We Finally Drank Our DIY Wine

Birt 5 sep 2020
After a lifetime of waiting, the time has finally come to taste our homemade brew.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • 69 is nice tho

  • 0:35 so cute I can't take it.

  • Alternate title: We drink minecraft suspicious stew in real life

  • Anxiety: "Con, we could die in this extremely elaborate scenario, or equally elaborately lose/ruin our friendship." Depression: "Pro: we could die."

  • 69! I have like 20 days left to do the rest of these

  • i mean upsidedown


  • 2:04 The fear in Eef's eyes and voice when realizes what the video is xDD

  • Send it to a lab to see what you really made.

  • 69 NICE

  • I came here on purpose 😏

  • mark, reading the life straw packaging: manufactured in kOREA! *slowly points to self* °•° me: wHEEZING

  • Mark made foot juice.

  • Might not be my top video but it is my birthday video so here I am rewatching this again.

  • intro: 69.... “nice”

  • I DON'T WANT UNUS ANNUS TO DIE!!!!!nOOoooOoOoOoOoOoooooo

  • I love how we can clearly see Ethan struggling and yet Mark is being a total Dad...big brother moments guys x

  • anyone else go searching for this one?

  • when it ferments that when it becomes alcohol

  • 16:04 Phrasing

  • Nice

  • Y’all uh, definitely did some shit wrong😂 wine is VERY easy to make, literally can use sugar and water.. your wine should always be see through when using light colored juices, if dark it should look like you did nothing to it. My fiancé and I make wine all the time, never has it looked even close to either of those😂😂

  • Marks review of his wine: it'll exorcize ya! The exorciziest!

    • I realized halfway through this that I was basically turning this into being high on cactus juice

  • Ethan writing that long con is exactly how I write when I’m trying to be quick

  • This video reminded me of a time where *warning this is VERY disgusting* My friend peed in a water bottle and carried it around in his backpack for a WEEK ... I have weird friends

  • Weird

  • I imagine amy drinking wine in a fancy restaurant and mark is drinking Nestle grape juice with a straw XD

  • I cannot read whatever Ethan is writing or is it just me

  • they should put a drop of Mark's wine on the bacteria dish

  • nice

  • Is no one gonna mention mark says “anyways I’ll get the bong” at the end? It didn’t even register at first I thought Ethan was the only one who smoked 😂

  • Ethan having a crisis and Marks just over there trying to get high on the marker. LMMFAO 😂

  • me, gagging: must...watch...every...video

  • Why are you deleting this channel and it's videos after this year?

  • Two hundred and ninety-sixth (ǝɔᴉu) video: Finished.

  • 11:34 Why do I really enjoyed this sound?

  • alternate title : sirius black and james potter tasting polyjuice potion

  • wait this was my birthday video broo this video is fire and i got the 69 days left i shouldve watched this sooner

  • 16 year old girls: 16:04

  • Mark Ethan: brings out a life straw Me: flashbacks when they drank their own pee


  • *nice*

  • this video gives me the largest amount of deja vu ever, i can't even explain it

  • Marks 'wine' looks like what a yeast infection would smell like.

  • I wonder what their wine would be on the ph scale?

  • Mark: *becomes botulism*

  • The pros and cons look like a school project and the hitman thing is the teachers thoughts lol

  • Nice.

  • 16:04 that's what she said after he says "I'm not satisfied

  • Forget wine give me a 40 of OE or a bottle of 👑 Royal and I am good.

  • All the times mark was gonna open the cup and then just stopped before opening it made my patience go 📉📉📉📉

  • Ethan be writing fanfics in the cons section

  • Da clock tho

  • "People cant tell the difference between good wine and bad wine" Me: "youre about to find that difference"

  • 69... nice

  • When the cons are so bad that death goes in the pros column

  • Ethan: *Is worried about being poisoned* Also Ethan: *Sniffs a marker*

    • I'm pretty sure those were the scented ones.

  • I thought for a sec that in the thumbnail Ethan had a Hitler mustache.

  • Oh my poor boy Ethan, the cap was on his 🤣

  • 69 days let’s go!

  • Nice 👍

  • im about to fucking puke

  • Nice

  • D I wine

  • That is... actually disgusting

  • Dont you mean DIWine...?

  • That is not wine that mark made it’s hot chocolate

  • NICE

  • After Ethan's whole "we reveal our true feelings for one another" spiel, I'm thinking it may have been a hint

  • Why is no one talking about Eef’s whole-ass fan fictions?

  • Can make not drink alcohol?

  • N i c e

  • winend

  • NICE

  • Nice

  • Chaotic evil all

  • Incredible swamp ass

  • D I Wine

  • Nice

  • Mark dying

  • Mark’s handwriting: decent but kinda messy Ethan’s handwriting: squiggly lines

  • I swear I can smell that through the screen

  • Unus Annus

  • They should really consider doing these kinds of videos outside

  • I feel like mark smokes lol

  • A fine vintage wine if I do say so myself.

  • mark and ethan should put out a song (being that they both sing well) :-)

  • As a gold star lesbian, I can safely say that beaverfever is dangerous. That was probably the dirtiest joke I've made in years.

  • There shouldn’t be much alcohol in that prison hooch, the yeast will only make alcohol out of the available sugars in the mash. And alcohol only burns at over 80 proof, the matches were just being extinguished in the most likely 6% alcohol wine. Also the amount of methanol and other things in wine is minuscule until you distill it then the methanol actually comes out of the wine very strong, wine making is relatively safe if you have a proper container, an airlock and change the container, distilling is where it can be dangerous.


  • Am I sUcKiNg WrOnGgGgGgGg🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • This whole video made me nervous for Mark when he was smelling the real wine I thought he was drinking it I hope not cause its detrimental to his health

  • Raise your hand if you're a homebrewer and everytime Mark or Ethan said something, it made a piece of you die inside. You know what. This is a drinking game. Drink your strongest brew everytime Mark or Ethan said something that can only be replied by "No that's wrong" or "Yes, but..."

  • 0:33 - 0:43 this looks like a scenario where Mark is giving Eef his first gay experience

  • 8:26 why did i say “blueberry” in the exact same tone of voice

  • Actually y'all had SEVERAL steps

  • Hahaha, 69. Nice.

  • Methanol:The potential for its presence in drinks from home-distilled spirits is a serious health risk. is formed in very small amounts during fermentation, the process by which alcohol is from plant products like juice or cereal grains,ethanol is the cure,the only way to get methanol is to distill it and the methanol comes off first due to different boiling point

  • Mark Then: used to bartend, used to do drunk let’s plays Mark Now: I’m not supposed to drink cause it’s dangerous but let’s sip on this old foot juice and see if it’s alcohol

  • haha that's the SEX NUMBER