A Bear Attacked Us in the Middle of the Night

Birt 24 ágú 2020
A quiet, restful night here at Camp Unus Annus.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • The amount of times one or both of them have died during Unus Annus is amazing-

  • Imagine being like “Huh, I wonder what that noise in the field is.” And seeing two grown men flipping over a wooden fence in a mushed up tent.

  • after all his flirting, eef leaves mark to die in their shriveled up tent what a heartbreaking story

  • this gave me flashbacks to when me and my friends were younger and we would make up stupid scenarios and act them out for like hours

  • The bear cam gives me so much serotonin

  • That's one strong fence

  • The officer patrolling the area be like: uh, there's a...a tent? rolling in the field...you copied that?

  • this entire video is just then trying to make sense on how to survive and just rolling the tent over and over

  • I-

  • Imagine just camping outside and you see two men dressed like anime girls rolling around in a tent and screaming,”The bear has a paintball gun!”

  • Camp counsellor doing bed checks 7:45 Camp counsellor: "Those crazy kids"

  • Ethan is giving ed vibes from ed , edd and Eddy

  • Why is this the ending to inside

  • The rolling tent reminds me of a jellyfish

  • Imagine smoky the bear running up with an AK-47 screeching *"PUT THAT FUCKING FURE OUT OR ELSE."*

  • i feel bad for the tent TT-TT

  • Two hundred and eighty-fourth video: Finished.

  • I wonder what the Boy Scouts feel about their secrets being shared with the world...

  • Imagine other campers who witnessed this

  • 2:30 ...abearantly


  • imagine looking out your window and just. Seeing this.

  • What do you do when a bear has a gun?

  • Heist with Markiplier part 2, Featuring Eef.

  • I have a theory... The thing mark was saying near the end, "We will rage, rage against that dark night," is something from an old poem about going against society and being individuals. Refusing to go down and die without a fight. I think at some point while they were running from this armed bear, Unus and Annus replaced Ethan and Mark. Possessed, I suppose? And I think that Annus is saying he doesn't want the channel to die. Because I'm pretty sure if the channel dies, they die with it. (I'm getting a lot of this from other really good theories I've read.) But also, at the end, I think Unus thought that they won. That's why he left Mark(Annus) in the tent to die. He thought they had won and didn't notice Annus getting so stressed that he died. Because Unus was just kinda walking around talking about how they could never kill him and he survived. or it was just two grown ass men wearing booty shorts screaming nonsense into the wilderness while a bear with a gun was peeing all over their tent.

  • I freaking love that Markiplier is moving with the camera swing

  • Am I the only one who can just imagine Amy hanging from the top of the tent

  • Ethan straight up left Mark to die.

  • Two grown men chanting 'Just keep rolling, just keep rolling, just keep rolling, rolling, rolling!' Will be in my nightmares forever

  • may annus rest in peace. UNUS IS NOW OUR KING!!

  • The owners of this property must be so confused watching what the people they gave permission to be there did with their time.

  • alternatively titled: degrading a polar bear while rolling away like a hamster in a tent

  • Mark reading to Ethan was oddly wholesome

  • Eef just automatically went in fake dead possum position

  • I love these videos.

  • Everyone gangsta till the tent start walkn

  • “Make sure you cover all important parts of your body” Mark proceeds to cover his nutts

  • Is “Castle” their safe word or something? Why did Ethan say that right before mark fell on him?

  • Polar Bears are the only animal on Earth that see humans as something to hunt. Other animals (lions, sharks- whatever) will only kill humans in 'perfect' or extreme circumstances. Polar bears WILL kill you if they want to. They can also detect you from past the horizon.

  • freddy out to get the king

  • Mark: the bear has a gun Ethan: the bear has a gun? Mark and Ethan: THE BEAR HAS A GUN!!


  • i feel like im in a dream watching unus annus videos

  • When you realize that your watching two grown men escaping from an imaginary bear in the middle of the night

  • I kinda wanna roll a tent like that now. But they're expensive and I don't wanna ruin it.

