This Video Will Never Make Sense

Birt 23 sep 2020
A unique behind-the-scenes look into The Unus Annus Creative Process! Look deep into the depths of our minds and despair...
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • My mom walked in with the intro and now she is looking at my history to see if it's a cult

  • Ethan: The calendars!!! Me: you mean the ones I never recieved.....

  • So in this room, mark has: - the colonel's hat - yancy's prison pants - Literally Everything Else

  • the kids in the back of the class that dont pay attention 5:10

  • Ethan is like Amy's son giving her his terrible creation.

  • I don’t like Amy at all. There I said it!

  • amy: "ethan, what colour order is that?" ethan: "its any colour amy, fuCK OFF" few seconds later ethan: "that was unnecessarily aggressive"


  • I watched mark shoot himself in the mouth 15 times in a row

  • The title says this video will nevet make sense when really when does this clown ever make sense in my opinion don watch this because he is a joke

  • 0:40 h-his finger

  • why is nobody talking about the “celene!” moment LMFAO

  • this is an entire ad/hd mood

  • Unus Annus

  • 1:55 I’ve never been more impressed of Mark

  • Hey Ethan can I have that Gorillaz Poster? My wall is looking a bit bare.

  • I feel like this is just Ethan and Marikipler just hanging out on any given tuseday

  • alternate title: "how much shit can Mark unintentionally break in the shortest amount of time"

  • 2:39 Kid me when I find a black case In my grandpa’s closet

  • What is the spoiler warning for?

  • 7:17 Ethan: Where do you want me to hang this up? Mark: "Up your ass!" **Laugh track**

  • "Do you have a life outside of Unus Annus?" Not right now, since I'm trying to catch up three weeks worth of videos before the channel's deleted in less than a month...

  • Wait I’m confused Mark didn’t jump off the roof when I slowed the video down he just jumped offf the side of the pool

  • Apparently, this was just a compilation of Mark and Etan fuckin' around in their prop closet trying to think of a weird, funny, and crazy idea that's worthy for an Unus Annus video.

  • I hope you know this makes _perfect_ sense

  • Two grown men playing and destroying stuff in a room

  • 2:01 Mark: explains the japanese game Me: [flashbacks from TXT playing that game and Taehyun going full on Thor at Beomgyu] Also me: they need to make a video playing that

  • This is like the behind the scenes look at Unus Annus heh

  • The whole plot of Phineas and Ferb-

  • Imagine all humanity goes extinct and this video is the only proof of our existence

  • “Before they get bopped on the head” Ethan: **Aeeughhhhh**

  • 2:33 mark bark mark bark

  • I love this video its so random and funny!

  • 1:33 Tf is that on the ceiling...?

  • unus annus

  • me when i try to clean my room and get distracted every 5 minutes

  • Each video on this channel proves even more that these two can make good content, no matter what the original idea is

  • Me when I'm cleaning out my room lol

  • this makes perfect sense

  • why was this the video on my birthday

  • *this is a gorrilaz poster*


  • I just got back from getting all four wisdom teeth removed. This should be good.

  • This is probably what they’re genuinely like off camera

  • this is how 12 year old me cleaned their room

  • “Tip tip tip me over and pour me out ssss fuck”, a contemporary piece by Ethan

  • 2:06 🤣

  • This is my birthday video and I have to say, I am very happy with it😂😂😂

  • 2:07 5:13

  • especially cause it'll be *FUKIN* *GONE* m8

  • name of the masterpiece: *LiNe FrOm IM A LitTle TeA pOt*

  • OOOOOOOOh, i get it

  • For the record this, those crossbows break so easy it's disappointing

  • *the ball gag and whip were found in the same place*

  • Whats in the briefcase? WHATS IN IT AHHHH

  • Season 2 ideas

  • are they okay?

