Shooting Archery ON A HORSE

Birt 6 okt 2020
Today we learn to channel our inner Orlando Bloom while mounted on a beautiful steed.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • 13:44 Look at Eef's little wave!!! He's so precious!!! 💕

  • For anyone interested in horseback archery, look up *Lajos Kassai* ! He's doing traditional Hungarian horseback archery and also can shoot backwards while riding (as our Hungarian ancestors once did).

  • No one: The editor of this video: Insant replay

  • Alternate title: "Mark and Ethan Slowly Become Rangers"

  • fdhfgxhgfxdhgfxHGFHGFD

  • 7:12 woah now, mark, cool it on rhe death wishing

  • Archery is fun :), my favorite thing to do is shoot zombie targets, that we sometiomes make move, Ww be gettin' ready for the appocolps😂

  • Ok but actually its funny to think about how the people there think of them. Like they must think Ethan is the sweet one while Mark is kinda obnoxious... Oh wait. But in an adorable way lol

  • eef saying “breathe? how?” has the same energy as “grab with what?”

  • The holy title JORDAN

  • I desperately want to do this because all I can think of is Legend of Zelda.

  • Ethan quoting LOTR and waving at passersby gave me LIFE

  • So cool! Like Lotr!

  • Ethan: my worst nigthmare, accidentally shooting a dog with a bow and arrow Mark: what about a person? Ethan: *what?*

  • *mentally screaming at Ethan and to not grab the saddle horn* I love them so much but as an equestrian (I also do mounted archery, so fun I recommend yall go out and try it) it bothers me. Lol

  • I demand more animal videos

  • I love archery

  • For never having done this before, damn was that impressive

  • It’s been 327 days You have one chance Subscribe

  • I'd actually love to try this, considering my ancestry (Turkic) and how good my ancestors were at horseback archery. It would be a good way to connect with my roots, wish the virus could just die out already...

  • Im Jordan

  • They did better than i was doing, when it was my first time.

  • Jordan is the fucking best

  • Range Master: "I think we do horses tomo-" I MEAN "Yeah, they're over there."

  • *GO THERE*

  • 8:00

  • so many flash backs of when i was 7...They are learning what i learned From ages 6-7

  • my bday video!

  • I freaking love the lotr references lol yes Ethan

  • they made the lotr reference and i'm happy

  • The editing is wild here

  • When you get Mark's AFK Arena ad while watching an Unus Annus video

  • I’m Jordan

  • 10/10 boi

  • The lady that kept taking down her mask or letting it sit below her nose was annoying me with that

  • This would be so awesome to try

  • Sagittarius vibes ♐

  • She just looks for any chance to take that mask down don't she. Cool video though. thank you

  • You can't convince me that Range Master is the coolest looking guy on Unus Annus (except Ben Ketchup)

  • Mark Got Hustled in the archery range!

  • Merida is a badass if she can do this almost everyday

  • 7:56: AWW. Poor Ethan! XD

  • Ethan: Breath, *turns head* How?

  • I just want to say that last night my dad talked about archery and compared Western vs. Chinese. So I shared this video and the Chinese archery video. He didn’t really gave an opinion. He did ask about the time difference and who’s who. “That’s Mark. His hair grew out.” “That’s Ethan. Those 2 men are the same men. They’re the same men.” “YES. His hair grew out.”

  • 7:08: Oh, what a coincidence. My family was watching Lord of the Rings downstairs the other day. 7:10: Ok, what's with the zoom-in? I understand it's for emphasis to highlight Mark's confusion, but maybe it would have been better if it wasn't too blurry. XD

  • 6:05: ... That sounded kinda gay, Ethan. XD

  • " I recommend pulling back with your right elbow so that your four-arm is in line with the arrow". Mark: *Sniffs in approval*

  • watching this just makes me think of Meredith from brave

  • 7:12 Eef: Hi Dana Mark: Die Dana

  • Can we just appreciate that mark and ethan are both always wearing masks and taking precautions when they're outside so many idiots dont and deny the seriousness of covid and then they get infected and then : * surprised pikachu face *

  • It’s hard seeing other people live your dreams

  • My daughter is an equestrian (Jumping/Eventing 10+ years) and an Olympic style archer (8 years, level 1 coach). She tried out horseback archery a few years’s a tough sport! Y’all did really well for your first time!

