Can You Bake a Cookie from Cookie Dough Ice Cream?

Birt 13 júl 2020
Fools. We've been fools all along. Why would we make cookie dough ourselves when we have an unlimited supply in the ice cream around us!?
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
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Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • Funny video

  • lmfao why does the cookie look like dog vomit

  • Ethan: My body is disgusting! Me: *snorts in chubby*

  • Wow

  • I can't watch a single Unus video without Mark setting some kind of timer on my own Google Home.


  • Mark: It looks like some one vomited. Me: Someone did lol

  • There was a better way to do this but you know it wouldn’t have been nearly as funny

  • I really wish they actually used the thumbnail they posed for cause I was dying

  • Memento mori

  • As a Baker, this hurt my soul but made me chuckle

  • 8:47 Marks idea for a video and he’s worried about his pride when he literally just ate pretzels in front of a camera for a video one time Edit: Btw I f*cking love Ethan’s laugh. When he’s laugh due to stupid shit happening I can’t help but laugh too

  • I don't like ice cream it's disgusting

  • Remember that cough drop from marks gang beast video? He could shoot it that far and yet he cant get cookie dough in a container a few inches away from him 😂😂

  • this video is so chaotic i love it

  • Mark has five ovens and doesn't know that broiling temperature is typically the maximum setting, unless you have a crazy hot oven

  • Me trying this and screams daddy. Then Gordon Ramsay comes and tastes it and he be like: what is this no chocolate and brown at the sides and too burnt. What are you? A dumb sandwich

  • Anyone know the music at 13:20?

  • Alternate title: The Cookie Dough Omelette

  • Guys we know if Mark dies it’s either Nestlé or dryers is imposter

  • Dude I HATE how evil Ethan looks in the thumbnail

  • "Not bad, not good." flashback to markiplier makes creme brule: "It... _tastes_ ."

  • Why not melt the ice cream for the cookie dough

  • The reason that King Louis XIV of France would have chosen pepper would be that pepper in Europe was once worth a lot of money. It was so valuable that it could even be used in place of a currency. Granted after the Middle Ages the price of black pepper began to decrease as more and more was becoming available (though the value of the import trade generally did not). King Louis who reigned from 1643 to 1715 lived during the Renaissance, thusly black pepper would not have been quite as rare. Despite pepper becoming becoming more and more accessible amongst the common folk it was already a staple of higher class cuisine, and was still associated with wealth and power.

  • Me and Ethan have the same favorite flavor of ice cream :))

  • Is no one going to talk about the fact They made a omelet with cookie dough chunks in it..

  • I like how throughout the lifespan of unus annus Mark has become more of a narcissist who tries to make himself always right

  • boys are you tellin me right now you couldnt just sit ya butts down and eat a gallon of ice cream in one sitting? lies

  • Yo Ethan. Don't worry about what people think of your body. People are gonna think what they think either way whether your gonna worry or not. Remember that worrying just means you suffer twice. Plus you look fine.

  • This made me want to vomit.....clicks on next vomit inducing unus

  • Cookie dough trickshots

  • Honestly, it had the potential to turn out pretty good if they left out the egg entirely

  • i cannot believe they did this. this is probably one of the grossest things they’ve done together and been the most chill about.

  • 0:48 - welp, so much for 60% of all potential sponsors.

  • Actually, they were on the right track. Their 'extraction' method left much to be desired! They did need more of the cookie dough and I'm thinking that perhaps mixing the dough pieces first before adding the egg may have helped. Overall, I think that they did a great job at accomplishing their goal! Oma is proud of you!

  • Adding the egg was totally unnecessary, all they had to do was cook the dough itself

  • They should make a playlist of all the unus annus videos in order just for ease of use

  • me realizing that they could have let the ice cream melt and strain all the cookie dough chunks which would probably take half of the time 👁👄👁 (but then again that wouldn’t be as entertaining 😂😂)

  • We also blame the French for the state that English is in.

  • Lmao my google went off

  • don't know if this is harsh to say but fuck the evil, psychotic, water controlling, pollution making, soul sucking corporate entity that is Nestle

  • Half an egg it is

  • the fact that they did this during the global pandemic

  • At the end of the day, our guys here ate a cookie dough omelet.

  • When they said "OK Google" it made my phone pick up the next sentence... so now I know how to bake cookies

  • im watching on my chrome book and "ok google" keeps on coming up every time he says it

  • They... They know there's a pandemic going on, right?

