Making Snow Cones With Literally Anything But Normal Flavors

Birt 7 sep 2020
After improving milk's favorite cookie, the boys are back in search of perfection with their favorite summertime treat.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • 11:10 Mark took a screenshot

  • 8:48 Ok but why did Ethan saying this sound so foreign to me

  • ay this was my bday UA video

  • What even is the point of a snow cone? I have never had this, but it looks like you just battered an ice cube

  • Ethans ADHD really shines in this video

  • Use your wine

  • Wait I'm confused about the "mother" thing for apple cider vinegar. I thought mom was that weird ass skeleton funnel that they hydro dipped. What did Ethan mean that the water in the vinegar was mother?

  • Pee Snow Cones?

  • DFF

  • Idk why but Unus Annus feels like Impractical Jokers, Fear Factor, and Silent Library all mashed together and deserves some sort of game show type thing

  • Great video

  • As soon as he said top o’ the mornin’ coffee Ik it was JackSepticEye related

  • Wtf! Was I missing this the whole year!? This is amazing!

  • how could anything NOT better then ketchup

  • Drink ok thick

  • Also unus is being hypnotised at the end

  • The moral of this is Ethan fucking hates ketchup

  • In Hawaii it's called "Shave Ice." Idk why they took the "d" out of shaved tho ➖👄➖ In Hawaii you can probably get any flavor of shave ice that's edible 😐

  • shaved ice pee

  • love the baha blast Ethan has, so good

  • *no one:* *Mark:* No ❤

  • Even if they get fucking dihearra mark will say it has some sweetness

  • mark taking the spoon of wine ice gave me more anxiety than high school did

  • Ethan: raise a glass to freedom Me: *screams in hamilton*

  • ethan saying "raise a glass to freedom... no matter what they tell you" is making my hamilfan heart happy

  • 7:23 I’m gonna fucking kill you bear😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂

  • u just boil the hell out of it

  • 15:39 :(

  • Mark's a little bitch he can't handle frank's

  • okay hold up, ketchup is sweet though

  • Ok, but Ethan saying a Hamilton line is iconic

  • Ethan: I like mustard better than ketchup. Me too, too. It’s a lonely world, just you, me, and Amy.

  • Mark said Unami and I had flashbacks to the anime Food Wars.

  • I dare you to edit a video with iMovie

  • Ethan at the end is me writing an essay

  • Actually their is a lot of feces in holy water.

  • I love how they’re using whiskey glasses for their shaved ice

  • 10:15 Mark: cause he wants to put it BOtWEen- Ethan: wut

  • Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  • 3:55 nice to know y'all are supporting Sean


  • lmaooooo this is my birthday video

  • Ethan: raise a glass to freedom Me: someone please tell me that ethan actually watched Hamilton because i will be very happy if he did-

  • Shaved ice pee should be the last video

  • This video should be called "A dinner with Unus Annus"

  • “We should try and make holy water..” The next video: we attempt to make holy water


  • You get flavored shaved ice that’s a slushee add cone it’s a snow cone add a straw you now have a Slurpee

  • Ethans talk at the end I’m ROLLING 💀

  • Give me my shaver ice pee my fucking god Mark

  • iv seen your drunk minecraft series your fine

  • "sometimes things go and when they go, they don't come back...."

  • Both of their facial expressions when the ketchup bottle is slid across the table 🤣

  • shaved ice pee!

  • That little jump cut at 18:43 cause Ethan laughs 😂😂

  • Me *pours half a bottle of soy sauce on rice* Also me: “it’s not enough”

  • I would just... straight up eat the regular shaved ice....

  • The look Eef Gives to mark everytime he wants to put something in front of ketchup makes me laugh

  • The sound one the coffee thing was amazing

  • 17:45 top of the mornin to ya laddies

  • i wonder if mark is talking about bubbas or if thats just a grove city thing

  • Mark is like that strict but goofy dad that will turn you down at any moment and Ethan is like the fun uncle dad invited but always bicker and the bear is well the bear

  • Pee shaved ice

  • ethan quoting hamilton made me really happy today :)

  • Alternate title: 2 idiots fight over ketchup and mustard

  • I can see him eating dog shit and them mark saying oooohhhhhh it's a little sweet

  • annus unnus annus

  • Raise a glass to freeedommm..

  • doesnt that shaved ice machine belong to Amy? I mean in the sense that in her "Whats On My Shelf" video i believe that was on there. im happy she still has it.

  • marks coffee looks like hes drinking straight creamer

  • you guys are deamons

  • *raise a glass to fReeDomM*

  • Ethan: *mumbles about shaved ice* Mark: SCP Foundation? Yeah, it's me... Yes, it's happening again.

    • I finally found a comment about this.

  • Ethan is selfish I want Mark's opinion to matter XD

  • yes please do holy water!

  • Mark is so damn sassy I love it 😹😹😹😹😹😹

  • mark and ethan arguing about ketchup for 20 minutes

  • Pee shaved ice...?

  • “Ketchup wasn’t SweEt!”

  • 2:43 Sean's little screaming face

  • im willing to bet that somebody is genuinely upset over the fact that they threw out their wine

  • no one: mark: *"its a LITTLE SwEeT"*

  • Ok but will we ever find out who or what possessed ethan in the end?

  • You forgot to stir

  • Ethan: **sees mustard** Also Ethan: "mussy"

  • when it said 121 ,im from scotland so my mind went to celcius,i honestly thought,how the hell arent you dead??? i looked it up and 49 c is still wayyyyyyy too high hahah

  • I literally died laughing on 1:52

  • priests have to go to school to be a priest lol (my father studied religion, no he's not a priest)

  • how to make holy water : boil the hell out of it

  • My comment won’t get any attention just wanted to say this I think that everyone has the right believe what they like but I think it’s very offensive (at least for me) to come at someone’s belief because I honestly enjoyed watching u guys and it was really fun for me up to that point but like I said not saying it in hopes for anyone to say anything I’m sure people will make fun of it but that’s Oky lol not being religious is perfectly but not saying anything that could be offensive for people who are is great to.

  • That bear was staring at my soul.

  • I see your taco bell product placement

  • Wait so can Mark drink alcohol?

  • Mark: (gets a spoonful of salt) it’s a little bit sweet

  • 16:17 My Hamilton phase intensely coming back

  • 10:14 Just spam Your welcome

  • 4:10 Ethan kinda looked like Ben Shapiro for a sec lmao

  • When Amy said "do you hate me?", I was hoping Mark shouted NO, I LOVE YOU...

  • I don't know about you guys, but I walk to the fridge at night and just drink straight soy sauce.

  • Ethan: raise a glass to freedom, no matter what they tell you Every Hamilfan: *quaking* BSISBSODBOSBSYWOEIJDJFHDKSHKSHDKSHSKSHSJSHSJHDJSHSJSHSJHDKSHFKFJSJFKSJ ETHAN’S WATCHED HAMILTON????????? i’m dying sorry.