended.

  • 16...16...16...

  • I love the assertion music

  • I did not understand any of the math lol but I am A.D.D.

  • Jump good

  • 8:35 sounds an awful lot like Monokuma laughing

  • Wow. You wasted a whole video on trying to "jump" higher. So... fun. Can't wait to laugh at people begging for this channel to come back

  • Eef: “But what do you think about not bending your legs...just like- *🧍‍♂️* ^

  • the only thing i can think of watching this is samurai jack JUMP GOOD

  • *Ethan in hillbilly speak* “yOu dOnT jUst jUmP wiTh uR fEet. -iDi😼t”

  • There’s a lot of Ethan’s Cake in this video Happy Birthday y’all

  • My dad saw me slacking off, watching this video once: I told him I'm watching this for my PE class 🤣


  • The video would be so easier if they used the metric system lol

  • Ok but is anyone gonna talk about the description?

  • that last jumping bit ethan did actually frightened me

  • Ethan always sounds like he’s drunk

  • 4:25 193? you wish

  • that last minute had me laughing so hard i choked and pulled a muscle in my throat/tongue that i didnt know existed. like the muscle below your epiglottis

  • 15:40 does anyone know the video of the french bulldog that does the exact same thing

  • pixar called they gotta role for ethan as a mom.

  • Congratulation you just watched a Video inside a Video

  • The ends editing made me choke on my water, ethan threateningly short hopping towards the camera is so comical it hurts, bless these homies and editors fr

  • Is nobody gonna comment on the pumpkin sticker Mark still has on his shirt? xd

  • This is my favorite video

  • hehe mark has the sticker eef put on him from last video

  • 15:31 I feel threatened.. 😂😂😂 I don’t know why ethier!!

  • only men would really care about things being literally an in bigger. Edit..i guess we do to

  • if you watch this video from an alien perspective it kind of looks like two humans trying to defy the only thing that keeps them from falling into the abyss that is space

  • who else has OCD and sees that the title says "in 16 minutes and 16 seconds" but the video goes for 16 minutes and 15 seconds

  • Me being an 8th grader able to dunk on 9ft hoop dang this video made me feel better 

  • I fucking lost it at 15:20

  • What’s gonna happen at the end of the timer??

  • 16:00 lmfao

  • I got a afk arena ad by Mark before the vid

  • Ethan looked like a monster, who’s about to eat ya🤣🤣 or Packman

  • Buy jump shoes

  • 15:21, when I say I was laughing my ass off and died from here to the end, I'm not kidding 😂😂😂

  • My boy pigmie

  • I was really hoping Amy was gonna bust out some Moonshoes

  • Holy SHIT eef rockin dem off whites DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN

  • Its ok mark. I got cut from the recreational, just for recess, volleyball team in elementary school 🥺

  • gave this man a black sweater, some back baggy pants, a grey scarf, and a yellow sleeping bag, BOOM! hobo dad

  • Amy that was a great idea they just didnt see their potential hahaha

  • I'm not the only one who can't say tutorial

  • Eef the science baby.

  • Point your feet as well!!! If you wanna go higher you gotta roll forward on your feet and push off through the ball of your foot, its a trick dancers use to jump higher. Especially in ballet, you gotta POINT your feet

  • Where's the volleyball comments

  • why didnt you just put the tape measure the other way?

  • mark left the pumpkin sticker on his shirt !!!!!!!! love that

  • Jumping, part 2: Filling or organs with helium to j u m p.

  • ⏳Unus Annus⏳

  • I’ve never had to jump to touch the exit signs nor the door frame

  • Lmao. The end of the video is amazing.

  • This is definitely NOT how to check vertical jump They should've checked their standing reach first and then measured the distance between that and their highest jump. But then again it's mark and ethan so...

  • i foresee an Haircut challenge coming up ..

  • Mark radiates Kirishima energy and ethan definitely radiates Denki energy-

  • I find it adorable that Eef is still doing the gymnast habit of rubbing his hands together with the chalk - Mark is not because he's not a gymnast.

  • I broke my blood vessels by doing high jump and landing on the pole all the time

  • I feel like Ethan is a little hungover....... I’m not sure why I am feeling these feelings

  • Unus Annus

  • Title: Learn to Jump Higher in 16 Minuets and 16 Second Time of video: 16:15 Me:lies

  • 10:15 Boris would be proud

  • Ethan at 0:55 : "Oh he's gonna be so maaad!" My brain: "MASTER WILL BE MOST DISPLEASED"

  • you guys should try pole vault

  • The Mario impressions were fucking spot on😂😂😂

  • Im sad that its one second off

  • 15:37 ugh they're adorable

  • Ur suppose to measure by ur feet not ur hand