We Accidentally Made an SCP While Amy Was Away

Birt 13 sep 2020
Amy isn't here right now so we came up with the very good idea to RECREATE Amy! But we might have maybe accidentally made SCP-11325 instead...
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • did anyone else notice that ethan is wearing Mark's shirt Eef has hoodie-stealing girlfriend energy

  • I have a sneaking suspicion something happened to Amy

  • 1:36

  • as a psych major, "your object permanence needs some work" s e n t m e

  • What a SCP?

  • Ethan: she's a potter. Hagrid: your a wizard Amy

  • Please, somebody, submit "A. M. Y" as an actual SCP.

  • Does anyone notice that earthen has the same shirt as mark

  • fun fact: none of the Unus Annus videos have captions because people would only get to use them for a year or less

  • um, quick thing, umm have we ever seen amy's face on this channel???

  • “We all have skeletons” Slime people: no

  • 1:01 Obviously the outside doesnt exist when no one's looking at it For lag compensation, when no one is looking at something, the server just unloads it.

  • can i just say i did NOT like that ending

  • Just in case anyone wants to know what actually happened, (just dumb theories tho) I'm pretty sure something happened to Amy's file. It was corrupted or something like that, and the program can't run well, Or at all really, without her, so it had to make a new one. Or in the very least one that will suffice until the proper Amy's file is fixed. So Unus and Annus created an "Amy" to take the place of the broken Amy's file, but since it was created by them, it doesn't function as well. Thank you for comi-

  • okay but what was actually wrong with the Walkie-Talkie ?

  • Aaaand that was honestly terrifying.... pure nightmare fuel.

  • It’s one am and I can’t sleep anymore 😂😂

  • Yo all of those he come to the comments before the video here is a spoiler on what this video is about It’s a video about Two men fighting over how to make a female

  • Fuck Theology Class This Is My One True Religion

  • Why does Mark remind me of keanu reeves But MORE Breathtaking!

  • “Does she have a skeleton” I DIEDDD

  • Question: Have we actually seen Amy on camera since this was published? What if the only Amy that exists now is SCP-11325

  • The fact that mark genuinely had a tantrum is hilarious but also concerning.


  • Ethen i have thought about that. 0:48

  • I have a legitimate question; did 👁👄👁 originate from OwO

  • Eefn hasn't discovered object permanence yet. "how do we know anything outside this room exists if we can't see it?"

    • Oh lol they pointed it out when I resumed watching. I'm smart I promise

  • 6:40 Me: So are you saying that, if you can’t see something it means you don’t have it? If so, i can’t see you’re brain. Do you have one? XD

  • this is my birthday video :)

  • "Do we want to fill it with meat?" ... What the fuck Ethan.

  • Oh... hey... wassup

  • I really hope scp containment breech sees this and adds amy 2.0 as an eater egg scp or something with even the screams from within

  • ethan: are you astounded by her beauty? mark:always everyday. amy tied up in the shed: aww mark🥺💕

  • amys gonna have a jolly good time watching this

  • someone make this as a real SCP game and name it AMY

  • Amy watching this : O.O

  • This might have been the first time I've seen Mark in blue jeans...

  • omg if this was made when Ethan went down into marks basement...oooouuufff

  • Accidentally created SCP-173

  • I remember when this said *1 minute ago* dang why does time fly by so quick on Unus Annus

  • "this is Amy Nelson" my moms family name is nelson 0-0

  • Jees whenever they try to do anything scary it's so effective

  • Memento mori

  • Anyone else watch game theory and then hear Ethan’s intro..??

  • Of course the scary video is my birthday video. Still good content, buuuuut........scary >.

  • Mark: has a chronic phobia of mannequins creepy dolls Also Mark: *makes fnaf real*

  • What if on the last day they burn the unus annus box?

  • I am scared for life now

  • Okay but Ethan bringing up the last Thursday theory fucked me up lol

  • "Are you okay man?" I thought Ethan was going to say "do you ever think I'm okay?"

  • Is it weird that the end of this video creeped me out?....

  • Make a time capsule with the Unus Annus bucket bury it for 5 years then come back.

  • Amy.

  • "Dont tell Amy" is gonna turn into "dont tell mom"

  • I watched other videos before this and now things make more sense

  • Wow that thing is fucking horrifying

  • Beautiful last words.. couldn't have said it better myself

  • 8:08 I thought that was edited in when they used that walkie-talkie & it screamed, but now I know that it’s not.

  • its like they killed amy and tried to recreate what she looked like

  • I can't believe SCP Amy is my birthday video...

  • Ethan: *having an existential crisis* Mark: "Amy is gone." Ethan: "Does the outside world exist if we dont see it?" Mark: "Amy is not here." Ethan: *stares of into the distance* Mark: *trying to play off Amy's murder????* Ethan: *is having an existential crisis because Mark told him not to say anything about Amy's murder*

  • That moment when Mark and Ethan accidentally become members of "Are We Cool Yet?"


  • Gongoozler ( Cryptid Ethan ) SCP Amy Heehoo ( Caveman Mark )

  • This is probs how William Afton and Henry Emily started FNAF.

  • This is my birthday video! And I'm pretty happy about it!! Thank you Ethan and Mark

  • "any final words, amy?" *demonic screeching* "couldn't have said it better myself" 💀💀

  • Okay but why did I understand what Ethan was saying in the beginning of the video??😂

  • Why is no one talking about how creepy that ending was?

  • this is whats gonna remain when unus annus is gone, a scp

  • ethan just messed me up with his scary talk at the begining

  • "The Modern Prometheus," by Mary Shelley, written 1817.

  • Why does the end legitimately sound terrifying

  • Amy: **is away for one sec** Us: mooooOOOOOOOOM

  • It's right behind me, isn't it?

