How to Escape from a Hostage Situation

Birt 18 júl 2020
How many times have you found yourself tied to a chair in a dimly-lit basement? TOO MANY!! Let us help you out of that sticky situation!
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Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • okay nobody’s acknowledging that mark literally ripped open his pants. like what the fuck mark. why would you do that, they were perfectly good pants.

  • I like mark’s spidey underwear

  • *Mark running with his pants ripped at every seem* Ethan: "that's a style" Mark: "fREe-EE-ee-Duum"

  • Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  • 2:25 Mark what was that? 😂 Don't look at me like that lol

  • Amy finally snapped and took 'em hostage

  • i wonder if anyone clicked on this without knowing mark and ethan and were confused

  • The title: Yeah, like I’ll ever end up in a situation like that Me watching the video: Well, okay.... 🤔

  • "I'm not gay" "Oh yeah"

  • Guys mark is a himbo...

  • Ethan basically wrote a fanfic

  • Mark: I have dignity, I am an honourable man Mark 10 seconds later: *RIPS HIS OWN PANTS OFF AND RUNS*

  • You really do gotta respect how genius they are though

  • I have the exact same green and orange monkey boxers. Day made

  • How dare amy

  • What I have learned this video is that if you get your hands loos just rip your pants in two and walk away like you own the place

  • when mark ripped his pants i fell out of my chair

  • Ethan should’ve used his right hand to take the tape off Mark’s left wrist. Then Mark would have a free hand to free all his other limbs and then Ethan. Boom boom bam.

  • Mark just absolutely destroyed that pair of pants... at the beginning I was thinking “ok, maybe Amy or someone will sew up that small hole in his pants” 12 minutes later: “welp that’s irreversible”

  • Mark sometimes just has True Chaotic energy and I live for it

  • Me now realizing that i have 28 days left to catch up on Unus Annus so I am going EVEN FURTHER BEYOND and watching in 2x Speed

  • Mark: I'm not gay. Ethan: oH rEaLlY nOw???

  • "nice abs, nice cahck" dead

  • Honestly thank you Ethan for the interesting smut 😂😂

  • Step 2 is almost always my step one....

  • Mark: maybe it needs some assertiveness. Eef:hey, stop it. I didn't say start. Top quality Unus Annus jokes.

  • He should have said "Del Monte spots you across the bar" instead

  • Idk why Mark is voguing so much in this video but I’m not complaining

  • maek is a big stronk boy mmmmmm

  • milky mark XD

  • let's all just talk about how ethan's dirty talk was atrocious. i mean i know we all knew he was a bottom but like cmon bro

  • Oh no, my stepdad once tied up the skeleton that is me with duct tape, 5 L A Y E R S . Needless to say, I never escaped and am typing this with my nose from my basement. Please help my co-ordinates are 40°46'15"N 73°57'59"W send help.

  • Mark: he's a big man Eef to the duct tape: :((( getoffame

  • Ethans might be tighter

  • so how did you turn on the cam if you were tied up and why is your kidnapper watching you and talking like bruh HOW DID YOU DO IT HOW!!!! Plz tell me.

  • zip ties: tighten it all the way with your teeth. raise you hands above your head and slam them down and apart towards your chest do the same with duct tape

  • Almost 5 times out of 10 kidnappers do tap them down not tie because they use what ever they can

  • Getting a AFK Arena Ad with Mark on a Mark and Ethan video. Mission successful: +Respect *GTA SA theme plays*

  • I'm starting to feel like this channel is literally mark and ethan exposing their kinks

  • This is Amy's revenge for all the "dont tell Amy" episodes

  • Does Ethan have black Nail polish on his nails?

  • Hearing Amy giggle behind the camera is so heart warming. 12:52

  • Omg he ripped his pants 😂😭😭😂

  • I like how Mark used his hand to get Ethan’s hood off but did not use his hand to undo the tape on ethan’s arm.

  • Amy: teamwork? Mark: N O

  • Moral of the story, use more duct tape when kidnapping and make sure to duct tape them to the chair and tape their joints

  • Big Tiddies Markiplier is my favourite youtuber

  • Okay so I know they're doing the title screen and break screens as a joke but they are legitimately really impressive and fit well with the videos

  • he has a hole in his pants

  • "im allergic to nuts mark"

  • 11:15 mark is that a BONER?? IS THIS A KINK FOR MARK

  • Another video of Ethan being susssss...

