Mark Teaches Ethan How to March in a Marching Band

Birt 4 sep 2020
What does it truly mean to be in a marching band? Today, Ethan will find out.
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  • 📔 😗🎺 What an elegant princess

  • I keep seeing comments about how people can’t relate to the having hundreds in band and I’m just over here with like 100 in our band and like 30 people in our Color guard.

  • I only took band for one year (I played tuba) and i got Vietnam flashbacks when Ethan put the trumpet down on the ground.

  • October 28th. I continue my journey to rewatch all Unus Annus videos before it's too late. I liked every video on my way here before but some videos aren't showing the likes. Make sure the thumbs up is blue friends. Wish me luck, brothers in death. Memento mori, Unus Annus.

  • who else thought eef was gonna get a bloody lip chica was best at marching

  • Me: Was once in colorguard Mark: HERE COMES A BIG ASS FLAG BUM BA DA DA DA Me: YES’s so true though

  • ethan looked like a school secretary when he was trying to backward march😂

  • i marched better with only 3 days of experience for a parade

  • hes worse than the incoming freshman at my school

  • well actually you can go forward, backwards (on platforms) and slidestep, when you want to go from a forward march to a backward march you have to either lock flick or stab lift tap

  • me during this fresh out of marching season: no, nope that is wrong you are not doing it right lol


  • i will personally come over just to show them how much harder it actually is.

  • I wish I could save this one video. My cousins, 4 sisters, were each in marching band in their respective years, and learning that Mark was in marching band as well I think is just really cool!

  • 7:34 Mark really did just fucking glide

  • the easiest instrument to march is alto sax, it's ok Mark you can say it -sincerely, and alto player

  • Band kids just don't eat

  • Damn eef got CAKE

  • Oh god, my marching band heart is dying XD

  • Yeah, us drumline folk are fuckin insane. Imagine that backward toe step but that's how you walk in every direction except forward. Needless to say, my calves are still rocks 4 years later.

  • When he said "theres santa!" It reminded me of the many xmases my dad worked as a santa at a really big grotto in our area, and my goodness, he is the biggest humbug, but the best Santa

  • “band chin up!” “pride” “how do we feel!” “we feel good oh we feel so good oh!” “band dis..” “missed” i miss band guys.

  • My marching band trip to Disney was canceled because of COVID and it’s my senior year :(

  • This video is so damn funny🤣 Edit: video of the century man

  • That markiplier gone meme randomly in the middle of the video made me LOSE IT

  • Me: what about color guard tho that was the hardest part (getting hit and crying) Amy: what about color guard

  • Nice video

  • At 9:01 why was Mark fading away the funniest thing ever 😂😂

  • Mark: teaches Ethan trumpet Me, who plays trumpet: :D Mark: teaches Ethan how to march trumpet Me, who did Color Guard instead: :D 🏁🚩

  • I feel so bad for the neighbors

  • Front ensemble: this is useless

  • Every other band kid: oh man this video is so relatable Me: *sad pit noises*

    • A former pit kid Having flash backs of moving equipment while watching this video

  • I play a red trumpet to

  • "I FEEL STRAAAAIGHT" ....are you sure about that eef?

  • as a flute player in high school marching band, the TRUMPET in the GRASS i- *gag* nsjdkejdjd NOOOOO

  • Help

  • When Ethan can't even play an F sharp and a G right 😐🤦 At least he's not like my sister and he didn't have to dodge trombones when my school still used them in marching band.

  • Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  • 11:28 Something I’ve never said in my life. Sorry.

  • I lost it at "im a sussaphone." And "here comes a big ass flag!"

  • how do is send this to my trumpet section without actually sending it...

  • This is my favorite video they have ever made 🤣🤣🤣

  • As a band kid with scoliosis, I feel ethan's pain

  • I wish mark was one of my band directors

  • When they couldn’t figure out what standing at attention was called 😂😂

  • As an ex-marching band student of 7 years, this hurts me. Lmao It's all too real. 😂😂😂😂

  • when mark said we don’t eat lunch i felt that

  • Mark: We march heel to toe Me, who had to march chair step: what bullshit is this

  • You should have taught him straight legged that would have been worse

  • Everyone else: Instrument at an angle Me a sousaphone player: haha tuba go forward Also ow my shoulders

  • "I FEEL STRAIGHT" and this is what I thought about myself till 8th grade

  • “There’s hundreds” *crying in 40 or less band members including colorgaurd*

  • As someone in marching band rn this pains me so much Especially when Ethan put the trumpet in the ground- I'm in percussion and even I know you don't do that 😭

  • Eef attempting a roll step for the first time almost made me gag Everything about that hurts my inner band kid

  • MY marching season just ended last week ;-;

  • As a former section leader, this is simultaneously the most painful yet funniest thing I've seen

  • Who else was hurt by how they were marching? Cuz this just flat out hurt what’s left of my soul.

