The Great Ice Cream Cake Race

Birt 27 sep 2020
Two boys. Two Cakes. One winner. Loser walks the plank.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
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Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • That is a lot of ice-cream cake to consume. I feel so bad for you guys because you had to eat cold cake along with cream as your drink. Im impressed

  • OK I just noticed the cutest thing. Ethan opens both the cakes and goes "Can I have-" and Mark immediately says "You can have the birthday cake, yeah." without Ethan even saying he wanted it. He just knew Ethan would want the birthday one and that's so precious

  • Weak. You guys barely ate any of it. XD That's like one slice.

  • at the beginning of unus annus they were doing fitness challneges and now they are eating an entire cake each

  • As a person who could never eat a single slice of cake on birthday parties, watching this made me physically sick.

  • They held those notes impressively long

  • Y'all are fucking amateurs lol love you guys

  • I really thought ethan was going to go get a knife

  • did they just experience sugar crush?

  • 10:47 I get what Ethan means. As someone with anxiety like the sensation of feeling my bare legs soothes me a lot. Idk why but it does.

  • 8:24 OWO What is this!?!?! Is this cream!? UWU I'll take all the cream!!!

  • I would've just gone for the ice cream because it's the denseist so I wouldn't have to eat as much to make it lighter

  • I would take the cake race challenge. With one condition: NO HANDS

  • Ethan: eats two bites and starts dying

  • I say let zem eat cek

  • when they post this on your birthday :D

  • *fucking sue you*

  • Id litterally kill for a cake to eat right now

  • Bruh Ethan act like he on something and I want what ever he got🤣

  • The ending 😂👏

  • I don't like how messy the way Ethan eat and I'm just screaming

  • yall weak

  • Cracked up when ethan said "fucking sue you" to baskin robbins if having pennuts in it

  • It was astonishing how quickly my brain just accepted and went along with the fact that Mork and Eef wasn't singing happy birthday when they said they would-

  • I'm more jealous that mark and ethan can get ice cream cakes in different flavors

  • Dumbass Ethan doesn't realize water ERODES things. Idiot thinks water's good for him. STUPID doesn't realize that he is slowly destroying his throat

  • My teeth hurt just watching this.

  • Why are they complaining about eating cake like wtf it’s cake you should be loving this

  • They should do a full 12 or 24 hour long video for the last one. It ends on my birthday so It's gonna be a good and kinda sad bday.

  • i would've eaten half of the cake and called it a really good day.

  • This made me miss ice cream so much. I wish I could have dairy.😭

  • fun fact. wjen pirates would make people walk the plank, the person would have a rope tied around their waist. This was keelhauling. Typically it's thought that if they survived they'd be forgiven of whatever they did, however there was obviously no surviving.

  • like Ethan, I also do that thing were I rub my legs or thighs to soothe myself. I typically do this when I'm eating something my stomach doesn't agree with or if I'm full.

  • This video was made at my birthday.

  • My name is Cait and when people say cake I always accidentally respond. This video confused the hell out of me

  • i dislike that ice cream cake. and chocolate

  • Honestly, the two videos from this day, Mark seems so tired and just laid back and like, I'm here for it. I like seeing a more chill and casual Mark. It's also fun that Ethan seems to go off in the other direction and straight up becomes a child when Mark gets chill.

  • Imagine if one of them was lactose. I got 2 icecream cakes for my birthday and I only had one tiny tiny slice and I died big time

  • Who else wanted a literal plank into the pool? Just me? Ok.

  • “I’m the Matt Damon of poop” -Mark

  • I really hope that the word they were blurping out was jizz, YoU wAnT tHe JiZz I dOnT wAnT tHe JiZz

  • Give the poor boy some water ╥﹏╥

  • “you just made a mess, which does not qualify as eating.” What I tell my 2 year old every night.

