How to Start a Fire (except don't...)

Birt 27 ágú 2020
Ever wanted to know how to make a fire with your BARE HANDS!? Well you might want to purge those thoughts... there's a fire hazard out there...
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • MatPat sent me.

  • Game theory is apon you mark and idk

  • 0:42 i have those socks 🧍‍♀️

  • I think something strange happened to them in this forest that brought out their true cryptid forms


  • pause at 13:03

  • i'm in love with the death music--does anyone know where it's from?

  • October 28th. I continue my journey to rewatch all Unus Annus videos before it's too late. I liked every video on my way here before but some videos aren't showing the likes. Make sure the thumbs up is blue friends. Wish me luck, brothers in death. Memento mori, Unus Annus.

  • MEGA THEORY TIME So my theory is that every episode isn’t actually another day ticking down it’s actually alternate universes that “unus” and “annus” are collecting into one big bunch and whenever we watch a video it actually isn’t us watching it’s unus and annus watching so towards the end of “unus annus” it’s actually the end of all different 365 universes aswell and unus and annus are choosing mark and Ethan as their how should I say “temporary vessels” as in they are going to monitor mark and Ethan for one day in each different universe but as they watch them unus and annus grow closer to mark and Ethan growing closer to them (even though they are just there to use their forms and monitor them just to destroy them shortly afterwards) hence “unus” looking disappointed in mark for deciding to kill Ethan in this particular universe so as unus and annus go through the universes the harder it will be for unus and annus to erase everything so it shows that farther and farther down this channel goes the more distraught and dark this will go drawing to an ever most sudden death I’m sorry if this seemed confusing or dumb this is my first real theory and I didn’t want to copy any one else’s (extremely good) theories

  • Mark? You okay? 14:54

  • 8:40 oh, so that's how you start a firt, I've been doing all wrong :(

  • I saw some jam in the smore

  • “I ate a whole bag of sweetarts for breakfast” literally never before have I related to anyone this much

  • We no your secrets now don’t hide it we know all thanks to our leader game theory don’t hide anymore we know I always no

  • I like how when they call the viewers stupid I dont feel like they're talking to me lol

  • Mark: **staring at the knife and glancing back at Ethan** Me: oh, it’s gonna be one of those videos isn’t i- Unus: **shows up in the window** Me: *CONFUSED SCREAMING*

  • Anyone else come from the game theory video?

  • 13:23 Unese visets them

  • The real question is DID YOU GET THE RIGHT WOOD?

  • im here from game theory

  • Fire...satin’s portal....mahahahahahaha

  • I started laughing hysterically when I saw Unus because at first I thought it s just a random dude who was confused and concerned

  • 6:06 "This is what happens when we look at different cameras" lol

  • What's the song when Mark is contemplating Ethan based murder?

  • Up next we have a “I’m such a bad man” Me: yes this is what I want

  • 13:19-13:32 Ummmm....... Look In the window in the background....... ......ummmmm, I think I'm just gonna go real quick...........

  • Ethan Alter ego POV: Look at this nice house. Wait... what is happening in there? Is he really going to kill me? Oh, you’re watching. And he’s actually doing it. Goodbye.

  • "Don't play with fire put here in California, where everything is real, real dry, and a single lit cigarette but could set this whole place ablaze." *Well this joke did not age well*

  • the amount of times ive watched on repeat from 12:14 to 13:35. this feeling, its almostlike i have the breath knocked out of me but also im choking, and theres a pit in my stomach that just gets deeper and deeper every time i see this. the look in Eefs eyes as he asks who already knowing the answer. he stalls trying to convince Mark not to. the the look un Unus' eyes as he stares at the camera knowing fully well what is about to happen like hes seen it a million times before. the way he just walks away and you can tell the pain hes in, it makes you think about how many times has he walked back and seen this moment in time. how many times has he watched someone he cared about so much be murdered right in front of him. how many times is he going to watch someone he trusted murder their friend and then pretend like nothing ever happened because like ever other time he was replaced by another unsuspecting Eef. the pain. the pain you watch growing inside him as he looks at you pleading for help even though he knows that nobody can do anything to help him.

