This is For FUN and NOT a Fetish

Birt 10 okt 2020
Why can't two bros just succ each other with a vacuum???
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Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • At 6:33 close your eyes and just listen to the audio........I'm sorry.....

  • this is for "fun" and "not" a fetish theres your alt title

  • People feel pleasure from this?

  • All i can say headphone users

  • "This isn't a fetish thing, this is just a fun thing!" Idk why this made me laugh so hard but I did. Maybe it's because I have similar feelings about something else...

  • our little kinky art project

  • He looks like batman

  • "COME ON! SUCK!"

  • What even is this video?!

  • Update: Ethans laugh is still the purest thing on the planet

  • I can’t help but laugh at how funny it is that Mark is pointing his toes at 2:56

  • mark in the trash bags looks like mettaton

  • Mark in the double bag looks like mettaton

  • Is this what I think it is... O_o

  • Is that the vacuum with the screen and the button at tells u the battery percentage and it has different vacuum settings like Eco for example?

  • 10:13 : when conjoined twins start breaking free from each other

  • “Nothing better then two buddies getting sucked at the same time!” -Markiplier 2020

  • It's a bodysuit of DC/MARVEL type of suit xD made from trash bags

  • This is cool

  • I love that Ethan looks like a kid.

  • How is it a fetish? I'm confused and concerned-

  • why is this a fetish? I'm not even kidding, like why?

  • This is one of the moments where being ignorant is a good thing because wth

  • I got an markiplier afk arena ad before this video and I have to say very in line with what I'd expect

  • Oh that looks fun, I probably shouldn’t do it though My parents will kick me out

  • I can’t believe I got a fetish video on my birthday and I didn’t even get to watch it on my birthday

  • Why did mark just turn into lord farquad half way through

  • @10:16 - That's how Unus Annus was born...

  • "It's a fun thing...for a family ... " Imagine seeing a family getting into garbage bags and then someone sucks out the whole air...and everyone is laughing...

  • i got an ad with mark in it before this video and i was so confused for a sec, like *is this a bit???*

  • man, these guys really are just big children...

  • the random hp references make me so happy

  • Mark is giving off major Lord Farquaad vibes with his hair up

  • 2:56 looks like a bad Photoshop job.

  • 6:38 unus annus out of context part 36493657

  • i bet that wasn't the video's original title

  • 6:35 now imagine what our parents think of us watching this without even knowing what it is-

  • Ethan:it gets very hard to breathe Mark:ya I know Ethan:again. Mark:....

  • Does anyone else think Mark looks a little like Lord Farquad from Shrek at 4:55 ish? Heheh

  • Why is no one talking about how adorable ethan was throughout the video?? I'm smiling so hard rn

  • the ultimate crime was they did it on dumbledore's couch

  • Is this a Vore thing?

  • 1:26 Marks gonna be a great father

  • ethan: "break out..." me: "of this place? hmm. why would anyone... wanna break out?"

  • This looks photoshopped at 2:58

  • The joy on Ethan's face is honestly the most adorable thing

  • *Reads title* uh huh 😏

  • Undyne looking a bit different at 3:49

  • Mark :it’s not gonna hurt Mark immediately after the vacuum turns on : AHHHHHHHH

  • Petition for them to get the real fetish bag things and give it a good *S* *U* *C* *C* *.*

  • At 3:51 Mark looks like Vegeta

  • At 2:50 Ethan looks like venom

  • I felt like I was watching Venom the movie at the end

  • 10:06 break out? of this place?

  • Best ending ever

  • Wow. Mark finally put his hair up so it's not in his face. Amazing.

  • What the hell kind of fetish is this

  • The moral of the story is what’s better than two buds gettin sucked at the same time - Mark Fishbak 2020

  • Ethan: come on suck! Come on! Mark: is it suckin!? Ethan: yea it’s suckin! Feels like not as hard as it was suckin you! Mark: yea it was suckin me really hard! Ethan: it’s not getting as much suck as I want! Mark: prolly because there’s a whole in the middle Ethan: oh is there...

  • Ethans laugh is so cute💕🥺

  • Mark with long hair is the best.

  • Why does Ethan’s head look SOOO BIG

  • I'm not into fetishist but I'd try this with a lawn leaf bag✌💗

  • *I didn’t know this was a fetish thing*

  • Am I the only one who thought the bag looked like a symbiote (Venom) when they tried to escape it at the end?

  • how many people think Ethan actually developed this fetish now lmao 😂 Also, why does Ethan strike me as one of those guys who likes being choked. My boyfriend is one of those people. Loves being choked during those specific “moments” and I feel like Ethan is one of those guys too. Love ya Eef.

  • what- what fetish is this?

  • This video sucks.

  • Plot twist, it might not be Ethan’s or Mark’s fetish, its AMY’S fetish


  • I feel like I shouldn’t be watching this-

  • So this is what it looks like when twins are born-

  • Ethan's giggle un the beginning is so damned adorable

  • Eef: breakout Me: of this place?

  • New idea: put the body parts in space bags and dump those in a 10ft deep hole. Boom weather proof body disposal.

  • I got one of Marks ads for afk arena before this Edit: no I lied I got 2

  • 2:57 Ethan The Frog

  • Ethan is like a kid learning fun science stuff. Thats genuine excitement .

  • Is anyone going to mention the pillows on the couch are Hogwarts houses

  • 3:09 Eef da frog

  • 3:54 mark lookin like a glukkon from oddworld

  • Why are they kinda roleplaying it makes me feel uncomfortable now that I know it's some sort of a fetish thing

  • Ethan: “I want to get the soul sucked out of me!” Just get married and give it a few months

    • jesus. 💀💀😭

  • Omg is that actually a fetish thing, now I see the world in a whole new light wtf

    • I’ve seen them all, but this is new

  • 2:56 ethan look like the demon of sonf from dark souls 2

  • So, where's the coffin at?

  • .

  • Who else just realized that's the dyson v11 that mark was talking about in that "will we go to heaven or hell" video

  • 2 weird new species emerged from the cacoon 10:12

  • Ethan looks really weird 2:28

  • oOOOOo

  • The Miracle of birth after death by dementors

  • Original Title : Not a Fetish thing Me : They are lying Me : How they fallen me to a Fetish trap ):(

  • maybe it isn't just mark who's the masochist...

  • Ethan found his new kink.🤷🏻‍♀️😂

  • y

  • Finally, an answer to how superheroes get into those costumes...

  • Alternative title: Mark and ethan escape the womb- part two


  • mark slowly becoming a potter head is my favorite