  • i beg you to mute “google” i watch your videos in FEAR

  • At 14:11 it sounds like Ethan said it looks really good babe 😂

  • I live for Ethan with black nails

  • Mark: is good at math Also mark: proceeds to cut the egg in half-


  • Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  • Okay wait, who made this comment about Ethan? I will not hesitate to kill them. Ethan is S O beautiful.

  • "thumbnail" Me, checking the thumbnail for the 100th time this year: "... nope, it's Mark as a cookie"

  • They could’ve just cooked ONLY the dough balls. . . .

    • @Uncherished oh 😂

    • that was the problem with the reddit video they were inspired by there was no egg in it so it didn't bake into a cookie

  • What was the deal with the puppy? How was the puppy sleeping so soundly with Mark so close? What is the puppy's name? Did Chica get a little brother or sister?!? 6:34

  • why didn't they just melt it and pour the melted ice cream into a strainer to catch the co0okie cough and chocolate chips...

    • because Mark is Mark and it's hard to stretch that into a long enough video-

  • Thank you for setting my google off guys

  • Fuck Nestle

  • cookie omelette

  • My google ome whent off

  • Amy is borderline the proud mom video taping her two sons

  • Not ganna lie that mix looked like mustard

  • I love butter pecan

  • I think at this point that Mark's just eating ice cream...

  • “Fuck Nestle. Fuck ‘em. Fuck those water-exploiting, chocolate-exploiting pieces of garbage.” Guess who isn’t getting sponsored by Nestle now XD

  • Is there anyone else who this is SO GROSS???

  • Is anyone else bugged by how Mark did the calorie math completely wrong or

  • If you showed this to someone from the future and told them that this was filmed during a global pandemic they would ABSOLUTELY not believe you

  • me pretending that this isn't the most disgusting thing i've ever seen and enjoying the moment: 😀🙂


  • Why didn't they mash the cookie dough together?

  • Nestle: Mark: *peace was never an option*

  • i don’t watch my calorie intake bc i’m bad at math

  • I thought Mark's favorite ice cream was black raspberry chocolate chip

  • I just watched two grown men eat ice cream, spit out cookie dough into a bowl, cut an egg in half, spit some more cookie dough in the bowl, bake it, and then eat each others spit. *NOW THATS FRIENDSHIP*

  • But...but...I like Dreyers...

  • I wonder if they were trying to decide who would be black and who would be white and they based it off of apple watch color....

  • The great cookie dough omelette of 2020


  • fun little story about butter pecan, since Mark started with that. when my dad was first dating my mom, he would have dinner with her at her parents’ house. he decided he would bring ice cream over! sweet, right? so HIS dad loved butter pecan. so he decided to bring butter pecan ice cream! every… single… time. my mother’s parents were not impressed, but they didn’t say anything. he just kept bringing it, but one day! one day…he brought raspberry ice cream. and they were OVERJOYED. they LOVED it. but the next time… he brought butter pecan.

  • They posted this on my birthday lol, happy birthday to me... I'm closer to death now.

  • i would have thought they would melt the ice cream or something to get the cookie dough out but suckling the ice cream like a sunflower seed works to

  • I don't really understand how they can make a whole video just from this

  • ”Nice and cookiiieeeEEEEEE”

  • My google home heard when EEF was asking his long go cook a cookie for

  • this reminds me of the vomit cake that Filthy Frank, Max mofo, and iDubbzzz did

  • I literally couldn’t watch this video 😀

  • I feel like I'm watching someone eat dried vomit

  • It would have been so much easier to melt the icecream and then extract the cookie dough. But content? Am I right

  • I cannot believe they shared a container to put the dough in, I thought they were going to make one cookie each made of their own mouth dough

  • This was the epitome of American quarantine practice lmao

  • as a dyslexic, marks abilities to do math with ease will always amaze me.

  • This is the only video in the entire series that made me gag. But I still give it like.

  • I f*cking hate this video so much It's so disgusting ...But that 10:27 tho

  • Mark: Don't tell Alex Me: Don't tell me what? 🤣🤣 I'm so stupid 🤣🤣

  • Wait couldn’t you also just leave the ice cream out until it all melted then pour it through a strainer to catch all the chocolate chips and cookie dough clumps? Buuut this definitely was more enjoyable to watch XD

  • Easiest way to extract the dough would have been melting the icecream and putting it through a strainer

  • *decides to eat while watching* ... *clicks off three minutes later*