  • Why there blood in u mouth 👄 🩸

  • Maybe you could find a fireplace if your lucky enough I have one in my Living room I think I’ll be fine


  • Death..

  • Kv dl aybza Thyrpwsply dpao aopunz sprl aolzl huftvyl?

  • did unus and annus eat ethan at the end?!🤔🤯

  • This is my Unus Annus theory. (Disclaimer, I haven't seen any theory videos or anything like that, so if I say something that's already been said, then it's just a coincidence.) Unus and Annus are the ghosts of Mark and Ethan. At the end of the channel, Mark and Ethan will die, but when Mark and Ethan die, so do Unus and Annus. They know this will happen, so they're coming back to experience the channel again before it's too late. Unus showed up at the end of this video to watch it play out, he's rewatching his favorite moments of the channel before his own inevitable death. If we see Unus or Annus show up in the background of any other video, it's because it's their ghosts coming back to relive their favorite moments before they don't have the chance to do so anymore.

  • 13:13 unus in the mirror

  • Spooky

  • 13:14

  • Unus Annus really needs to make a CD I would buy it

  • 14:50 why you got ketchup in the s’more

  • 13:13 Hi there unnus! (In the window on the left)

  • Mark: Our upcoming regiment on knife safety will be forthcoming! 2 months later... Mark and Ethan: EDWARD PUMPKIN HANDS

  • How many people are being kept alive by this channel rn? Just me? oh...

  • Annus killing unus was so....weird... They died more than once but they will actually die when the channel ends

  • Anyone back again from GAME theory?????

  • These aren't Ethan and Mark. Although they refer themselves to be. Those are still Unus and Annus. Always have been and will be until the clock stops. My theory is, that the person who appears in the window is still Unus. But has somehow ascended something or broke free from something to be able to see his past self. Broke free from an unending loop of death and different versions of their original world. And might have even stopped the clock. Them being inside a world where they die and come back in another video is not normal. They might be in a place where they will be tormented forever until the clock ticks its final tock. A personal Hell that was made to look like the real world and was made for the temporary year old torture they will experience. Sometimes the outcome is good, sometimes bad, sometimes the worst, and sometimes even neutral. Now, the Unus in the black suit you see in the window is hard to explain. But I have 2 reasons that might be possible. 1. This is an alternative version of Unus that has somehow not only escaped his personal Hell but also his world to be able to see "himself" and Annus on a campfire. The way he might have accomplished this is probably by stopping the clock. Stopping the time before they die for good and getting the chance to escape their Hell. 2. This is a future version of Unus that has escaped the fate of the clock. Probably by stopping the clock or ascending far beyond than the clock's power. This is the most plausible out of every theory I have seen because Unus and Annus always refer to the clock like it's some other worldly and omnipotent object that tells when they will die. We don't know the power nor the full extent to that power of the clock so Unus being able to ascend it is absolutely outstanding.

  • When can we actually see annus I wanna see that very manly face

  • “When’s the last time you called your grandma?” Uh- She lives with me?

  • Crank just died!😱

  • When will eef kill mork? When will unus kill annus?

  • MARK HE LIT THE FIRE FOR YOU and also this video kinda scared me

  • The reason why unus is bad at spelling is because cryptids dont usually speak english

  • im too scared that if i talk to my grandparents ill out myself as enby

  • Time stamp for unus 13:10

  • Who's here from game theory

  • People from game theorists register here

  • you can see the hot sauce (what i think the fake blood is) on the smore

  • The fires of life fade for Unus Annus

  • 0:58 yes threat level who Michael Scarn

  • am i the only one who notices how quiet it is in this video?

