1 Gallon of Jello Nearly Broke Us

Birt 20 ágú 2020
This is NOT pudding... this is Jello... this is ONE GALLON of Jello.
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  • oof the full head tic and gag reflex, poor eef. in honor of his sacrifice i, an emetophobe, have watched this video to the end

  • I thought i was the only one who had the feeling ig throwing up while while eating gelatin... I can't...

  • As another ADHD kid I can confirm that jello is just sensory hell. It has this weird power to overstimulated every fucking sense I have and cause literally reject. Jellos only good for slapping with spoons otherwise its simply hell.


  • do another gallon of jello challenge

  • This is a whole new level of food porn :/

  • I want that jello I would eat it all and be happy of course it wouldn't be sugar free

  • They should do pudding. Since pudding is the opposite of jello


  • Omg I have similar spoons from Korea!

  • The constistency of jello makes me wanna throw up too! I'm glad I'm not the only one

  • Why does Ethan look about 15-16 in this video? I-

  • the fact that mark is doing all the work. :o

  • I'm with Ethan. The consistency of Pudding, Jello, and Yogurt all make me gag.

  • I don't feel bad I feel happy 😏😏😂😂😂

  • I finished a gallon of jello it is not that hard guys come on where is the effort

  • I have the same issue as ethan when it comes to jello, and i could barely get through this video. i genuinely almost threw up

  • is this Rhett and Link, but on opposite sides?

  • I can easily eat that

  • Oh god that timers getting close

  • Mark's like, "...only 25% of the effort.." and Ethan looks ready to smack him....this is CONTENT lmao

  • 1:17 Have you ever made jigglers? Ethan proceeds to make the sound of a jiggler.

  • 9:33

  • Netflix: are you still watching? Someone’s daughter: 9:13

  • 8:19

  • 4:48

  • Not gunna lie I’m now throughly attracted to Ethan after this video 😂🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Of all the videos, this is the one that awakens something in you

  • "It's sugar free jello so we don't have to worry about any calories!" Oh you guys are ABSOLUTELY gonna shit yourselves this was the WORST idea.

  • mark choking on a beer bong like that. IM DYINGVVHJXVJD

  • nobodys gonna talk about 'amazing grace' on the frat trumpet?

  • Someone explain to me what tf is that device ethan used cause i cannot fing any reason except inappropriateness

  • I think this is my all-time favorite video on youtube, thank you Mark and Ethan!

  • 6:26 XD

  • I don’t understand why people disliked this, human suffering is what I live for

  • Mark: 1 gallon and I stop Ethan: One bite and I stop

  • I so understand ethan Dx but for me is sushi, i almost throw up the one time I was forced to ate it >

  • peppa pig

  • I've used this video a number of times to show people what sensory processing disorders are like and what a sensory overload looks like becuase that's pretty much just ten minutes of eef having sensory overload. If I could save any video it would be this one because this explains it and shows it in a way that I just can't without having to fucking have a panic attack EVERYGODDAMNTIMESOMEIGNORANTTWATTHINKSIMDRAMATIC

  • I have the same thing with jello, im not the pickiest of eaters but i just really dont like jello😂😭

  • Ethan is a whole vibe in this video, I have the same reaction to jello

  • 9:51 ahh yes, I do love star wars.

  • Ethan: "A beer bong full of jello, that's the worst thing I've ever seen" Me: eef you literally drank piss and turned it into a sauna-

  • My emetophobia is crying

  • I agree with Ethan, jello fucking sucks. The consistency is just- 🤢 and the texture too! None of the flavors are even that good. So watching Ethan react the same way I would, almost has me puking

  • Yo if they ever make another Unnus Annus do you think they’re gonna call it twonnus Annus

  • Ok but WHY does Amy have a pink beer bong is question

  • I've never seen a man suffer so badly from eating jello. A gallon of it sure but he only ate like a small cup worthy.

  • 4 liter's of water in a few hours is lethal

  • I’m so sad I discovered them so late

  • yes it's definitely our fault lmaooooo

  • But like I love jello, I could have eaten that whole thing no problem

  • I almost threw up just watching this video, Ethan I am so sorry

  • seeing them eat this much jello (also not a huge fan of it) makes me feel sick lmao, so I'm kinda with eef on this one

  • mark eating lube in jello


  • Ah that's how I look when I eat red meat

    • I seriously can't I twich and feel like I'm gonna barf idk why I can do white meat okay

  • I get it ethan I don’t like swallowing jello tho

  • never seen him that weak

  • I love jello I could probably do that just fine


  • WEAK!!!!

  • These are grow kids.

  • 8:38 mark just looks dead

  • Amy: "Ethan you just gotta throw it back!" Me: 😏

  • Ethan looks so done with everything at this point lmfao

  • Nobody asked Ethan if he even liked Jello? Aweeee. Poor guy. I don’t enjoy Jello too much either buddy. You’re not alone.

  • God, this is insane xd

  • Jello more like hello xd

  • It's funny because I love jello :^)

  • Does anyone else just violently shaking jello in ur mouth to eat it? Just make it crumble

  • “Look at that puppy purr”

  • Wait how is it my fault?

  • Is mayonnaise an instrument? No, but jello on the other hand...

  • It's like the cinnamon challenge

  • What's wrong with Ethan in this video? 🤣

  • E

  • bro same jello makes me gag

  • i know how you feel Ethan

  • 4:27 They're about going beyond Plus Ultra XDDDD

  • Ethan’s defeated monotone “are you close” KILLED me

  • Yes I’m late and most the time I don’t relate to Ethan but when he was almost throwing up I felt that because jello actually makes me throw up

  • They made a new instrument

  • I now feel obligated to like the video due to the intro

  • I can literally eat more jello (though for health reasons I have to eat sugar free jello) than this in one sitting, and actually have on more than one occasion. Though I will admit that usually happens after a hospital visit or blood tests lol

  • Is it sad that I am 16 and I am pretty sure I could eat it and enjoy it all

  • This was is my birthday gift wow

  • Jello queef

  • this is the most upsetting video I've watched, and they have a lot of upsetting videos...

  • Wthan Lowkey looks like hawk

  • Mark looking sexy with that spoon 🤣 🤣

  • This is someone's fetish, I'm sure of it

  • I feel like I could eat that,I LOVEEE jelly

  • I am 100% on Ethan's side

  • oh look its Amys Vibrator

  • Mark sucking jello out of a beer bong has the same energy as the Grinch as Cheermeister

  • is the texture of jello being intolerable a Thing? like the gene that makes kale taste like soap

  • As someone with ADHD, knowing what sensory processing disorder is like, I completely see where Ethan is coming from. I have the exact same visceral reaction towards mushrooms

  • I love jelly but Ethan is making me hate it

  • Unus annus went from ”don’t tell amy” to ”please amy never speak again”

  • So this video isn't age restricted but the glass video is??