Ethan Watches as Mark Achieves the Impossible

Birt 29 sep 2020
Ethan brought Mark a challenge. And Mark literally cannot back down from a challenge.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
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Unus Annus.


  • 10:40 "I slowly, I slowly started to be SeDUctEd By hiM, like he started to SEDUCE ME!"

  • but what was the toilet paper reference for...?

  • How old is ethan ???

  • Mark: "every like is like a kiss on my boo boo... can we get 1 million boo boo kisses uwu?" *Everyone liked the video*

  • This is me when i am opening a water bottle

  • Wow...I never fought it could happen... he’s done it again. Mark Edward Fischbach Has again... WENT EVEN FUTHUR BEYOND

  • Mark as a father opening a jar for his son

  • i can't believe almost a year is gone now...

  • "You didnt dry it? Who is that? MARK!" Mark: "I dont think so, do a side by side." "You didn't dry it?" XDDDDDDDD

  • What's the background music that starts at 3:19?

  • A tip for anyone with stuck or hard to open jars and stuff is to use rubber dishwashing gloves that is what I use to help me open my stuck jars and such. The latex rubber helps you get a grip on it :)

  • I bet tyler would be able to open it

  • Who's doing this instead of homework

  • im watching a man trying to open a cup....what am i doing with my life?

  • ur tongue is stronger than ur arms mark! you should have "coaxed" it open

  • I’m watching a video about one man opening a cup... quality content

  • i just discovered unus annus :( but the first thing i did is find my birthday video lol i shall see

  • I wonder what a drunk Ethan would say

  • K. But like.. Did the attempt of running it under hot water transpire at any time? Or tapping it on the counter? Lol

  • Try open it under the hot running water😁✌🏻

  • “Do not underestimate the power of the dark side.”

  • I thought this was gonna be about that one piece of toilet paper

  • 1.5m views and only 250k likes. I'm disappointed in you guys, you obviously don't care about his boo boo :(

  • It would be a perfect video if Annus drink the water

  • Modern era excalibur


  • WD40

  • the fuck did it get this tight in the first place?

  • The Ethan straw cup of contemptable twisting. For each twist loosening it, it gets even tighter.

  • "Why are you looking me luck 'huh you're head looks stupid' when you're the one who stupided it"

  • Why didn't you use a rubber band for a better grip?

  • My grandma walked in and all she heard was mark grunting and ethan saying WHY IS IS HARD?

  • i cant tell if their faking it or not lol

  • U need to use rubber to open it :) . Rap rubber bands around the lid and you gets great grip

  • Why does mark kinda look like Jon wick

  • a kissaroo from me to you!

  • *million boo boo kisses for mark*

  • Solution: rubber

  • Can someone take the sounds Ethan makes and make a song with them?

  • I totally liked this video because of the Sexy Tiger. :3 P.S. And for booboo kisses for Mark. :3

  • I actually live in the city with the brain eating amoeba, it's called Lake Jackson and the problem is solved it it gave us some scares

  • Such dedication. Respecc.

  • I feel like a surprising amount of these videos are mark and Ethan arguing about water or some other liquid

  • Mark tries opening the cup: HARD ROCK Ethan tries opening the cup: *M I I C H A N N E L*

  • If everyone liked the video he could have 1.5 million likea

  • Mark deserves all the love in the world for opening that ding dang thing

  • what ethan happend to tyler? i wonder where he is...


  • Ok so am I the only one who can't find these hoodies on the unus annus store? I cant find the half black half white hoodie or the hoodie that ethan is wearing in this video can someone help me plsss I fly want a hoodie before unus annus ends plssss helpppp

  • Mark: every like s a kiss on my booboo My brain: das a lot of corona...

  • This is literally me trying to open my BlendJet. If it wasn't that a whole smoothie was in there, I'd also leave it on my counter for over a year.

  • He looks like farquad with his hair tied up like that

  • Why does Mark muscles look like they are inflated ones but he just put it under his shirt


  • As a barista can confirm those designed cups are #1 super cool and #2 ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO OPEN IF IT GETS STUCK. also its a SIREN not a mermaid. Sirens are deadlier.

  • This gives me flashbacks to being a Barista

  • 12:04


  • Markiplier is Korean Keanu reeves

  • 11:09 for myself for future reference

  • Small-mout mark is scary and funny at the same time

  • Impressive sir

  • i wish someone would talk to me like that all the time :( 12:53

  • i just watched this guy open a cup for 10 min. wtf is my life. . . .

  • 12:11 to 12:23 *Ethan you didn't do shit about this shut up*

  • God damnit I laughed at this stupidity

  • Run it under hot water to loosen what ever is sticky, keeping it closed lol


  • Two guys one cup

  • Get this video to a million likes, this man needs his boo boo kisses.

  • The real reason mark isn't an engineer is because he too stubborn to innovate.

  • Fun fact: as a barista I actually had multiple people return these kinds of cups cuz of various issues with them

  • כע כעכעכע

  • Mark when he takes a fat one 8:29

  • Goofy guy

  • Stupid head

  • Give Mark the bubu kisses

  • Who here got mark's afk arena add.

  • Ethan - *puts top back on cup* Also Ethan - uhhh....MARK!!!

  • Imagine if just a thousand mosquitoes just flew out the cup.

  • His hands look like this: 11:54 So hers can look like this: 12:00

  • my mind inside was screaming "WRAP YOUR HAND IN THE SHIRT"

  • Mark: i need silence Ethan: **covers his eyes**

  • Is no one gonna talk about how the single sheet of toilet paper is how he dried off the cup?

  • Plot Twist: It opens by screwing in the opposite direction.

  • Look at those hands Amy 👀👉🏽👌🏽 yes those hands open so much

  • How was this a video 🤣

  • Why did I just watch 13 minutes of two adults trying to unscrew a lid

  • Watch it be a pop top

  • mark every other video: you better like it i got hurt

  • Hm...thought he was almost an engineer? XD

  • Trick to opening things like this (or jars) when they are good and stuck is to wear dish gloves. Helps you get a good grip and such

  • Dam.

  • The editing on this one was top notch.

  • He had it like this for over a year? This reminds me of that Toys in the Attic episode of Cowboy Bebop when Spike left lobster in the fridge for a year.

  • I just watched 13 minutes of two guys trying to open a bottle. And I would do it again

  • Nobody me trying to open the pickle jar at 3:am

  • Ethan: We did it! Mark: Is this communism I hear?

  • What is the thing at the start of the video were it goes venes tardes

  • Me the whole time: USE WD40 TO LOOSEN THE CUP LID