  • I almost feel like this episode started the lore of the channel 😂😂😂

  • 5:00: hmm that looks a lot like "backflip"

  • I just love it when unus peers thru the window and idk why 😂

    • @FbI 13:12

    • Time stamp plz😂

  • Did y’all watch the game theory about unus aunnus it’s trippy!!!

  • Oh i get it instead of ethan (unus) getting stabbed, mark (annus) was the one who got stabbed

  • My grandma is dead like this channel when the year is up

  • i originally watched this video, higher than gods taint, and let me just say that it was an experience

  • we always used two sticks, two pieces of flat wood, and a string when I took wilderness training.

  • Throwback to the Slapsgiving livestream where Mark said he stared at a tree until it burst into flames and he carried it inside still on fire.

  • my favorite video (mainly cuz Unus popped up but ye)

  • Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  • both: F-I-R- Ethan: Teeeeeee Mark: *confused E*

  • Mark: There would be no witnesses Unus: *Oh, but you're wrong.*

  • Mark I know your secret your annus Ethan is unnus And unnus in the black suit walks away from the window

  • Unus was at the window when mark killed Ethan, But when is Annus going to appear when Ethan kills mark?

  • 13:12 I’m confused, cause it looks like he’s lost and accidentally stumbled unto the scene... what is happening???

  • POV: you came from gt to look at Ethan in a suit

  • Go see game theory they have a great theory of what can happen in the future

  • Btw if you wanna know the part where an is comes back is 13:15 around there

  • The part where Unus showed up scared me... But it was also really cool. I wonder why they decided to do that...

  • "Call Grandma" "Yeah, when was the last time you gave her a call" My grandma has been dead for 4 years...

  • Ethan: "Fire needs oxygen" *breathes carbon dioxide onto it*

  • Mark killed ethan

  • "if you want to make a fire, get your bag of piss" i died laughing

  • Mark is scary

  • What does it say at the top left at 6:06

  • Ethan would be the best camp counselor

  • Bag of piss. Of course.

  • “Well that’s the thing though, is that, if we were to kill somebody, y’know it would take a lot of planning, and a lot of thought process, and honestly a lot of looking in the mirror and saying ‘Am I really willing to take another persons life?’. Am I willing to deal with the... the aftermath of that, because I think that a lot of people act in sort of a spur the moment kind of deal, and they don’t actually think about, y’know the consequences that those actions... tho those actions hold y’know? I think it’s also just about willpower as well, because you look at yourself in the mirror and say ‘Do I have the willpower to follow through with this?’. Then y’know I think that I’m a pretty compassionate, pretty... pretty heartfelt kind of person, and I don’t think that... even with a gun to my head, I don’t know if I would personally, have the willpower to be able to follow through with that kind of action and take another human life. It’s so much to think about.”

  • To add to all these theories about the scene with Unus watching the two, listen to what Ethan says when Unus shows up. He says something about “look at myself in the mirror and decide, do I have the willpower to follow through with this?” If Unus is Ethan, that’s him looking at himself. But what could the willpower part mean? Is Unus looking back at the channel’s past on the last day, trying to decide if he can bring himself to delete everything?


  • This is just- Man Child Modern Rogue

  • I really want that violin at the end in my music library it’s so pretty

  • Who else is here from game theory?

  • I legit heard honestly as annusly.

  • ... Go yo matpat theory I know what we'll happen

  • Shite theory about Unus at the window in the end: Mark killed Ethan and dumped his body and Eef came back in the form of Unus to seek revenge. He makes Mark go insane and completely loose it (hence the HeeHoo a couple videos later). Mark can’t handle it anymore and runs off to the woods. Unus then takes over Mark’s life and replaces him (ie takes his channel) Unus doesn’t feel satisfied with the lack of torment so for goes to the woods with that documentary crew (putting himself as innocent) to find Mark once more. They find Mark and Unus takes him away, continuing to torture him until Eef can finally rest with Unus leading his life. Its shite but merry Christmas 😂

  • Wtf?

  • Doki Doki but gay version