  • Eef: My worst nightmare! Accidentally shooting a dog with a bow and arrow D: Range Master and Mark: What about a person Eef: *What*

  • At 7:57 Ethan really said 🧍‍♂️

  • Ethan’s shirt spelt nasa wrong

  • So, where's the coffin at?

  • 11:32 the moment mark said "HO, DICKS" is amazing

  • Can I just say that it's fucking adorable to watch them ride horses? I don't now if it's their first time, but it seems like it and I just think that's so fucking cute. I realize that most people probably haven't ridden horses before, but I started riding when I was twelve do this is just adorable to me to watch two grown men act like I did when I was twelve 😁 Edit: also, would love to see them try to canter

  • "What's your title?" "... I'm Jordan." Jordan is a mood

  • 10:35 hey we have one of those workman/toro machines at our house! Never ever seen one anywhere but in this video (and my house)

  • Ethan was strangely good at archery on horseback meanwhile Mark was better at the regular archery

  • are we all forgetting Mark took lessons on how to ride a horse?

  • 10/10 Birthday video

  • 5:05 Ethan represents Gen Z perfectly

  • I love how mark was just petting the horse for the majority of the time

  • Easily one of the most interesting videos on this channel. I'll be sad to see it go, but alas. Thanks all involved.

  • Why does mark look so awkward on a horse?

  • Don't delete this beautiful video 😭

  • if I was on Dixy (the Wight horse) I would ask if I could be one gallop and if I was allowed I'd say "Hi Ho Silver Away" and make the horse run XD XD

  • This video exposes how much of an Unus I am

  • Whenever Ethan has to make up a name, he goes with Tim.

  • Hi ho horsie

  • “Lord of Tim” 😂🤣

  • Mark is so fucking cringe in public lol

  • Mark: What's your title? Jordan: I'm Jordan

  • 5:40 Range master: Don't forget to breathe when you shoot Eef: Breathe? Range master: Yes! Eef: How? Editor: *how?* breathe?

  • Why is everyone so much more attractive on a horse

  • and it turns out this whole video was actually just to find out who gets the last donut

  • Owo

  • "Mom, can we get Lord of the Rings?" "We have Lord of the Rings at home." The lord of the rings at home:

  • I love how Jordan and the range master have two very different interactions with the horses. 😅😂

  • I'm super late to this one, but I think it'll be a good birthday vid lol For once, Eef won a contest and Mark didn't accuse him of cheating; is he ok?

  • nobody: ethan: “hello! im on a horse.”

  • *me riding a horse every day* oh ummn

  • I will be forever sad that my horses are too skittish to shoot off of like this.

  • 🐎🐴Hey that is my shirt😂😂

  • ... ... .... nitro: *crumch*

  • I haven't ridden a horse since I was 10! I miss that very much. Loved the adrenaline of being so high up.

  • why’re they both so good at everything they do?😄 this looks so fun but i know i could never lmao

  • I got the Markiplier afk arena ad on this XD

  • Unus Annus

  • As someone who horseback rides and used to shoot recurve, I’m terrified of this title

  • 5:42 caught me off guard

  • I question how mark goes to all these places and nobody seems to recognize him as markiplier

  • It’s so interesting to read these comments as someone who grew up riding horses

  • Eefs breathy chuckles at all Nitro's chomps 10/10

  • bro that wasnt a stallion that was a mare


  • *mark2702*

  • Jordan is the single most laid back person ever. He swats a wasp off his neck like it's nothing!