  • Ironic that they don't have a description.

  • The sound at 11:14

  • Holy shit. I didn’t think that they’d have a camcorder that still has even a small dock-socket for your eye to look into! Man... classically-retro yet also still high-tech!

  • SCP 9132020 "Amy" has been created. Edit: nvm i just read the description and now feel like an absolute idiot

  • I'm watching all of these in backwards order and am very very confused

  • Ok I get it now

  • "Your object permanence needs some work"

  • theirs no way these two aren't high. I'm high right now and understand their language 102% right now

  • Imagine being created for a joke.

  • why did the unus annus box make me emotional

  • No one: Me who didn't know unnas annus was a thing for half the time since I didn't know about crank and yt had randomly unsubscribed me from mark: *BINGE WATCH EVRY EPISODE EVER UPLOADED OUT OF ORDER FOR 4 WEEKS SO U DON'T MISS ANYTHING!!!*

  • i would be horrified if that thing stared at me making demonic screeches

  • Three hundred and fourth video: Finished.

  • SCP [TBD] CLASS: SAFE DESCRIPTION: SCP [TBD] is a creation made by two youtubers (content creators on the platform ISchats) made to represent "amy" one of the youtubers significant other (Mark). This creation through unknown means, besides having filmed what is to be believed the full process of SCP [TBD]'s creation, uses electronic screeches in order to communicate. These screeches have unable to be translated in a understandable language, examples of translation are as follows; English, Spanish, German, Celtic, younger futhark, binary, and through image. It is believed that these two content creators are members of the group of interest known as "are we cool yet" and should be (if not out right contained themselves) constantly observed. It is possible that these two members may lead us to others of the group. SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEEDER: SCP [TBD] is to be contained within a 10 by 10 feet room, with only basic security being needed, as although SCP [TBD] is capable of movement it is basic and has not been shown to open doors that have been properly locked. ADDENDUM: It is of note that the video that shows the creation of SCP [TBD] is from a ISchats channel believed to be deleted some time soon. All personal should have a back up copy of this video or ask other researchers for a copy of the video. This video is to be studied by everyone working with SCP [TBD]

  • Is it the neck snapper or the witch doctor??

  • guys i have it, the best nickname for SCP amy facsimilamy

  • Now mark has to sleep with amy

  • Happy to see that Amy finally gets a thumbnail

  • Lol

  • "amy makes inaudible noises " Ethan:I couldn't have said it better Me: you can say that?!?;

  • These guys remind me of the boys i hang out with :) some have pretty strong opinions about women with a lot of guy friends (my boyfriend is also very fond of the ones i hang out with) but they really care for me and do stupid shit like this. I wouldnt doubt they’d make something like this for me if i was gone for a long time.

  • big ol no no

  • SCP-11325 (Amy) Object class: Keter. Special containment procedures: SCP-11325 is to be contained in a standard locked container and is to be guarded at all times by no less than two armed security guards who are to be rotated out on a bi-weekly basis and may be re-assigned to SCP-11325 if psychological evaluation has deemed them fit to return to the position. Any and all escape attempts made by SCP-11325 are to immediately reported to the on-site manager and to be dealt with by any forces necessary. Description: SCP-11325 is a vaguely humanoid creature that seems to have been crudely constructed out of various household objects such as a camera tripod and a halloween mask. SCP-11325 is not inherently hostile towards humans, however personnel who have been within 10 feet of SCP-11325 for over 15 minutes felt a heavy sense of dread and depression during that time. It is not yet known if SCP-11325 is capable of human speech, however it is capable of making high-pitched droning noises with the use of a walkie-talkie device attached to the area under its "face." These noises are typically made during times when SCP-11325 feels uncomfortable or frustrated. The brand of walkie talkie used by SCP-11325 has been confirmed to run on AA batteries, however it seems the walkie talkie is powered through anomalous means as the estimated life of the batteries has run out. SCP-11325 will make escape attempts periodically, and has begun to show a pattern of attempting to escape at least twice a month. It prefers not to move while being observed, so the camera feed of inside SCP-11325's cell will be anomalously deactivated for a minimum of 10 minutes, during which time SCP-11325 will begin moving around and banging on the door of its cell. Despite the fact the parts of SCP-11325 appear to be held together with duct tape, it boasts extreme strength and stamina and will use this to its advantage during escape attempts. To date, SCP-11325 has caused one containment breach since initial containment. If SCP-11325 appears to be making significant progress in its attempts to escape, special containment procedures are to be updated and security to be increased. (Incident log 11325-01) Two foundation staff, both male, were goofing off in the vicinity of SCP-11325's containment cell, and were about to do "something stupid." The action in question has not yet been determined, but SCP-11325 suddenly gained increased physical abilities upon detection of the activity, and managed to easily break containment and move to the location of the staff. SCP-11325 did not move or do anything at this point, it just stood in front of the staff. Although SCP-11325 is incapable of human speech, the staff reported hearing an unknown female voice in their head telling them it was "a bad idea." This continued for several minutes before recontainment was possible. Further testing after this incident has deduced that SCP-11325 has the ability to detect any males within a radius of 50 feet when said males are about to do something that could result in injury to themselves. If SCP-11325 detects this, it will have temporarily gain increased strength and speed and attempt to warn them of what they are doing through telepathic means. Testing is required to determine if SCP-11325 is intelligent. Personnel working with this SCP are to be discouraged from doing anything that could be considered "stupid" while working with SCP-11325. [end log]

    • @Ruby The Riff ayyy thanks

    • *sniff snoff* underrated comment i smell!

  • Mark: Amy isn't here. Ethan: Right. Now let me talk about Descarte's first meditation.

  • That ending was so creepy 😂 I can't believe the radio makes that noise!