We Attempt to Make Holy Water

Birt 20 sep 2020
We Attempt to make Holy Water, DIY style. Will we burst into flames? Will blessings rain down upon us? Will we make the perfect flavor? Find out next time on Unus Annus Z!
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • 2:37 Why did I hear Steins;Gate sad music? The cult is becoming official as the end comes closer.


  • Dude badabumbumbum

  • unas annus never forget

  • 4:17 wtf

  • 13:10 My ADD brain trying to have an important conversation at school with a teacher without digressing from the topic at hand

  • How's nobody talking about "salt in my mind and a salt my behind"? It's like the funniest shit I've ever seen 4:47

  • As a Christian I'm not offended at all... these guys are here to be funny and make jokes not attack anyone or their beliefs.

  • You guys don't crawl up the stairs... Oh..

  • How is no one talking about 10:58???? It's like Ethan completely rebooted to a small child for a few seconds when Mark asked him about his well-being🤣

  • God I used to love that show

  • Holy water is salty??!

  • I am offended by this, and I totally would elaborate if I wasn’t laughing so hard.

  • When the letter to water actually tugs at ur heart 😭😭

  • Can mark do a house tour? He's like the only big ISchats's that's never done one. But he may want that 💁


  • As a fellow "christian", *This shit is hilarious*

  • 5:10 Haha I do that "We might need to exorcise him" Ummmmmmm

  • Brought to you by jesus heres what he says about unus annus holy water: -2 it is from heaven

  • Whoever edited this deserves a raise.

  • 5:09 and 5:35 So he just did that like it was nothing? Didnt even acknowledge it when he came back down with the book? Just walked up the stairs like a dog and said nothing about it? *that's god damn adorable*

  • Are we not gonna talk about how Ethan just complimented the salt lmao I mean it’s cute but 🧍🏼‍♀️

  • H.A.G.S!!

  • Ngl Ethan going on in prayer for the salt gave me war flashbacks when I dissociated into the void when I went to church as a child.

  • Passive Aggressive love letter to god for holy water this channel is amazing

  • My dear, angelwater With a comma after dear

  • Simple way to make holy water Step one: boil the hell out of it Step two: put it in a jar with a + on it Step three: have fun pouring hot water onto eathen

  • I used to go up the stairs like that all the time fr fr. Ngl I still catch myself bending down to do it sometimes

  • When they use a book mostly used by pagans and witches for holy water.. *what* 🤣

  • When I looked back and realized this was my Unus Annus birthday video... I was not disappointed. Thanks, guys

  • Rofl holy shit this was hilarious.

  • How does bob ross make holy water He beats the devil out of it (I’m sorry this isn’t funny ;3;)

    • Don't be sorry, you made me laugh! ^^

  • Why does Mark look like God in the thumbnail

  • 8:33 You see the jar,you blow up in laugher.

  • Wait holdup was ethan watching a thai video when he was trying to cry?!?

  • I never knew holy water had flavors

  • Ah yes, the red holy water..

  • I now want a giant book just like that

  • This upsetted so many Christians, but unus annus

  • oh my god a dbz reference

  • All I want is holy water to put on my computer because something creepy happened and made me cry a lot

  • And stop saying bad words

  • This is a Joke

  • I feel like you guys missed an opportunity to make holy guacamole... Just saying

  • 7:50 song PLEASE.

  • *big salt wants to put us out of buisness*

  • Into our bodies And out of our bodies (And then immediately into their bodies again, come on we've all seen the other videos)

  • Me, A wiccan: ***Prays with the boys***

  • Honestly tho, where did eef get that book?

  • Ok so 5:13 I go up the stairs like that all the time

  • eef runs up stairs like a five year old mark later on in the video: did you bless my ass? this might be my favorite thing so far

  • its easy to make holy water you just put normal water in a pot on the stove and turn on the flame then boil the hell out of it

  • Where did ethan get that book? I want one!

  • Three hundred and eleventh video: Finished.

  • Just got done making holy water and eef takes out a 40 of Miller high life😂

  • unus annus cult water

  • we are definitely not apart of a cult

  • As a atheist, I find this very very funny and makes me glad that I am who I am! 😊

    • @Anti Karen oh let me cut it out in cardboard for you, I am very happy I am not religious and I am happy with myself and the way I am. Better? 🙂 great nice talk. 👍

    • I have a feeling you just wanted to say you’re atheist because you’re not making sense

  • Mark! your hair is beautiful. :)

  • How to hate markiplier in 20 seconds


  • I just keep coming back to watch Ethan go up the stairs

  • Got curious if unas annus had prior meaning before it was -trampled- carried to the heavens by Ethan and Mark.... I put annus first and anal fistula came up. Please.... Learn from my mistake, and Just like in life, don't put your annus before your unus and check auto correct before hitting search. LoL

  • Ethan actually might need an exorcism 😂

  • did mark dress like jesus in this one on purpose?? ((ethan is peter for sure))

  • anyone else love the cameo of "gate of steiner" slowed down

  • In Jesus’ name, Gay men.

  • Ethan saying "the book" constantly takes me to the movie Spiderwick

  • Omg Mark has seen Spartacus?!?!! I've never heard if another person who has!


  • Just boil hella' it

    • @Jakub Susoł people said the book called wicca spell book or something

    • w8 where tf do I get one of those books

  • 3:56 is my favorite part of this video.😂

  • They should make that big ass book an Unus Annus scrapbook

  • please tell me somebody is thinking of snape when mark tries to collect a tear from ethan. I straight up thought ethan would make a harry potter reference like he has done many times before

  • Even though I'm Muslim. I'm fine with you making holy water

  • it isnt holy water if you infuse it with such cursed energy

  • is there unus annus lore

  • "Dear, water" Me: *hamilton trash* My dearest Angelica With a comma after dearest, you've written My dearest, Angelica Anyway, all this to say I'm coming home this summer at my sister's invitation

  • 5:10 - 5:44 what the fuck is wrong with Ethan, is he exorcist or what the fuck?!

  • Youve written my dear, water with a comma after dear

  • We Stan Ethan 😂

  • technically it's holy... ✨s a l e e n✨

  • Did you bless my ass - Mark Fischbach, 2020

  • 9:19 he pulled an Angelica there.

  • Am I the only one one who repeated momento mori to them? 😅

  • tom riddles diary

  • Buddha isn't a god lol

  • Glad I’m a Protestant. Thanks Martin Luther

    • You do know he’s joking, right?

  • Mark trying to keep up with and write down what Ethan says is like when your prof says “this is important, it’ll be on the exam” and then goes full left field and just starts freestylin

  • Omg I love the show Spartacus!!😂💙 Ethan, you need to watch it!!!!🤣

  • Congratulations you now made an proper religion

  • But ethan,, carrot cake makes me sick

  • Lmao you guys remind me of little bear cubs

  • Ayo Religious gang L.augh M.y F.ucking A.ss O.ff

  • With a comma after dearest.


  • Unus Annus

  • The Gacha kid I can’t-🤣

  • This is the FUNNIEST thing I’ve seen for a week. I had to pause it because I kept laughing so hard.

  • Where the heck did you get that massive book and where can I get one?