Literally Finding a Needle in a Haystack

Birt 8 okt 2020
Legends speak of the difficulty of finding the mythical needle in the haystack. Today, we put that legend to the test with not one... but TWO NEEDLES!!
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • Ending was so cute 🥺❤️

  • Jack skelington? Nooooo the one from nightmare before Christmas

  • Ethan: Jack skellington? Mark: NO the guy from the nightmare before christmas!!¡!

  • Who win vote now

  • Mark - * half hazardly chops up a giant pile of hay, not watching where it falls and doesn't think about the pool * The hay - * fall into the pool * Mark - EtHaN i CaNt BeLiEvE yOu DiD tHaT!

  • 9:46 Enough said

  • "I found it" "no I found" it sus

  • Omg! the part with Chica and Henry in the hay was amazing can we please have more videos like this?! pweeez!

  • Wait which video did Ethan hit Mark on the nose?? 1:38 what are they referencing?

  • key thing but kinda cheat too, just get a bucket or a tub of water, needles will sink hay will float...... seen this trick/cheat on mythbusters, well isnt quite cheating but is on there behalf coz there doing a challenge lol

  • Nobody: Mark: HAY FEVER

  • Strawstack

  • Amy: “I just think you guys are kinda being”. Mark and Ethan: Death stares. Amy: Instant fear.

  • I love how they genuinely search and my first reaction was "burn it to find the needle"

  • They may not see this but they could try to make a Hand made Scarecrow with the extra hay for halloween (edit) or make a house? Lol out of it

  • Awwwe does pupers tho

  • I love Nerdfiction's way of editing in these videos.

  • This is basically like finding a small dark sand in a pile Or a grain of grass

  • Daaaaww doggies and hay ❤️

  • i have a question why is there a timer at the beginning and at the end is it the timer of someone's death or something??

  • Fockin Ethan with the mulan song XD IM DYING!!!


  • someone coughs everyone: COVID 19! MARK: HEY FEVER!

  • sue him for nothing

  • Mark thinks that is a lot of hay.. He should see the large bales 😂 I've seen grown horses disappear is piles.

  • What’s the music used at 6:40? You guys do great, love you guys :3

  • Mark Jack skeleton is the main characters name from nightmare before Christmas

  • I died when Eff started singing reflection. 🤣 *coughs HAYFEVER


  • I was sad that the video ended right until i saw Chica and it made me sooo happy!!!


  • "god help any woman you ever finger" honestly knowing this community half of the people in this comment section would not care

  • dogs running through hay Me: "YES!!! I FINALLY HAVE A NEW BACKGROUND"

  • I decree every video must now contain Bonus Chica! Somewhere in the video. Besides, I think we need more anyways. especially right now.

  • I feel like Mark either doesn’t have the time to watch Halloween movies or he hasn’t seen Nightmare Before Christmas

  • How many times has Mark broken his nose in the past year.

  • Other bale of hay idea: stage a short haunted hayride in the backyard

  • 4:20 (ayyy) Does anyone know what song that was?

  • I know if it where a vehicle it would be tresspass less than larceny but I think since it's a camera it would just be larceny

  • "Marks body goals" I say watching while eating pringles

  • 4:23 ok wait, is this an actual song? What did I miss?

  • Why use a safety pin then leave it open xD

  • Give the hay to someone with horses. They could always use some h ay!!!

  • we need to know who actually found the needle

  • Have you ever heard of a tool named MAGNET?

  • Y'all underestimate Amy--

  • 0:30 See! They didn’t use planes in 9/11, it was all shovels that did it!!!

  • Why am I just realizing that ethans crayon art is in the back🥺

  • Jack Johnson from nightmare before Christmas

  • This Video: Exists 1.6 million people: Interesting

  • Pupper!!

  • Those looked way easier since they used safety pins instead of needles though

  • It’s been 329 days You have one chance Subscribe

  • Me being an equestrian is shouting ITS STRAW NOT HAY but hey its just a video..........

  • That clip of Henry and Chica playing in the hay is what I'm going to miss the most :,)

  • Did Ethan just become a Disney princess

  • When Unus Annus is over can we get a Chica Channel??

  • I love Amy's commentary. Usually whenever she speaks, she says the best god darn things. Also Ethan keeps breaking out into song and just..... Don't stop.

  • 7:58 hate to see you go, but I love to watch you walk away

  • *hi*

  • Marks worst nightmare the needle challenge

  • Make effigies of yourselves out of hay and burn them

  • So the straw bale you can find a farmer and ask how much would you spend to buy it

  • I’m sorry but that’s not hay that’s straw

  • h a y i s s h a r p

  • The best part of the vid was chica playing in the hay

  • is ethan okay

  • just put it all in the pool and then the pins would sink to the bottom of the pool

  • Doggo content: Everybody liked that

  • No one: Mark: ThE hAy FeVeR

  • finding a hay in a Needlestack should be next

  • 4:15 is chaos lmao

  • chica running in the hay was so cute!!!

  • Hatchet throw. Use the hay bale as a target.

  • Mark: are the needles open? Amy: yes Mark: *oh*

  • so, let's think about something.... the guys asked us to never reupload a video.. but the video ended and then.. Chica and Henry appeared. So we could technincally re-upload just that tiny part of the end, mostly because I need those images to live.

  • Ethan is next Disney princess comformed 🤩🙂😇

  • Ethan's singing is still better than the Mulan remake.

  • Watching the puppers play in the hay is my favourite thing ever

  • 6:05 Ethan's fingie

  • Eef is my favorite Disney princrss

  • sue mark for being better than you (lol jk yu both succ equally)

    • for anyone who doesn't realize this i LOVE this channel and i was joking so...

  • No one: Me dying the whole video because they keep calling straw hay 😂

  • Eat your cereal

  • Amy is the best part of these videos

  • the last minute or so of this video restores my faith in humanity.

  • CHICA!!

  • Thats straw

  • you don't get hay fever from hay I think you get it from eating certain plants

  • *Finding a hay in a needlestack*

  • Why do they have a nettledrtector

  • Wow they actually found it

  • "God help any woman you finger, it's a death sentence" is for real the best quote of all time. I didn't think they'd go there. But they did. And I love it.


  • I don't want this channel to go

  • Pls pls pls make a scarecrow!!!

  • Did this idea come from that one ad?

  • The puppy ending

  • Why is this monetized? Wasn’t one of the points to fight that?

  • Chica having fun in the hay is so adorable!