We Attempt to Make UNHOLY Water

Birt 24 sep 2020
Can't have the light without the dark, right? Today, to counteract the blessings of our holy water, we create UNHOLY Water
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • Thanks, now I'm on the verge of vomiting.

  • We "AREN'T" a cult Pouring pepper into weird water and chanting

  • I legit gagged watching this.

  • Ok but what did they put into the cup at 6:12

  • egg white makes for good fake snot consistency

  • Are you sure ethan doesn’t live here cause he sure acts like it

  • Was eating ramen, and was not prepared for "the catholic church LOVES cum".

  • Unus Annus

  • Best part 3:48

  • Im fuckin sorry was that a stereotypical gacha demon bad boy with daddy issues that just popped on my screen

  • I say beelzebub exactly like amy

  • i just threw up when Ethan blew snot in the cup

  • i shat to this 😀👍

  • All I could think of with the whole carbonated cum ....... spicy baby shower? Lol

  • The gacha life thing XD

  • Its nice to know that something as far back as the dildo from video one made it this far

  • Vodka and pepper cursed and carbonated

  • YO LIL KIDS DRINKING WATER IS SCARY, i worked at a camp n was like WTF IS THAT NOISE, ethan's on point

  • well, this was the video that literally, 100% made me throw up. I had to pause the video and puke. I'm so glad this video will be gone forever soon.

  • isnt sugar the opposite of salt

  • I'm gonna vomit it was a bad idea to eat hot dogs while watching this video 💀

  • (1 Million likes and they'll do it, trust me.) Idk if I even want that honestly...

  • Belial, Behemoth, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Satanas, Lucifer Hail Satān Archangelo Hail Satān Welcome year zero

  • Okay but I seriously made the mistake of eating breakfast with this while Ethan snots into a fucking glass 😂

  • Shud have got black candles

  • Where did they get that book I low-key want one now just to have and scribble in for whenever I have a horrible idea LMAOOOOO

  • unus annus

  • this video is disgusting if i wasnt going to throw up before im definintely going to throw up now

  • this reminds me of when i was little and id make "potions" outta random stupid crap around the house and sell it to my siblings without super vision.

  • "unus annus is not a cult"

  • Momento Mori means remember you will die

  • Ethan: *drinks water to generate piss like the piss soda video* Mark: wait no- Amy: ??¿

  • HAHAHHAHA minecraft inventory pops up right as i ult tab from playing minecraft thats great its pure comedy unholy gold XD

  • I don’t think Jesus is very happy with Unus Annus rn😂

  • just some kids playing witchcraft and making a potion

  • Lol both Catholics and Mormons especially are all about having lots of kids

  • Mark: SnEezE iN tHe CuP Amy: Stop, get some Help

  • we love that they all know about cats

  • I'm watching from the most recent video's backwards and I've gotta say... I'm extremely confused by the giant pink and blue, paint covered, suction cup dildo that they're stirring with. Part of me wants to learn of it's origin and part of me really wants it to stay a mystery just because I love the chaos.

  • Why for me does every video start with ANNUS then it just starts

  • The names of the devil are bartzabel Beelzebub beezleboss

  • 🤨 they have water in hell? I thought electrolytes and dehydration was the last thing on someones mind in compton. 😂

    • Touché, im catholic take the hit and we move on to the next video

  • I love the editing here; its so frantic and suits the video and Unus Annus well, so props to you Diceroll!

  • Three words hot dog water

  • Looking through the comments for other comments about that gacha life character got me ded af. LMFAO Kinda sad I didn't see other comments about it ;o;

  • *doom slayer bust through the door*

  • The CATS name switch up makes me like, AAHH NOOOO

  • Isn't unholy water just water

  • They should have used water from a nettie pot.

  • Imagine going to a friend's house and reading this 🤣 not knowing what the book was

  • I don't think the demons want it-

  • Ethan wrote "Gud" witch is God in Norwegian..... XD

  • Mark: is anyone gonna be offended by snot?! Me: throws up at the sight of snot

  • I actually threw up xS

  • Are we all just gonna ignore the gacha at 3:13

  • 11:01 is that a sex toy?

    • Yep! Its from their first video

  • It's like mark forgot eefs snot was in there lol

  • them speaking at the same time has the same energy as that improv game where a group of people tell a story one word at a time and it just spirals out of control


  • Mark and Ethan just drank snot water

  • My favorite term for it is baby batter

  • They should've used the thick water

  • This was the first Unus Annus video I watched and I was like "WTF is this...", but I was intrigued and I went on an adventure (aka the ultimate Unus Annus binge from the beginning) and now I'm back here! What a long, strange trip it's been

  • Here, a list of the princes of hell: Lucifer Mammon Asmodeus Leviathan Satan Beelzebub Belphagor. Also Hades is from a different religion. In fact Hades is a kind guy so he is not satanic.

    • Also, you guys shouldve did research on wiccan/pagan curses

  • Should've used blood

  • 3:12 They know gacha??


    • Happy belated birthday 🎂

  • I’m so thankful this video will eventually be deleted ❤️

  • "The Catholic church loves cum" is a statement I was not expecting to hear but agree so hard with

  • shoulda done 7 things to represent the seven deadly sins.

  • Ethan bolts up the stairs like I do... It's a lot faster and a lot more intimidating if you're chasing someone

  • Mephistopheles is the devil

  • The opposite of a prayer to god is a deal with the devil, you mortal heathens

  • When they started blowing their noses into the cup I had to stop because I was going to vomit...


  • Let’s get to a million likes!!!

  • One of my favorite videos

  • That last curse sounded like they were seducing the unholy water.

  • And now its the devil...

  • im a christian and i didnt find the holy water vid offensive sorry for all the hate from the easily offended christians

  • Have y'all ever tried using a ouija bored. Definently should!

  • Amy saying that Mephistopheles is from Cats hurts me soul

  • watching this as a pagan is hilarious


  • cum so-da! Cum So-Da! CUM SO-DA!

  • We need 1m likes

  • I really feel bad that Amy has to watch all of that... and it’s in her own kitchen 😂

  • That moment when you're watching Mark and Ethan make unholy water and a commercial for a exorcism/demon show starts playing lmfao

  • Mark and Ethan: We're not a cult... Also Mark and Ethan: We NeED a RiTuAL! (While making holy and unholy water)

  • When they mentioned snot, I immediately thought of the neti pot. That would have been amazing.

  • Day 315, Video 316

  • I almost puked watching them drink this shit lmao THE SNOT NO

  • The moment Ethan and Mark started to talk in sync was when i actually felt I was in a real cult

  • i have a 4 y.o. little brother, and i can say that ethans reenactment of a 4 y.o. drinking was extremely accurate LOL



  • 3:48 If you think about it...

  • What's with all the gacha edits😂 p.s. it would be cool if they made their own characters that reflect themselves😁

  • the editors are fucking amazing

  • My name is pepi i love unus annus can i be a part of this?