  • This vid is 2 months old... feel old yet?

  • I mean- if you were actually Kiddnapped or something- it would be best not to make noise- lol

  • I was drinking water when Ethan was telling Mark about seeing Zac Efron across the bar and I spit it all out

  • It's official Ethan writes smut

  • What they use flex tape?

  • Ya know their a lot funny when you can’t see their faces

  • At 1:15 you can't even see Mark's face but he looks like he's judging Ethan

  • Best moments Mark: youre such a bitch Ethan: YOU HAVE NO ARM HAIR!! Mark: >:0 (bad offended bitch mode) Ethan: ya just (snap) see like that! Mark: but I'm in a chair Mark: what if I'm just strong af (snap) 0.0 I M S O P H U Q I N G S T R O N G mark can also do the foot thing! Do know what it is? (I do)if u guess right I'm coming to youre house and I'm bringing over you're favorite youtuber

  • 4:02 "if you kick me in the crotch... it should tear the pants." Me: mark..

  • Tbh this was pretty helpful XD

  • The best way to not get kidnapped is to start coughing viciously until you throw up on them

  • I cant evr watch these when my parents are awake XD never.!its alwase so wierd and if my parents walked in on this- omg im just 😐😵 *wheezing on the floor*

  • Practice for crazy fangirls abducting them.

  • mark would rather be an honorable man in a kidnapping situation while as Ethan gonna take the easy way

  • eef: *describing sexual scenarios to mark* my sister: *walks right in my room as this happens* me: uhhh

  • For when you get into realistic hostage situations, like this.

  • So basically if I’m a hostage I should take my pants off good to know will try that next time

  • When Mark Ripped apart his pants I was thinking of that 1 sponge bob episode

  • There is an actual service in which you can pay someone to kidnap you so you can experience being kidnapped

  • you guys should do a self defense class on here

  • Unnus Annus is basically a 2-but "surviving disaster." Anyone remeber that show, it used to be on SpikeTV.

  • Memories of the escape room episode

  • out of all things I could've expected I never thought this would turn out in a sexual way

  • Two hundred and forty-seventh video: Finished.

  • You dont need to do it on your hip you can start overhead and go straight down

  • Amys face being blurred even though shes been on camera a few times is so funny to me. Also the fact that Ethan always has his shoes on in the house makes me anxious n uncomfy

  • Mark with pants gotta get out

  • How tf is someone ginna kidnoa ethan. He knows all the methods 😂

  • Ethan: Bangarang! My brain: *Skrillex* Bangarang!

  • Eef forgot mark isn’t gay

  • Mark "I'm not a masochist" Also mark (bound to a chair) "kick me in the crotch!"

  • Mark looked soooo offended when Ethan said “you have no hair on your arms” 6:44

  • What they could've done: Gotten closer and tore the tape off of eachother's arms

  • 6:21 ethan: 'get away from me dont touch me" ah the roles have been reversed

  • USEFUL! I'll be using these tactics often! Ethan: You don't have any arm hairs! Me: You didn't have hair any where besides your head for years.

  • When ethan looks at the tape and says "Get off of me🥺"

  • Some legends say Caveman Mark is a relic of the ancient history of the Homosapiens, but those who are versed in the occult ways of Unus Annus know the true story. Mark Fishbach, an influential content creator of the twenty-first century, was kidnapped and held hostage with his close friend and channel partner Ethan Nestor. As the two struggled to escape, the stress of not being able to upload videos as well as his inability to save someone he held dear drove Mark to insanity, sending him on a spree of pants-ripping and screaming. He is free, but will his mind ever be truly free from his own psychotic disillusions?

  • Thank you! Now I need to double the tape layer for my next hostage. You guys are the best!

  • ‘you want me to be a real dom? hey.. s-stop that’

  • 3:55 Ethan looks like the average middle school girl going through puberty also take that how you want😳

  • So if you're sitting in a chair and your hands are zip tied like at 9:48, you use your thigh right underneath your knee (borderline ON your knee). Standing up, your hip is FINE, but your diaphragm is better (so as not to injure your hip bones).


  • Oh my god Markiplier finally came out as not gay!

  • Ethans gay confirmed his girlfriend is just a cover up

  • why did I get a tape add before this

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  • Wtf!?

  • 5:58 mark : cuz hes a big man (literally a second later) ethan : get off of me🥺😔