  • their last upload should be a birthday for unus annus

  • Me watching sadly cause the only time we got ice cream cake ruined by putting it in refrigerator a nd not in freezer😞😢😭

  • Felix natalis

  • Felix natalis

  • The video actually makes me want to eat that... But not really

  • Ethan always stops 1/10 of the way whenever it involves eating challenges

  • I could eat this in ten minutes

  • *me watching this while i’m also in a zoom call* *my mom walks in and i switch the tabs* my mom leaving: “i’ll let you get back to your studies” me: “...😏”

  • Watch my minecraft videos or will shower

  • There's a fetish in this somewhere, I know it

  • I want to finish every Unus Annus vid before time runs out but I'm drowning in homework :( idk if it's justified to download the vids then delete them

  • this was made on my birthday lemme cry real quick :')))

  • Amy: "I've already done the calculations, why is he doing maths‽” Shhhhh, let his engineering side calculate this

  • This is what quarantine has done to us, we'd start eating a whole ass cake by ourselves

  • The first time we had BR ice cream cake, I grabbed a smol round pink unicorn cake for my oldest sister's birthday last year. I think it was like an eight inch.

  • Ethan: I hate biting Icecream 😤 Me: *cries in tongue tied Icecream biting mess*

  • Ethan is like that annoying little brother we all love so much :’))

  • Thing is, if you gave me a day I could prolly eat that whole cake and more so

  • I love how when I was 10 I could gave eaten more of that ice cream cake than Mark did and only have problems after I was done. Now I would probably eat as much as Mark did and hate myself for 30 minutes and then be fine.

  • Me looking back at this and remembering I’ve eaten half of an ice cream cake alone and still wanted more

  • I couldn't do this challenge because I eat my ice cream cake a specific way, and I wouldn't have the time to eat it the preferred way. It would ruin the experience for me 🤣🤣🤣

  • Yo when Ethan yelled to blow out the candles on the cake it had me dying 😂 next scene you just see mark so unhappy of the cake switch 😂🥺

  • Stan the water man would be offended by Mark's degrading comments about water.

  • ON THIS DAY, OCTOBER 15TH, 2020, the dislikes on this video were at 666😊

  • i really want icecream cake now i'm gonna cry

  • You two are weak I could eat both of those cakes in one sitting and still have room for more

  • Ethan: it’s really nice when I touch my legs Mark: 😳 or he was looking like -_-

  • Is there a term for dying the same day you were born? I feel like someone out there found it ironic or metaphorical or something and came up with a word for it. Update: it's called the birthday effect.

  • 666 dislikes

  • My birthday video was interesting......

  • I wonder how many pounds they'll gain at the end of the vid 🤔

  • 2:04 I swear this could be the next big Unus Annus meme! It's perfect

  • I feel like Matt Stonie would be to annihilate that cake in under 10 minutes.

  • I think that ice cake is the most populor cake on iceland cuz i live there

  • Why does this seem like an easy challenge?

  • I have replayed this less than a second long clip for half an hour and can’t stop laughing at it and I don’t know why 10:13

  • *THE DISLIKES 666*

  • Lol, kinda sad it almost over.

  • This entire episode is painful for me to watch -sincerely, somone with sensitive teeth

  • 10:48

  • E switching cakes with mark shows the real in their friendship😁

  • I could eat half of it in 30 minutes and I think they could’ve gone further but don’t they need to let it like... defrost? Thaw idk😂

  • 4:44 Me: continues to chug water as I watch

  • See now I think I’d be able to eat all of that

  • his birthday is october 24, i only know that because its my birthday lmao

  • This was made the day after my birthday XD

  • Should've been a big triple chocolate cake from Costco, it squishes so you could theoretically eat more, but it's so rich that you would need will power to do it

  • Das a big cek

  • OKay but those plastic balloons? You cant tell me you didnt chew on those as a kid. They're the grippies of cakes.

  • Imma tell you what if I was having a particularly bad brain day and you put this cake in front of me and told to eat as much as I could in 30 minutes, I would blow through at least half while being on the verge of tears the whole time...

  • This video makes me sick, the last time I’ve had ice cream cake was when I was ten and I had eaten more than half the cake. I never felt more sick in my life 💀💀

  • literally NONE of their other videos have made me feel so sick

  • if you think about it any kid could beat them in this

  • 5:18 the sugar ideas are starting

  • mark: * visibly struggling to do math * ethan: * repeatedly stabbing cake with fork *

  • Welp mark and Ethan are the sin of gluttony

  • Does anyone know where ethans tshirt is from or read what it says!