  • "Come this way bitch" -unus

  • I am a professional trumpet in marching band. This whole video made me want to scream. Mark did a great job though.

  • I'm so upset mark didn't talk about 22 1/2 inch steps :( EIGHT TO FIIIIIIIVE

  • 9:07 WHAT IS IT WITH THESE. i counted 3 of them so far, two b's how? , two e's how? and markiplier is gone how? always with the same music and framing. WHAT DOES IT MEAN

  • I wanna see Ethan watch this back so he can see what he looked like

  • I got war flash backs from that one time a color guard ducking hit me

  • No one: Ethan: Michaeloon Walk!!

  • As someone who played the sousaphone back in high school. Everything Mark says about the lack of visibility is true. Screw everything to the left of the sousa.

  • 3:15 What's this instrument called? Me: Mayonese?

  • Mark looks like a concerned dad at 6:37

  • Being in the color guard and marching, this is technically correct in a way. Lol. I dont wanna get technical since the guard marches differently from the band but its always legs straight and heel roll to the toe (heel first then the toes) when marching forward. But they did do a pretty good job with the marching ngl

  • Somebody clip that "I FEEL STAIGHT!" lol

  • Ethan walking backwards looks like ET or something

  • This just proves that Ethan literally cannot be straight

  • Eef:I FEEL STREIGHT!!! Me: o-oh)

  • I made the mistake of drinking water during this

  • Stand straight, chin up, horn up . . .Ethan sorry but you really SUCK

  • 0:14 "whenever I stood at attention I always had my arms behind my back" *is standing at ease*

  • Title: "Mark Teaches Ethan How to March in a Marching Band" Me who has been in marching band for four years and plays the clarinet: Yes. Time to learn the proper way Also, I too was a section leader my senior year! Clarinet is in my opinion the easiest to march because you can basically relax your arms and no one could tell 🤣🤣

  • I had a pretty different position while holding my trumpet in marching band

  • I'm laughing so hard I cant even watched it

  • This really makes me miss being in Colorguard. Also, if Ethan was wielding a flag or rifle, he'd definitely be more aware of his thicc cake; if he didn't he'd have a lot of bruises from accidentally hitting himself with the equipment.

  • Who bounces when they walk?!?

  • 2:08 Ethan looks like that weird picture of Mark.

  • I think ethans struggle with his posture was that his back was straight but he wasn't trying to stand tall, he was standing straight but also crouching

  • me: [comes home from a marching band "comp" and clicks on this video] me several minutes later: [cries because everything is just so w r o n g]

  • in my marching band we say: "chins?" "up!" "chest?" "out!" "shoulders?" "back!" "BUTT???" "T I G H T ! ! ! !"

  • So this one time at band camp

  • I have never laughed harder than when watching this video

  • Imagine Ethan trying to do a box drill 😂😂😂

  • I use the rolling step when I’m carrying a container that’s filled with liquid so I don’t spill or when I’m walking on the ice it’s very effective

  • 8 t o 5 s t e p s

  • Mark should do a “This one time at band camp” video

  • ofc eefs ass tried to steal the show smh my head

  • I did marching band through my junior year then I had to quit as a senior to have time for college classes and a job and this is making me miss it so much :( Ethans knees are killing me rn tho xD

  • Ethan:Probably drums... Me(4th base drum at 5'0):ExCuSe Me? Mark:No, God no,drumline is insane Me: My rage has been contained for another day 5 seconds later Mark:Precussion, cause they dont March Me(Who played a marimba my freshmen year): YoU mEaN FrOnT EnSaMbLE(or pit depending on where you are). I'm SoRrY, HaVe yOu EvEr PUSHED A MARIMBA!?!?!?!?

  • I have had the sound from "Markiplier is gone? how?" stuck in my head since this came out...please help...

    • I'm sorry to say this but there is no cure.😞

  • I haven’t realized until now that Ethan (Unus) is wearing a black microphone, while Mark (Annus) is wearing a white one.

  • Idk about everywhere but my school we don’t have the top of the mouth piece at eye level we actually have where the mouth piece goes into the trumpet (forgot what thats called lol) at eye level so that when we go to horns up (when we’re ready to play) the trumpet is already at a nice horn angle (90 degrees above the horizon as my band director says) playing towards the stands.

  • Memento mori

  • it’s the bent knees for me.

  • I was in colorguard in highshool and this is 100% accurate 😂 I also played instruments too but guard was interesting to say the least