Transforming Mark into the 8th Wonder of the World

Birt 16 ágú 2020
The Pyramids... the Colosseum... the Great Wall... and now, the Mark.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • A LOT here to work with

  • 5:10 - is it just me or does he look eerily like tRump?? 🤔 (No offense mark l, you’re beautiful)

  • Why did the title give me gravity falls vibes

  • If you notice, the bits that refer to the point of the channel and hint at the fear of oncoming doom are happening more and more as we reach the end

  • Ethan in the beginning: talking Me: drooling over Mark

  • Don't worry Ethan, Mark is wrong. The Pyramids are technically not one of the seven wonders.

  • 3:30 did mark just predict eeftober?

  • i seen half of the title and was like "transforming mark into the 8th hokage???????"

  • i live right next to niagara falls so i’m like oddly offended they forgot that

  • mark as a cult leader would like have him as a god like leader and like pull a kool aid situation if it goes bad and like ethan would drive everyone else crazy and possibly cannibalism

  • Ethan talking about Mark: "He's humble..." Me: " *I think you have the wrong person, bud.* "

  • "5'8 fuckin piece of shit" Me: Listen here *bitch* 😂

  • Ethan is Rumpelstiltskin from the 4th shrek movie

  • Trust an American to take one of the only interesting things in England and shit on it

  • What is the name of this cult and how do I join?

  • honestly i think that that one nude calendar mark did went to his head a lil bit

  • Everyone has a birthday video. This is mine.

  • 3:20 He‘s 5‘8 I‘m 5‘3 I‘m officially shipping Eef with me not that height‘s important just needed something to make my claim that I claim him

  • no love for France, no mention of the Eiffel Tower

  • The reason why stone hedge is one of the seven wonders of the world is because of how old and mysterious it is, not to mention how hard it must have been to create without many tools.

  • "Unus Annus is not a cult"


  • Mark up there looking like shreddus annus

  • He is now a gesamtkunstwerk A gesamtkunstMark

  • Ethan strokes Marks ego for 10 minutes

  • Are you sure this was about turning him into a god and not feeding his ego?

  • *mwah* shef kis

  • Popped a tidy

  • *They build a wall, in China*

  • Mark becoming Stephano if any oldschool bros are watching

  • Two hundred and seventy-sixth video: Finished.

  • so you two want to transform Mark into a clone of andre the giant ?

  • Is he by any chance a ghost mongoose that goes by the name of gef now?

  • Their "serious" moments are cinematic masterpieces. I wish there was a compilation of them

  • Ethan sounded like Ebony Maw in his little speech at the end

  • ethan: “little 5’8 piece of fucking shit” me: “you little 5’8 piece of shit boy. little MOUSEY boy who crawls around in the walls looking for CHEESE”

  • hello lemon demon people

  • I love how Amy said *careful* when mark started saying they built a wall around China 😆

  • this is my birthday vid?! i love it...

  • "Mark becomes an Oscar"

  • Your gonna turn him into Andre the giant?

  • Can we talk about Mark's beautifully pointed toe and turn out? A real ballerina

  • “This sucks. This just sucks.” Mark Fischbach, but also Adam Driver

  • The intimacy and subtle eroticism of this video - “he’s humble, and he’s hung”

  • He was already a wonder of the world

  • I swear mark is a fucking cat

  • this is looking more like a cult every day

  • ok eef soak...✍️✍️.........oh the wall✍️....

  • Teacher in a few years: “Can anyone tell me how many Wonders of the World there are?” *student raises their hand* Student: “8” Teacher:”What’s the 8th one?” Student: “Mark Fishbach, Markiplier. The 8th wonder of the world.” Teacher: “Ah yes. The wonderful Mark.”

  • You can't say that Mark isn't a work of art. And you can't say that this isn't a cult.

  • this video shows, when Mark's ego gets so high and Ethan's so low, Mark gives Ethan some ego back.

  • mark didn't need this.

  • _Humble and hung_

  • "He's humble...he's humble...and he's... hung??"

  • golden boy

  • Did they call the Empire State Building a wonder of the world XD

  • Ethan: **Complaining about being 5 ft 8** Me: **Standing at 5 foot** This is fine.

  • Markiplier becomes the God-Emperor of Mankind

  • Damn quarantine did marks body good lol

  • I love how they end up highlighting Mark's bulge in red at the end

  • He's humble.....he's humbled and and a hunk XD

  • Ethan having a small gay panic before calling Mark hot- 😂😂✨✨🔪🔪🌸🌸😘😘😘💖💖💖😌😌😌💅💅💅🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️

  • The golden god

  • Andre the giant was the 8th wonder of the world

  • This is my birthday episode

  • Did any one else know they changed the 7 wonders of the world?!?! BECAUSE I JUST FOUND OUT!

  • Tbh, Ethan’s little mustache is kinda pervy looking 😟

    • I have the same facial hair cuz i wanted to look manlier (ironically the same reason eef did it) Took me a while to realise it looks dumb XD

  • Ngl mark could wear a bra 😂

  • Feet look unreal with that light

  • Again on: how to boost mark’s massive ego

  • Mark is so wholesome trying to bring up Ethan's self-esteem. Like Ethan, you're amazing and wonderful. You're adorable and funny. Stop putting yourself down so much. You're unique in your own way and we all wouldn't have you any other way. We love the way you are, so just keep being you.

  • Just realized how much Mark reminds me of Mirage from Apex legends

  • You know it's an unus annus video when you're actually RELIEVED that Mark's is wearing pants under the red robe.

  • Unus Annus

  • great how the great wall of china is actually not one of them

  • False. The 8th wonder of the world is king kong

  • To do an artist......mark is a perfect drawing ref. for me........j..just mnwa perfecto

  • at the start of the video ethan sounded like korekiyo from danganronpav3 😂

  • This just *RADIATES* Mark’s ego and I love it XDD

  • mark: whats my pose? eef: nipple cleaning :D

  • Ethan is lucky to be 5'8" I'm only 5' 😅

  • Alternate title: "The Real Identity of Mark Fisbach: Fuckboi Zeus"

  • what about Niagra Falls? o-o

  • Mark might have the face but we all know Matt D'avella has the biceps.

  • Me about to use mark as a reference Ethan: students of art Me: TF

  • He’s skin looks like trumps

  • The first thing that popped in my mind whwn seeing this was lemond demon

  • the inherent homoeroticism that is Unus Annus

  • 5'8 fucking piece of trash... Me too eef

  • This is such a cult and marks the leader or the diety lmao

  • Well at least someone else out there gets freaked out when people touch their neck.

  • alternate title: Ethan stroking marks already massive ego for 10 minutes (and holy shit it’s what he deserves mark is a gorgeous man)

  • surprised no one is making lemon demon jokes

  • Yo but seriously if Christ the Redeemer is a wonder of the world, markiplier could be too. It really is annoying that the brazilian government pushed Christ the Redeemer so much as a Wonder of the World. The Easter Island heads and Angkor Wat are much more deserving of the title.

  • "Art lasts forever." until you delete it in a year, right?

  • ah, the 7 wonders of the world. 1. Bass pro shop. 2. nothing 3. else 4. really 5. matters 6. does 7. it.

  • Fun fact: The stone hedges are actually a burial sight that the creators of the stone hedges used the bury their dead. I watched it in a documentary a long time ago lol 😂

  • Videos

  • 3:20 me every day.

  • "Strong. He is: The Golden Man. The Golden Myth. The Golden Legend. I Am Legend. I killed my own dog." "That's the pose!"