  • They do be looking like anime girls in gym clothes not gonna lie

  • “The bear has a gun.” “The bear has a gun?” “What do we do if the bear has a gun?!” That sounds like the setup for a broadway song

  • Imagine being a park ranger and seeing a glowing, rolling tent with voices screaming "The bear has a gun!" coming from inside during your night shift...

  • I watched this after a few drinks and nothing feels real anymore Edited: my brain fucking hurts after watching this. great vid tho

  • This video gives me so much anxiety, they’re gonna suffocate and die, break their tent, suffer from a heat stroke since they don’t have ventilation in there, there’s so much wrong here-

  • Mark: "HEY WHAT KINDA BER U RE???" BEAR: *pause and proceeds to existential crisis*

  • I really can’t tell that if this is fake or not....

  • I feel like the reason no one is talking about how good mark’s acting is (especially how he dies out of air, that was surprisingly accurate... I would know) is because 1. It would “outshine” ethan’s acting and/or 2. It would feed his huge ego and no one wants that. (I am not English speaking, plz don’t come for my janky terms lol thx)

  • I wonder how much of these videos are planned and how much of them are just improvised. Like do they plan out most of the video or do they just like have the concept of what the video is gonna be about and then they're let out and free to go crazy?

  • First few minutes of the video reminded me of Wild Kratts

  • Unus annus's last video should be something similar to 'a Heist with Markiplier' who else agrees?

  • Right to *bear* arms lol 😂

  • Me: *watching in public* Also me: *sees someone I know that I dont wanna interact with* Also also me: *Holds in smile while tryna not to laugh*

  • This started like an old kids show

  • Ethan and Mark: ROLL THE TENT! Amy: *rubs temples*

  • 2:37 the rat in the lower left hand corner. Did anyone notice?

  • 44magnum hard cast 300 grains. There ya go.

  • When eef was going over the fence I was like where tf r you going the I realised there was a fence


  • Isnt 14 hours military time like, 2pm our time? So thet would mean they are doing this in the middle if the day... but it's the middle of the night

  • Am I the only one who wants them to actually try camping with MINIMAL equipment and just vlog?

  • I genuinly thought it was going to end with them rolling the tent off the edge of a cliff

  • This is the best 😂

  • the bear has a gun? the bear has a gun! what do we do when the bear has a gun?

  • 3:13 did he say wait it out or wade it out.... ://

  • I feel like this is the pinnacle of their dumbassery.

  • Mark and Ethan: a bear can't get through a tent 😏 Also Mark and Ethan: *tear through the tent*

  • Strong Seabear vibes this episode. Goodthing they didnt eat cubed cheese

  • This wasn't concerning at all

  • Nice "bear" lmao

  • The bear be like: Ima getchu

  • RR

  • Mark: is the bear getting the mice to make suicide runs? Me: KAMIKAZE MICE!

  • Gonna tell my kids this was Brokeback Mountain

  • From a backflip to sleeping in a tent and reading together... what a story

  • 🤣🤣 there moving the tent

  • POV: you’re a camper watching the two camp counselors pretend to be attacked by a bear

  • 7:30 a baby in the womb.

  • The camera angle in the tent makes this look like an early 2000s music video.

  • Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Incredibly philosophical for people who are rolling a tent.

  • Ethan: "Make sure to cover all important parts of the body." * Ethan: *covers head and curls up. Mark: *covers balls* I wheezed.


  • Ethan disobeyed the buddy system at the end, he left his buddy and now they are dead.

  • My favorite part is when Amy was spiderman sticking to the top for recording

  • BEAR!!!

  • Mark in the tent alone was some Blair Witch Project shit right there

  • i’m amy trying to get over the fence with them

  • Ok so for people that don’t know Black Bear: make urself big and make noise Brown bear: crawl up into a ball covering ur neck and head Polar bear: ur fucked “ the bear has a gun killed me”

  • And, BRUH!!!

  • You mean a quiet, "restful" night?

  • 2:05 I love the 'shes a wolf in mouse clothing' reference XD

  • I'm just like they're going to ruin their tent doing this

  • That

  • Unus annus is turning into a sketch show

  • We all know this is just porn. Mark and Ethan do this every night. This time just outside. Amy is forced to record them just not directly. Why do you think they scream Unus and Annus so often?