We’re Better Than Dogs

Birt 18 ágú 2020
Dogs think that they’re so cool with their big teeth and mighty chompers. Well we have big chompers too! HUGE chompers! The BEST chompers!
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Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • This is good

  • Egg

  • "They have no idea how deep I can go." - Guy Who is Terrified of the Ocean 2020

  • I don’t got any canines, 😭 they had to take them and two other teeth out to surgically remove a tooth that’s was growing backwards towards my nasal cavities...😭

  • Don’t expect your fans to pay any of your dental bills... unless you get it all on camera. Imagine how much irritation you would have between every tooth, with hundreds, maybe even thousands of strands of thread between pretty much every single one, and the situation would be so bad, you’d have to go to the dentist to have them scrape it all out, one tooth at a time. There’d also be the threads that would be in your gums... not a very good experience, my mouth is already irritated just because of this thought, and I still have these bloody braces!

  • Them: This is not a cult Also them: Saws a dog toy with a knife that has teeth attached whilst chanting

  • “We’re better than dogs” *so you have chosen... death*

  • u know this is probably someones kink

  • It’s weird that this channel has shown me how much of my bizarre habits I share with mark, including licking salt..I’ve been so sucked in to learning to make cotton candy for 3 days I haven’t done anything besides going to work. Challenging yourself to the extreme for no reason at all, if anyone knows what mental illness this is please tell me 😂

  • its the bite of 87

  • We can bite off a human finger tho; we can eat a carrot, with the same pressure we could eat a finger

  • October 27th. I continue my journey to rewatch all Unus Annus videos before it's too late. I liked every video on my way here before but some videos aren't showing the likes. Make sure the thumbs up is blue friends. Wish me luck, brothers in death. Memento mori, Unus Annus.

  • Mark: Those _uppity bitches_ we call dogs think they're _better than me_ Most dogs, with barely one brain cell, head empty: Human is God. Human is life. Human is all I know. *** Mark: This is the only thing that can get me through a day. Amy, Chica, Henry, Spencer, and Ethan: *Offended supporter noises*

  • Now I need to see mark lay an egg

  • Hey remember back in like December we were all worried that Ethan was gonna kill Mark? Well... now I'm starting to get concerned that the end of Unus Annus is gonna be Mark murdering Eef and burying him in that casket they bought. Anyone else share that concern?

  • Not gonna lie, I would do this for fun. I might just go out and buy a rope toy to chew on now- Edit: I said this before I got to the part where Ethan was playing tug o' war with Sepncer- I literally do that with my parent's dog-

  • i love the video

  • My minus Annus birthday video

  • So did the tooth knife make it through or

  • i just watch two men chew on ropes for 13 and a half minutes

  • he shaved :(

  • My teeth hurt after watching this

  • Wow

  • Great video

  • 0:08 most ISchatsrs intros 1:12 Unus annus intros

  • Neuer give Up on Your Bro,always remember the Buddy-System

  • this hurt my teeth..i could feel the pain and pressure

  • Okay let's see what we have for today Mark: I'll shove so many eggs up my ass ......... N I C E

  • Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  • Gently taps like button

  • Therapist: Teeth Knife isn’t real, it can’t hurt you Teeth Knife: 13:12

  • 5:34 mark's legs lol

  • my teeth are breaking just watching this

  • Memento mori

  • WAS THAT THE BITE OF 87’!!!???

  • me, trying to get through all the unus annus videos because i only got into it a month ago and there are 22 days left:

  • When Mark said, "I know why we're better than animals," I was like, holy shit, he's making a really good point here about how human intelligence did ultimately allow us to surpass the entire animal kingdom and then he pulled out the knife made of teeth and my thought derailed

  • I'm just gonna leave something that's going to dissaper

  • "this is what it means to go further beyond" such a nostalgic quote

  • My enamel is so bad, my teeth would just break at first bite.

  • Teeth on cloth is like nails on a chalkboard for me, I cannot stand this video😬

  • 7:48 "This is what winning looks like" Me- Have i been doing it wrong this whole time?