  • They've officially lost it 😂

  • Ethan: this is a gorillaz poster- HEHEH

  • this was my birthday episode and i....yk what im not mad

  • "There is nothing to fear... * sticks dildo to ceiling * *...but fear itself.* -Unus (Eef), 2020. 1:32

  • Title: This Video Will Never Make Sense my brain: following along their 'thought process' easily (idk if that means I have big brain or head empty)

  • This entire video has me thinking, "why would you do that?"

  • This is just a video of my friends and I hanging out.

  • This video is me as a child when I was supposed to clean my room

  • What's in the case, Mark?

  • Honestly this video makes more sense than the one of them fixing the hole in the wall

  • Alternate Title: Mark an Ethan Display their ADHD

  • Day thirty four, the tick, the tock, the neverending dong, the bells, they ring a ding a ling, the time goes down and down, around and around, though it makes no sense it happens anyways, because it never makes sense, IT WILL NEVER MAKE SEEEEĒ̴̢̧̛̹͍̋͑͋́͆̚͝͝E̵͎̘̮̤͑̾̈́Ë̵͈́͐̓̓̽̀̀̔͊̅̄E̵̟̩͚͛̆̀̃̓͝Ê̸̝̜̟͍͎̟̕͝Ē̵͈̼̰̞̪̳͋̅̓̍̄͘͠E̸͍̬̝̭̼̼͇̙̳̱͓͐̀̄̀̉͝͝Ē̸̪͖̍͗̆̎͗̍̇͒̓̕E̴̛͓̖͚̿̇̆̀E̵̡̖̭͙̺̱̘̱͓͋̌̽̀̋͂͑͊̀̓̚͠Ę̶̘̥͖̱́̂̒̃̓͊͋͠Ȩ̷̬͔̬̈́̽̽̓͌̚̚͝͝Ē̵̛͍͆̄̓̄̂̄̏̋̚ͅĘ̶͐͐͂͗̐̎̀̈́̄̄̚͝Ẹ̵̛̫̪͔̪̤̥̰͔̤̙͇̎̊̒̑̎̈́̀̀̚

  • @ 8:39 slow it down to .5 speed you won’t be disappointed 😂😂

  • Imagine waking up opening your window for some fresh air and seeing your dumba** neighbor and his friend on their roof in weird costumes hanging up a crayon painting.

  • "This video will never make sense" Makes sense

  • "We have a f****** crossbow???" "Amy, why didn't you tell us?!" Amy *do I really need to tell you why!!!*

  • Man that intro gave me nostalgia from Ed, Edd n Eddy

  • omggggg that scene with the balloons in Mark's mouth 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ethan is the biggest kid

  • Ethan i’m pretty sure you got the whip for the second video...or not

  • Me cleaning my room for the first time in a while

  • 1:01 someone put a funny quote here!

  • It's depressing that I got the Hodor reference-

  • This video = my train of thought

  • This whole channel is just documenting dumb shit you did with your best friend in summer when you were like 10 XD

  • Love how this room occupied eefs adhd so well

  • Ethan: becomes Canadian Mark: THAT’S MINE

  • When the first sound effect is from ed edd n eddy

  • I really wanted to see mark d'o

  • this video made sense because its Mark being Mark and Ethan being Ethan

  • 2:07

  • you there having ISchatsrs block

  • Lol isn't 1:03 quite dangerous? Could choke on it o_O

  • So i had a Liquid Death ad for this video, and if you haven't seen it before, i recommend watching it. It's just stupid/smart enough to be funny and maybe work.

  • DAY 314, VIDEO 315

  • I love that Mark is fucking around meanwhile Ethan settles down and starts doing crafts

  • Wait I actually wanted to see mark jump :(

  • Ethan turns to a furry while mark figures out how to finish a crossbow for the furry revolution 😲

  • Mark: IM NOT A MASOCHIST! Also Mark: shoots himself I. The face with a bow

  • Ship me the Gorillaz poster please 🥺🥺❤️😭😭😭😭

  • Mark and Ethan: We have a crossbow ?? Amy: *worried mama noises*

  • Plzzzz don’t delete this channel

  • I wanted to see Mark jump from the roof without getting hurt

  • Use the stilts mark