Mark and Ethan Shave Chica

Birt 8 ágú 2020
Coming at you hot and fresh with another wholesome dog video. This time Mark and Ethan steal Chica's one and only possession in this world... her fur.
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  • Anyone else remember mermaid Chica from a heist

  • Chica with her paw up reminds me of Ethan putting his hands up in the wax video

  • memento mori

  • wow

  • I read the title as “save.”

  • i just love seeing chica being in her element - having ALL attention on her

  • You know that if you have goldens they can get hotspots and are very bad for them right-?

  • For someone who has never held shears before, Ethan is doing really well!


  • Ethan sporting that eddy burback merch

  • As a dog groomer I'm just glad noone got hurt and that Chica loves them enough to let them do this to her

  • I love how Chica killed the air purifier

  • Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  • Ethan looks like he's about to say "Hows my favorite nephew doin?"

  • i swear chica is the most calm and adorable dog ever!🥺

  • Amy: She was pretty back then? Mark: Ya she’s ugly now. Dangggggggg 😂 sorry chica💔

  • She’s so well behaved

  • Sometimes you just gotta vacuum the lawn, ya know?

  • Thank god you didn't actually shave her. Looks more like contouring. Some people get their double-coated dog actually shaved and it's horrendous. You can get bladed tools and/or a horse blow drier to take out the undercoat! Much more effective at keeping them cool.

  • She's a cute dog

  • Buy different dog cotumes/dog toys and test them out with Chica, I need more of herrrrr

  • ethan wearing eddy burback merch makes me happy

  • I’m a cosmetologist/ hair dresser and I don’t groom dogs or anything so I’m sure that’s very difficult but just seeing how they use the shears gives me anxiety😂

  • I know it was probably just for the bit but if you actually leave her fur out there that you cut off birds will take it to make their nests. It’s really good for cushioning the eggs and keeping them warm! We used to have two very fluffy dogs and it would look like we had a backyard full of bunnies after we brushed them out but after like 2 days it would be completely gone.


  • This reminds me of when I try to cut my own hair

  • "So....why are we shaving chica?" "For content."


  • chica is.... so round.... i love her

  • love that this is my bday vid

  • They trimmed! Okay thank god. Don't ever shave double coated dogs.

  • Eef with a patchy 'stache makes me feel like he's going to try to sell me a bad used car.

  • Mark and Ethan: made spit cookies together Mark: “no no I CAN’T shake your hand...”

  • I like ya cut g 😂

  • ethan attempting to to point-cut chica’s belly fur is my favorite thing

  • Mark: "It's the middle of summer. It gets hot. You know why?" Ethan: "It's the sun!" Mark: "Exactly. The sun." The Sun: **laughs in farther-away-in-summer**

  • I like how mark grabbes a trash bag and then they just ditch it lmfao

  • I love this, this was my birthday video

  • 2:34

  • I miss chica ❤️

  • When I glanced at the title I read "Mark and Ethan Save Chica" and I suddenly got very worried about why Chica needed saving

  • My dog farted me out of my own bedroom

  • I misread this as save and I got super confused

  • Chica: *Yes slaves, shave me..*

  • This a scary movie

  • She was a fluffer pupper but now she’s a puffer pupper.

  • Chica Looks so good!

  • For a moment I thought it said China

  • Ethan has a yikes shirt

  • I wish my dog is like chica

  • If someone broke into ur house chica would probably just lay on them

  • I just got the most aggressive wave of deja vu when Mark said "You took the trauma but not the lesson??"

  • Can't wait to see what kind of content Mark makes when this channel is gone.


  • You supposed to shave with the fur not against the fur.

  • noooooo, i know you had good intentions, but even just a quick search of "should I shave my golden" will reveal to you that this can be very very bad for their coats!!!!

  • I actually thought that the video was titled 'Mark and Ethan SAVE Chica'

  • Two hundred and sixty-eighth video: Finished.

  • noo you cant just groom a dog with no practice Mark: haha razor go brrrr

  • Chica looks so sad in the thumbnail XD

  • Ethan looks like a used car salesman who hasn’t eaten for a week

  • chica is such a good girl when I had my dog ludwig who was a border collie if we tried to do this he would have raised hell

  • Chica is so chill Edit: Also it takes a HOT minute to shave thick fur. I had to shave my grandmas cat, Honey Boy (a main coon mix that’s double coated), since his fur would mat up and she couldn’t brush him well. With the shears it took a good twenty to thirty minutes not taking into account the time spent keeping him in one place, so shaving Chica would be a BITCH

  • 1:42 nothing ever bad happens to the kenedys

  • You guys did good! Good job. I'm proud of you!

  • I thought that it was called *SAVE CHICA*

  • chica is like a cat in so many ways

  • I love how Ethan calls chica beeks

  • Don’t shave her! Her double coat actually keeps her cool, and shaving can cause it to grow back incorrectly

  • i like ya cut g

  • I can’t believe I just watched two grown men shave a dog for 10 minutes


  • Ok but i read this as mark and ethan save chica

  • I love how calm and undisturbed Chica is! My family's dog would freak out if he even heard the clippers when my mom gave my brother a haircut

  • the fish smell might be her glands so they might need to be expressed. i have to do them often for my dogs. I WOULD NOT do it yourself. its really gross

  • BUT WHY-

  • Ethan has the facial hair of a 17 year old father that wears tank tops and cargo shorts, tbh.

  • When everyone turns into a dog groomer o.O

  • Mark....Mark, Retrievers are double coated. you don't shave dogs that are double coated, them having two coats actually helps maintain their temp please don't do this again. take Chica to a groomer next time.

  • Why is Mark so rough with the saver jesus lmao

  • She's so pretty and calm

  • Bro I love chica so much

  • Chica is the sweetest pup ever!!! The way she looks at Mark. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I am stupid

  • No I would not trust that face it’s ugly

  • Chica: *super calm while two idiots use scissors and a razor on her* My dog: *scared of a flyswatter*

  • Is it just me or should “Eef’s got Beef” stay

  • i like yo cut g

  • Thats why I dont trust hipsters

  • Mark: “it’s hot so Chica needs to be shaved.” Me: -laughs in kennel worker for over a decade- For anyone who doesn’t know: shaving a longhaired dog doesn’t make them cooler, and can actually make them more susceptible to overheating and sunburn. However longhaired dogs DO need to be brushed out fully regularly, especially around their ears, ruff, hind, and underarms. If you do choose to shave your dog or your dog is matted and needs to be shaved, be aware of how much sun/heat exposure they get and try to maintain their coat as it grows in. If a longhaired or plush/double-coated dog gets completely shaved down, their coat may never grow back to its original texture.

  • why does she smell like fish??????

  • I love the way Chica looks a them 🥺❤️

  • She looks really confused 😂


  • sponsored by manscspe

  • 7:40 is it bad that I quote this part often

  • Mark: Chica, you have so much surface area! Chica: *rolls over*

  • Chica is the goodist girl

  • she is soooooo precious

  • I cut my dogs hair once😉 I'm not allowed to do it again😣