  • Im just rewatching these and I forgot about the teeth knife- that is one of the most terrifying things I will ever encounter-

  • My mom and I both have very sharp canines. Mom had to get hers filed down when she was younger and I probably will in a week or so when I get braces. Right now, I fear biting down on my tongue because it usually bleeds ;∆;

  • tomorrow’s video: mark and ethan visit the dentist

  • I better see that knife in your store or I'm going to be disappointed........ And it has to say "Let's Get Cooking" on the handle or blade¡! 😉😁🔪 😂

  • Mark: "mental health is health too" also Mark: *continues to chew a dog toy like a caveman*

  • 1331

  • I should have gotten a job sooner.. by the time I get a paycheck, Unus Annus will be gone and I won't be able to buy merch. This video also reminded me that I when I was younger I used to use my anxiety and chew through the fabric on my shirt collars. :/

  • *sad chica noises*

  • Ah yes the sacrificial teeth blade 😂

  • Ethan:I don’t chew often Me: so you don’t eat

  • If this was the first unus annus video I watched I probably would have clicked off in the first 30 deconds 😂

  • God my teeth hurt watching this

  • Of all the videos, why is this the ONE video that does not include Ethan having an existential crisis....

  • right when Mark got to 3 (4:35) minute to win it started a challenge and the buzzer went off! 😳

  • Mark:Im Better Than you Im Better Im better than you me:Bakugo what are you doing there ._.

  • this... was my birthday video

  • As a person who very much so hates certain textures in my mouth...especially cotton....this is extremely hard to watch...and hear..🤮🤮🤮

  • 12:46 WAS THAT THE BITE OF 87?!

  • *T H I C C U M S*

  • My favorite part of the channel is "It hurts so good Mark." Lol

  • we really watched 2 grown men chew on rope for 10 minutes

    • @charlie. okay but like we’ve watched them do dumber things

    • it's what we've come to as a species

  • Eef told me to comment so here it is.

  • 6:10 haha that whack. I swear that always happens with my dogs. I’m sorry my puppers haha

  • Hehe I love dogs

  • The way I GAGGED when mark started filing his teeth

  • how to break your teeth 101

  • Mark: Like your beard Ethan: Yeah, I shaved my beard. Mark: Yeah~ Me: *Has a flahback* Mark's mum: Shave it off. Ethan: Okay. Me: Yeeaaahhh....... Definitely~

  • You can't keep Unus Annus going for more than a year. Mark: Oh yeah? I can keep it up for TWO years!

  • My dog ate a brick

  • I feel like they are going to do stupid for there hole life 😂😂😂

  • I like how while watching this I find some red-orange thing in my mouth. Now I feel like I've been chewing rope.

  • 13:11 wtf........? pls no that will haunt me... NO! just... NO...

  • when Ethan made the Neil Armstrong joke for some reason thats the hardest ive laughed in a while

  • just watcing this makes my teeth hurt

  • Was that the bite of dead meme 7

  • 12:50 was that the bite of '87???

  • My favorite part of this Channel is the fake sexual tension between you two.

  • 8:29 Ethan: harmlessly playing tug of war with Spencer Me: Vietnam warlike flashbacks to when I did this with my dog and I pulled a tooth out that was not ready and blood went everywhere and I though I killed my dog

  • tooth knife is going to give me nightmares for the rest of my life

  • Why does it always end on Mark killing Ethan?

  • This gives me fucking anxiety

  • "i will shove so many eggs up my ass"

  • Mark: *trying to be better than animals and humans by putting himself through pain* Ethan: What if we become the animals? It’s official, Ethan is a furry and Mark is a masochist XD

  • Ethan: Don't do it don't do it... Don't ever file ur teeth.. Mark: (teeth filing noise) ssskkk sskkks skkkss......

  • This is my birthday video

    • mine too! it... holds a special place in my heart....

  • I’m so uncomfy not only metal to teeth but file to teeth

  • Y'know, I had a freind who filed ALL her teeth into fangs. All it took was one tongue bite and she got dentures.

  • All it took was Momiplier saying shave it and it's gone. The power she holds

  • Two hundred and seventy-eightht video: Finished.

  • I saw the tooth knife and my instinctual reaction was hatred and fear.


  • mark getting barney energy (from How i met your mother) when getting the idea of kicking a blue whales ass: Challenge accepted!

  • Dogs infact have stronger mouths, we know this. Funny thing is that we're smart enough to break it faster than an animal ever could.

  • I am so incredibly in Ethan's corner in this one. Mark. Mark, please. I think you- Ethan: blue whale Mark, activates: *a new challenger!* Mark you need to see a professional.

  • Pet play & Pet Regressors watching like OWO

  • Why do they have a knife covered in teeth?

  • that tooth knife might be the most cursed thing Ive ever seen

  • Listen I'm not saying Mark's masochism is gonna maybe be his downfall one day but I'm definitely implying it