Can Plants Feel Pain?

Birt 9 sep 2020
Plants. We don't understand them and they don't understand us. But could there be a middle ground in the realm of pain? With our superior lie detector technology, we will not be stopped from discovering the truth!
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  • Aw Mark being concerned about the aloe is so nice ;O; If it helps, most plants like a light pruning on occasion - succulents are a little different, but pruning less than a third of the plant can be healthy for most plants

  • 1 like= $1 to pay for this aloe plants therapy


  • The big spikey plant is actually a sansevieria cylindrica not a spider plant. Spider plants have little off shoots that look like spiders

  • alternative title: mark and eef play an odd form of intense BDSM with a plant

  • Anyone else feel sorry for Aloe

  • Amy, we love you, but that is NOT a spider plant 🤣

  • This is the Druid casts speak with plants while making a salad meme but with unus and annus

  • what college is that on marks shirt

  • I'm sorry but Mark waving a pillow is extremely funny to me. Also the moment Amy suggests cutting it, Mark is like no I'll feel it too

  • that poor spider had no clue what was happening

  • Me: Actually Allergic to Aloe Vera *sees them torture it Do I say thank you....?

    • Kinda ironic cause it’s supposed to help the skin, it does the opposite to me ;u;

  • I dont think thats a spider plant

  • All I have to say is... Poor plant...

  • oh to be that plant

  • Show this to thatveganteacher

  • *testing whether plants feel pain* Mark: *doesn't want to actually hurt plant*

  • alternate title: mark and ethan torture a plant for 15 minutes

  • Funniest part if this was the boss music stopping every time the lighter blew out. 🤣

  • Alternate title: 15 minutes of two idiots harassing plants

  • Thank god this video will eventually be deleted because cause my mom loves her many aloe Vera plants, and she would fckn murder them because of the abuse the aloe had to go through😂

  • Alternative title: Mark and Ethan Bully House Plants for 15 Minutes

  • This is a gory torture video in around 100 years after vegetarians figure out plants have IQ.

  • God that poor spider's probably just like 👁️👁️👁️👁️👄👁️👁️👁️👁️

  • “plants can feel pain” checkmate vegans

  • the spider: 🧍🏽‍♀️👁👄💧👁

  • that poor spider...

  • Am I the only one that realized that mark killed that spider with the finger monitor

  • 8:35 I'm out of breath just listening to that

  • Ethans fans going crazy over his "phone voice" Ethan introduces his "bad cop voice" His fans: "ah shit here we go again..."

  • If they have a soul(such as ginger and broccoli)then YES

  • Good cop and Ethan funny lips

  • Yes Amy! A fellow Mythbusters nerd, I stan

  • Now I'm imagining the plant being sent to jail with a death penalty.

  • I swear when mark said "do plants have emotions?" I seriously thought they did drugs before they started recording

  • ethan bad cop smooches plant 🌱 is probably my favorite thing

  • Why doesn't he cut the leaf without the spider??

  • Three hundredth video: Finished.

  • Ok so my note before I watch all of this video, plants can't feel necessary because they don't have a brain and or nerves.

  • momo: i will avenge my brethren! be happy if you get the reference.

  • after ethan picked up the golf club, mark kinda turned into yancy a little bit

  • They should get one of those machines that you connect to the plant and it sings

  • When the only thing you can think of is Crowley from Good Omens

  • 2 grown ups yelling at a plant Me: 👁👄👁

  • So this video is just two full grown men screaming at a plant for 15 minutes

  • Anyone else wanna talk about the sansaveria that they called a spider plant though? What's that you say? I'm a weirdo who cares too much about plant names? yeah you right tho ;>.>

  • Mark getting emotional over the plant is adorable

  • Can the PLANT feel pain? What about the poor spider?

