Popping Popcorn with a High-Powered Laser

Birt 12 ágú 2020
You ask? We deliver. We here at the Unus Annus Research Lab are committed to giving you RESULTS, scientific method be damned.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • they needed butter

  • Dont they need oil?

  • memento mori

  • you guys should have flown out Styropyro.

  • POV: your the little kernel and they are burning you alive

  • Not have time to catch up! Hah! *Laughs sadly* It took me a month to get from start to here and I still got videos to go, but I will do IT!

  • "It's going to get to a point very very soon where if you miss out on videos you're not going to have time to catch up." -Ethan Excuse me but I am ELEVEN months late and still trying

  • i love it how they can use the random ass shit they bought in the past to help with the newest videos

  • 4:30 *he giggled as he stared into marks eyes*

  • shit i just started watching when theres 24 days left

  • bru use one way glass as lenses to reflect the laser

  • I really can't believe how lost you guys are

  • I literally started watching Unus Annus 4 days ago and this is the video I'm currently watching. I haven't skipped a single video. Watching oldest to newest. I CAN DO THIS. I CAN GO EVEN FURTHER BEYOND.

  • Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  • have you ever thought about a human temperature measure tool not going higher than 77??

  • What was mark temping in his bathroom?

  • I thought that's was not Ethan until I heard his voice 😂😂

  • He drank corn… then popcorn

  • "Gonna get to a point where you wont be able to catch up" -Ethan... Me as i've watched 10 months of videos in a week while still doing school, sports, and college classes

  • I'm

  • wee baby looks so much older with sunglasses and peach fuzz

  • Unus looks like a grown man and not a 19 year old

  • Did this remind anyone else of that one episode of spongebob where he’s trying to clean the plate and ends up using lasers and blows up the krusty krab

  • Is me or does mark look like dr disrespect but better

  • Jokes on eff cause I started whatching the videos 13 days ago

  • Why in every video mark does something weird while eathan isn't looking or on screen

  • Ethan: You're not going to have time to catch up Me with less than 30 days remainin: Challenge accepted to rewatch all videos.

  • Mark be *stylin* in eefs sunglasses, what a lad

  • 2:40 Me sitting here, 24 days till the end with 78 videos in my watch later list, sweating

  • should use a heat gun

  • Don't cross the streams xD

  • Can we take a moment to appreciate how good Ethan looks in sunglasses??

  • God, if they keep this chanell it woud be da best day

  • 10:01

  • Imagine *Lazer*

  • Lasers are consecrated light. But if you pint it at a camera is it bad for you

  • Probably to late but if you could hear the high pitch noise of the electric lighter I am interested to see who else can... because mark and Ethan cannot due to the frequency


  • me sitting there waiting for them to amy’s flat iron: edit; oh my god they read my mind

  • Was really expecting the let’s get cooking theme and for eef to say “Let’s get Poppin” at the end lmao

  • This was my birthday video.

  • God Ethan's genuine excited laughter once they do it makes me so happy. If anyone needs an instant way to smile, 13:40

  • Does the K.O. in this video mean 'kernal out' instead of 'knock out'?

  • Where is Ethan did he disappear??????

  • What if when the counter ends the world ends...

  • 5:23 Don't cross the streams man

  • Why didnt they grab a magnifying glass!?

  • Gotta love that improv

  • 1:19 it's hard to argue with his assessment.

  • This look like some stupid shit me and my cousins would do

  • The thag that counts the heat was working in the air not the pocorn

  • Mark and Ethan: you think you can just miss out on videos??!? Soon you won't be able to catch up!! Me: *looks up and sweats*

  • 2:36 listen i don't wanna talk about it im almost caught up

  • Shut Up i'm working okey? lol

  • i got pulp fiction vibes when mark brought in the laser briefcase

  • Those lights behind them are awesome. Does anyone know where they can be bought?

