Mark Breaks His Nose On An Aerial Hoop

Birt 4 okt 2020
Don't let Mark's inevitable Unus Annus injury overshadow the grace and poise on display here today... by Vixen Deville that is. The same can not be said for Mark and Ethan's flailing.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • Wait, how did he break it the first time?

  • its to late

  • Why yes queen shit

  • 17:08 your welcome

  • 17:07 Mark OOFS HIS NOSE

  • I honestly just spent the whole time waiting for Mark to fall

  • Wait this is the second time......what is there something i missed or dont remember

  • For my fellow incredibly anxious people who can't deal with suspense... It's at 17:07

  • Why don't you put a timestamp in the description on where Mark broke his nose?

  • So this is how he broke his nose

  • It's Ethan's random mumbles in the background while they're stretching that let me know I would enjoy this episode. He's so strange

  • Jeff Bezos had to do this to found his company. That's crazy. I'M CRYING, good job, Mark!

  • I am... constantly looking at marks nose.

  • That small talk about jeff while she was sky walking sent me!!

  • 17:08 , in case you were wondering.

  • MARK U OK?!?!

  • This lady is fantastic.

  • does anyone else eat taco Johns or is it just a mid west thing

  • 17:08


  • I cannot elaborate how much anxiety this video gave me. Every slip or wobble from Mark on that ring made me clench cause all I could think about was him just completely falling off the ring and driving his face into the ground... that’s enough UA for me tonight..

  • As someone who does aerial hoop, and aerial silks, this video stressed me out soooo much lol (And then you add a title like "mark breaks his nose on aerial hoop" DX)

  • Why does Ethan sound like alantutorials???

  • was that cracking sound legit...

  • Ethan after watching the first part of the second set of moves: brb im gunna throw up real quick

  • 17:03 you can hear the crunch as he breaks his nose 😳

  • This was my birthday video

  • Guys, Mark didn't "accidentally" break his nose, pffft. He just wanted to see if his body could take it

  • The fact that these guys do everything with freaking jeans on is admirable... And silly, but still admirable 😂

  • This video gives me anxiety cause I feel like I’d fuck up before I’d even get on the hoop lmaooo

  • mark: i'm okay with pain also mark: *breaks his nose* me: well you said you were okay with pain so that's on you

  • That's my new catch fraz Queen sit Queen shit

  • when did mark break his nose the 1st time ?????

  • i hope a archive of these are made

  • Anyone noticed that mark is wearing a corridor crew base ball jersey

  • markiplier: I AM NOT A MASOCHIST!!! Also Mark: 10:53

  • i wish they had a thing were they had a one time special were we can keep this channel up

  • Why mark why



  • Thats gonna leave a mark

  • Can we just take a minute to appreciate baby boy Ethan screaming nonsense while on the hoop

  • Mark, your body muscles need to chillax against my eyes 👀

  • Tbh, it’s not surprising that mark broke his nose again TwT

  • 17:08 This is when Markiplier new, he F#%ked Up.

  • "are you ready?" "no" "oh ok" mood

  • The real highlight of unus annus

  • “Otherwise you will die.” “Yeah, you will die.” Haha more like you’ll break your nose

  • Am I the only person who noticed where they're looking? 2:50

  • That knock had mark all Stallone'd.


  • street corner you say...

  • Now he actually breaks his nose.

  • "i'm okay with pain :)" is the most masochist thing mark has said to date

  • I had this in full screen, and was really confused because I thought that Mark was the one who broke his nose. I knew that one of them broke their nose doing this, and I remember seeing Mark talk about it. Eef just looked really uncoordinated, and yea. Imagine my surprise when Mark broke his nose after I was sure Ethan was going to get hurt.

  • why do i see no comments as to the concern of the bars holding the hoop moving, that's scaring me

  • The whole time I was waiting for mark to fall off and faceplant

  • Even though i knew mark was gonna break his nose the whole time ethan really convinced me he was gonna break his nose

  • Vixen: be safe at home Mark & Eef: wE wIlL bReAk YoUr NoSe!!!

  • Why does Mark sound like M. Krabs when he does sit ups?😂


  • Its bothering me how much the entire contraption is moving-

  • People really underestimate the strength and pain that goes into these videos like the aerial silks and this one. I do aerial silks and it hurts a lot and I fall a lot

  • almost the entire time they both sounded like goblins XD

  • Was that crunch sound real?

  • Roses are red violets are blue here is the moment you all came for 17:06

  • Thumbnail said: die lit

  • This lady really jives with the chaotic Unus Annus spirit; it’s no wonder she’d been on so much.

  • Is she an Australian/American accent cause it keeps fluctuating trough the two accent

  • After reading the title my brain just kept going _Is gonna break his nose here???_ Everytime Mark got back up in ring

  • ah yes, my birthday video

  • I forgot that Mark was going to break his nose. I think it taught us all a good lesson that it's very important to listen to instructions, or you can get hurt.

  • She doesn't care about Mark's broken hate teachers like that...uh

  • Who else was staring😐

  • Am I the only one that tries to skip until mark’s nose get broken

  • One time mark doesn't want a competition he breaks his nose

  • i can't concentrate on what's happening cuz im just waiting for the imminent disaster that's coming:")

  • It infuriates me how they always, always wear jeans

  • “Did I win?” Like a pro. 😂

  • i love that ethan is the gymnast and mark always nails the aerial videos

  • 18:55 * dare challenge the mighty nose breaker?* I've broken my grandma's nose, fractured my own nose, bruised my dad's nose, bruised my uncle's nose, made my younger and older brothers' nose bleed, and several cousins and a few friends have been hit in the nose. * not test me or you're next.*

  • Mark: I’m not a masochist Also mark: 🖐I’m ok with pain

  • 2 injuries for unus annus, oh mark boobookisses

  • For anybody else who cringes really badly at people getting hurt here is the timestamp. 17:07

  • Ha Edit: I can feel a throbbing pain in my nose now

  • you could hear the crack 0_0

  • I legit love this woman's vibe so much.

  • he breaks his nose at 17:07

  • Girl: legs near nose Mark: nose Also mark: brakes his nose

  • I don't suspect ya'll to get it the first time, I bet it would of frickin out

  • 13:30 They slund like Adam Sandler from Little Nicky!

  • pause at 3:41 every frame of unus annus is a meme

  • It probably doesn't feel comfortable that they're wearing jeans and jeans tend not to be very stretch/exercise friendly

  • 10:33 i love how Ethan is like **sad**

  • Vixen: queen seat Ethan: queen shit Mark: *n o*

  • Can we get some boo-boo kisses for Mark?

  • "I could totally do that" - me, laying on my couch after eating some cake

  • Please please please try baton twirling

  • "No poop beneath me. Yay! :D" - Vixen

  • Yay! Fire glass lady is back!