  • if they killed the spider i'm out

  • This is incredible. Seeing the plant be alive

  • There's only two things that Mark isn't horrible to in this world: Amy and the plant

  • 13:02 Cave Johnson be like

  • 8:30 Ethan: screams ISchats: applause

  • all the rock bands be like 12:21

  • Alternative title: *Mark and Ethan tortures plants for **15:45** as Amy watches in silence*

  • No they can’t bc they don’t have sentience

  • Mark: "you be bad cop" Ethan: joker mode enabled

  • This video is literally just two grown men doing random shit to a plant for 15 minutes straight.

  • plant abuse??

  • Vegans have all unsubscribed from Unus Annus

  • Alternate title: Ethan and Mark torture a plant for 15 minutes and 45 seconds

  • Just imagine walking past their window and seeing Ethan sweet talking a aloe plant while holding a lighter to it's leaves 😂😂😂🤣😭

  • "The Gang Traumatizes an Aloe Plant Forever"

  • 12:23 im sorry if u pressed the timestamp.....

  • i feel bad for amy and amy's plant

  • Dude the connection I have with my plants- I could never-

  • 2:56 Whose's NF? NICOLAS FAGE! 🤣

  • Mark sounds like hopper from stranger things 4.40

  • Unus Annus

  • Mark being a plant mom is the best thing I’ve heard all day

  • Ok but if when left alone with a plant you don’t eventually start talking to it are you even human? Like after a week taking care of my classroom’s plants I would talk to them as if they all had different personalities and would discuss different topics based on their interests. This was back in 5th grade and when we graduated 8th I got to take them home with me :)

  • so if something can feel pain you torture it


  • OMG Ethan's bad cop had me dying of laughter

  • This has got to by far be the craziest day in that spider's life X'D

  • Checkmate vegans 🗣🤝💯

  • this whole video is just mark and ethan bullying plants

  • @thatveganteacher🌱🌿🌵 is typing...

  • That freshly cut grass smell if the grasses way of telling the other grass what's going to happen

  • Yancy? Is that you buddy?

  • mark says that the unus are the soft one but this whole video marks the soft one-

  • The answer to the title is yes; plants do actually feel pain. Edit: I said this before watching the video.

  • Biologist: I’ve done it! I’ve finally discovered proof that plants have feelings! MY GROOT FAN-FICTION WILL BECOME REALITY!! Alcohol Anonymous support group: Plants don’t have feelings. Christ didn’t give birth to plants, only humans can shove eggs up a dead bunny’s a**hole. Plants don’t celebrate Easter. Only you can start forest fires. Plants can’t become arsenic. The inventor of the polygraph: MY MACHINE DOESN’T F**KING WORK YOU DUMB B**CH!!

  • Alternate title: Mark and Ethan try hardcore BDSM on a plant

  • As a proud mother of 3 trees, 4 bohemias, a jalapeno plant, two beautiful la corona de jesus, an aloe plant, a paloe verde, and another pot plant named Vanessa; i was very sad to hear them yelling at the poor plants.

  • why does mark keep using the word Kosher?

  • 2:04: OASIS OASIS!

  • Heapass would like to have a word with your plants...

  • Mark, The masochistic guy with the green thumb

  • Ethan sounds like The Godfather

  • Alternate title: Mark and Ethan traumatize a spider and its plant friend.

  • 🌿🕯Unus Annus 🌿🕯

  • I feel so bad for this plant in this video 🥺😂

  • mark: *dies* ethan: “you dont want anything to happen to you. do you?”

  • Mark is the hotdog plant guy from "The Happening" XD XD!!!

  • Mark and Ethan:🤬🖕🤗❤️😨🔥 The plant: (;;;・_・)

  • Jacksepticeye in 2016: 8:29

  • 13:12 A whole lot newer than my Wilson Blue Ridge

  • Amy: what if you actually cut it? Mark: {:"(

  • Oh god he really wasn’t kidding with the spiderweb thing. Hours after watching this I got one in my mouth and WOW it is NOT GOOD