  • the thing about these powerful lazers are that even if you dont look at them directly they call still reflect into your eyes. also sunglasses provide NO pretection from lazers.

  • 11:50 perfect thumbnail

  • Why does the lazer look like a lightsaber?😂

  • they rlly did 5minutecrafts in this bitch

  • Tell Ethan no more mustaches he looks like a man instead of a kid he's a kid not a man

  • alt. title: Mark and Ethan learn that their heat gun is broken

  • They needed oil

  • Jeez you two are so scared. Like dang.

  • Those glasses most likely won't block the correct color laser

  • "You ever preheated an oven before Mark?" I'm sure he has, he has FIVE ovens

  • Mustache man Eve

  • Ethan with a beard looks lie eddie from IT

  • Two hundred and seventy-second video: Finished.

  • Me who has Asthma and was "denied" access to my puffer in gym class, reading an article about asthma and puffers in school *hearing the clicking of the clock* Hol' up the video can't be done quite yet.. Looks at screen: Mark looking all sad Me: Feels bad for not watching the video completely even tho he could never tell (Excuse me oversharing about what happened to me today lmao)

  • I was JUST thinking about how many videos ive missed do NOT attack me like this. I KNOW EEF I KNOW 😂😂😭😭😭

  • Not used to Ethan with a mustache

  • 🅱️🅾️🅾️🅱️

  • People saying no one cares ethan

  • At 7:12 in to the video

  • No one cares ethen

  • "youre gonna get to a point where you skip out on so many videos you wont have time to catch up" ILL SHOW YOU SOME REAL SPEED BITCH

  • Harvard in their dms

  • anyone else thinking that StyroPyro would be proud/disappointed

  • “You’re not going to have tome to catch up” Me who has only been watching for 2 or 3 weeks... SPEEDRUN

  • Mark looks a lot like my history teacher... I think you guys know what I’m getting at

  • The fact that they actaully managed to pop popcorn without using a microwave or anything like that is actually pretty impressive. I thought that they weren't gonna pop anything.

  • I have a lot of videos to watch before this channel is deleted

  • Well, the title is kinda a lie lol

  • I think around 4:59 Mark farted. Lol 😂

  • I love how Mark understood ethan when he said "these are prescription glasses" all I heard was a fucking alien language

  • it needs oil

  • "If you miss out on videos, you're not gonna have time to catch up!" Me, who started watching in late August/September of 2020 and catched up this far:

    • AYE SAME i started watching around mid september and i'm here now in early october. not too bad in my opinion.

  • Ethan: OH THAT WAS SO COOL *takes off glasses* EVERYTHING IS GREEN!

  • If you guys actually new how to make popcorn this woulda been 3 minutes long!

  • the lazer looks like a mini lightsaber

  • Btw the temperature gun thing was aiming at the plate not the kernel

  • you were measuring the temperature of the plate not the corn!

  • do NOT trust those glasses sold with lasers you buy online from china/ebay most of the time they don't block the right wavelength and your laser can burn a hole straight thru them

  • That temperature thing was 100% set to Celsius

  • 🤡 👉👈 🦵 🦵 𝙄𝙨 𝙖𝙡𝙡 𝙄 𝙝𝙖𝙫𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝙨𝙖𝙮

  • Watching this while screaming sciencey popcorn things with my best Alton Brown voice. THAT SHIT AINT GON’ WORK, YOU NEED EQUAL HEAT DISTRIBUTION (which is why the flat iron worked) AND OIL TO REACT TO THE MOISTURE INSIDE THE KERNEL, THATS HOW YOU GET POPPAGE-YALL JUST EVAPORATING THE MOISTURE AND BURNING TF OUTTA THE SHELL!! *drops mic* Food science, bitches.

  • i didn't start watching till 7 days ago and i'm this far, eat shit ethan

  • lol y did i put on sunglasses too i'm dumb

  • 6:55 he sounded like nugget from kindergarten