Mark Gives Ethan a HOT (stone) Massage

Birt 31 ágú 2020
What's the best way to massage your weak, mortal coil? Why, with hot stones, of course.
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  • The fact that Mark's mum casually decided he's part of the family now is honestly so cute

  • I kid you not my stomach is cramping rn bc I was laughing so hard at momiplier trying to set eef up with a nice Korean girl

  • Mark's mom is the momest mom to ever mom

  • Mark’s mom is a fucking hoot lol

  • what's the bad butter?...

  • There is the Eef hair i remember

  • I was crying when Mark's mom kept saying okay and saying NOTHING after

  • Momiplier is so funny!

  • I guess momiplier is now ethans mom too 😂 setting him up on dates and stuff

  • This is my bday video :>

  • I cannot decide if Momiplier is always this awesomely ridiculous or if she plays it up for the videos but I love it either way XDDD

  • I just cried because I can't afford the merch and I don't have time to earn money to buy it, but Momiplier really helped lift my mood!

  • Momiplier 0w0 legs I'll hook u up with hot korean singles in ur area

  • Momiplier needs to be in more videos she is the best. Mark has the best Mom ever

  • 11:07 what happened to Mika

  • Match maker mommaplier is something I didn't know i needed in my life

  • "i bought that butter myself" "ill buy mooore" has the same energy as "do not pee in our britta filter" "we'll just replace the filter, probably time to get a new filter anyway"

  • We lasted till the 74th day to get the best of all videos! Precious

  • Ethan and Mika broke up???

  • I love momiplier😂

  • I LOVE Momiplier so much😂

  • If momplier made a ISchats channel who would sub?? 👇🏻

  • whyismarkholdingthephonelikethat

  • Wait Ethan is single? What happened to the girl he was dating?

  • Momiplier gives uncle iroh vibes and I love it. Also, I don’t think I’ve laughed at anything harder in months as I have with the end of the video😭😭😭😭

  • This video was 50% them laughing about butter and Momiplier

  • I thought Ethan had a girlfriend.

    • @Faith Ohh I didn't realize that.

    • They broke up a while back

  • 8:50 On-screen text: "so please... buy the butter..." Me: "Ethan edited this video, didn't he. [clicks SHOW MORE] Yep."

  • Every time Momiplier shows up the video gets 20% funnier XD

  • I didn't have a favorite video before this one, but holy mother of Joseph, this one made me laugh so hard. I haven't laughed that hard in a while.

  • Why didn’t they just use like lotion on his back instead of good butter

  • "Butter will work-" ** _I feel like there was a "but..." in there_

  • Am I the only one who didn't know Ethan was single again?

  • Well at least they can MAKE butter now...


  • I love this...Ethan , a crazy lil fan boy, is now being covered in GOOD butter by mark😂😂😂

  • Mark’s mom is SO FUCKIN CUTE

  • Lol momiplier tryna hustle up Ethan with a Korean woman "Let's go hook it up" 😆

  • God I love Eef so much

  • omg i love momiplier


  • I love marks mom so much “ oohh I see a sexy legs”😂😂

  • Momiplier made this video 10x better

  • Omfg momiplier calling out Amy sexy legs and hooking Ethan up with Korean women laughed so hard

  • If I could save only one Unus Annus video, it’d be this one

  • Now I know why Mark really got the butter churn

  • This is kinda sad that in a few days this masterpiece is gonna be forever gone

  • I'm exactly are these stones hot?

  • The best part of the whole vid was when his mom started talking bout Korea XD

  • The thumbnails have changed Interesting

  • The phone call with Momiplier was golden 🤣🤣 I love when they have her in videos.

  • watching these videos genuinely makes feel like im apart of the family they have going on lol.

  • PLEASE MARKS MOM REMINDS ME OF MY MOM SOOOOOO MUCH LMAO especially when she started hyping Ethan up over his legs my mom 24/7 talks about my legs like that. When Marks Mom started asking Amy and Ethan about going to Korea and such that heavily reminded me of how my mom kept asking my friends if they wanted to go to Korea with us, and she’s trying to set up my best friend (her favorite out of all my friends) if she wanted to date my cousin when we go to Korea😭😭😭😭

  • Good content! Good vid!

  • My birthday video

  • does anyone else think Chica looks vaguely concerned for Ethan? lol

  • im really sad we'll lose this beautiful footage of not only Mark's mom trying to hook Ethan up, but also the uncontrollable laughter that over took all of them

  • i like Mark's shirt

  • I love Mark's mom

  • Star Platinum: 1:36

  • Momiplier is just like the most aggressively sweet and supportive mom out there omg

  • Ethan kicks his legs like a little kid

  • god if i could only save one video it would be this one

  • I love how Mark uses Rosanna's oven mitts in some of the videos!

  • Omg Ethan is single and I'm about to turn 23?!? Where do I slide into the dms?

  • i was dying when mark's mom called XD i couldnt stop laughing.

  • Two hundred and ninety-first video: Finished.

  • I just laughed for 12 min. and 20 sec. What a great video, thank you all

  • his mom is so great XD

  • I died during that call

  • Why is the butter so yellow?

  • I freaking love Mark's mom she makes the videos so much funnier

  • The best video. Omg this whole crew is adorable and I'm going to miss them so much. Who's up for Annus Unus? "Year One" theory???

  • Momiplier is the best

  • 8:50 what is that saying? pls?

  • The greatest video

  • Do you think Mark lays awake at night thinking about how he'll never be as funny as his mom?

    • Or how she seems to love Ethan more than him? Edit: I may regret saying this later but oh well

  • *“...don’t do it for us. do it for the butter.”* 8:50

  • 5:37, omg, the sound he makes is so pure & adorable 😩

  • That "good butter" is a shocking color yellow.... i kind of doubt that's good butter

  • Momiplier acted like any asian mom ever 😂 inviting EEF over like theyre family and then asking if he has a gf, then asking if he wants to meet someone, omg

  • This was a D tier video until Mark's mom showed up and made it an S+

  • Ah yes, Mononucleosis, the powerhouse of the cell

  • Mark's mom is quintessential chaotic good

  • momiplire isnt wrong tho XD amy has got dem legs X3

  • i thought Mika and Ethan were dating?

    • They broke up like couple of weeks before this was filmed :(

  • I live Mark's mother lol! 🤣

  • 1:31 you can just see it in Ethan's face he just wants to die

  • I really like momiplier's uncanny ability to utterly derail every single video she's in

  • I love Momiplier so much. I'll miss her from this the most I think

  • I love mark mom more then mark is this a problem

  • I thought he had a girlfriend?

  • ... Something tells me that Momiplier loves Ethan very much for being an adorable goof. XD

  • *Mr. Goodbutter*


  • wait Ethan said he didn't have a girlfriend rn did I miss a breakup with Mika? sry if im being dumb plz dont be mean

  • Momiplier trying to hook Ethan up is so pure and I’m here for it all

  • Mark looks like hes trying to waterbend in the beginning

  • Alternate title: Momiplier compliments Amy and arranges Ethan’s marriage.

  • 2:30 My thing started buffering and I lost it because Ethan looked so angry.