2 Boys 2 Poops

Birt 3 sep 2020
We truly are living in the future. Technology has advanced to the point where we can mail our poop to be analyzed by professionals. Wonderful times.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • October 28th. I continue my journey to rewatch all Unus Annus videos before it's too late. I liked every video on my way here before but some videos aren't showing the likes. Make sure the thumbs up is blue friends. Wish me luck, brothers in death. Memento mori, Unus Annus.

  • I have been putting off this video because of the title, but this turned out to be a funny and interesting video

  • Ethan sounds so much like Roger Rabbit at 12:00 COUSCOUS!

  • During that segment, if you skip around, Mark's face does not chanfe the whole time.

  • You know, you guys have done a lot of uncomfortable things for this channel. You've crossed a lot of lines and explored new terrains. But I have to admit that Mark's bathrooms are one place I never really expected to see. Especially not while in use

  • This was my birthday unus anus..

  • Ethan: "I felt very uncomfortable being naked on camera." Unus Annus Videos: *We Draw Each Other Naked We Paint Each Other Naked* "Press *x* for doubt." I can see how pooping on camera can be uncomfortable, but you've been naked before on camera.

  • I wonder how the editors feel about this video...

  • Why

  • Yep u herd the title correct

  • Funny video

  • So the way actual medical professionals take stool samples is as follows. 1) place a “hat” into toilet, 2) have patient poop, 3) take tongue depressor and get small scoop of poop, 4) place poop into “sample card”, a small cardboard card that holds a measured amount of poop for the lab; 5) run that bitch to the lab because if it gets there cold, we have to do it again.

  • I’m glad that they haven’t seen how actual medical professionals take stool samples

  • But honestly, it would be really cool to see if adjusting your diet would help your mental health. That microbiome is actually super crucial and it would be cool to see a youtuber test that out and see the results 💗

  • Mark is disorganized but he tries to be professional. He didn't bring his tripod and couldn't find one but he got good angles and figured it out in the end. Ethan, on the other hand, put the camera in the corner and started popping. They balance eachother out.

  • Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  • Chances are mine are all single digits

  • Mark: egg yolks are disgusting Me: finally someone who understands-

  • Yeah that's everyday life in a microbiological lab And those weird nutritional info test take a while

  • The editor must get payed a ton for this stuff on the channel

  • I watched this episode while pooping

  • The reason that app is telling them to avoid foods that are seen as healthy is because most of them have a chemical or protein that actually damages the intestines' walls and linings. this wouldn't be a problem if it would heal, but in order for it to heal, their are certain foods and compounds the body needs in order to do that.

  • Poop sauna poop soda poop poop

  • 9:45 thats what she said

  • I want to hear the splash

  • What a birthday video this was

  • i am a twice-a-week pooper

  • 2 girls 1 cup but better

  • Ethan: "Gamers, I don't think I can poop with you here" HeeHoo:

  • ew bad stop

  • Memento mori

  • Mark and Ethan should cook meals with the good foods from their scores for a video

  • i see thumbnail, i click

  • 1:07 I'm a one poop every 3+ days...

  • Why did I think of “2 girls 1 cup”when I saw this? ...the human brain works in strange ways.

  • i love that my birthday video is about LITERAL SHIT... could never be more proud.

  • It doesn’t surprise me that a lot of the foods to avoid were greens bc greens can be weird for your body to digest. I have GI issues and for me, greens are things I tend to have to avoid

  • While I was watching this I got notification from a recipe app saying "homemade canned biscuits without using an oven

  • This is like when somebody takes their mic to the bathroom with them.

  • I hate to see my score on this..... They'd probably ask me where I got sloth poop from. LMAO

  • You guys. Ethan and Mark either have the same shirt or share clothes. Ethan was wearing an anime shirt in the bathroom, and Mark wore THE SAME ONE in a recent video.

  • this is so akward xD

  • Mark: Three times? Ethan: Sometimes more. Me: * nervous tense, cause only poops every second to third day * o.o Is this bad?

  • I really don't want you to get rid of these videos. I have laughed more in the two weeks since I found this channel than I have in several years.

  • This was my birthday video, I don’t know how I feel about it

  • I've never felt so embarrassed for Ethan lol

  • The $#!^ I watch on youtube.... (*laugh track enabled*)

  • 3 times a day damn lol as a once a week person I'm concerned

  • Ethan did a mouth swab for Covid? They shoved a swab up my nose and into my brain for 10 seconds. It hurt so much

  • the jazz music when theyre pooping makes it more weird

  • I would've called this episode 'Poonus Anus'.

  • How the hell does Mark only poop one time per day? He's either doing something very right or very wrong.

  • Ay, ISchats Smell-O-Vision came in handy! I could smell the c r a p through my screen!

  • Me: Huh I've been having bowel problems, maybe I can try this! Also me: *checks website and sees price* HAHAHAHAHAhahHAHAh nOPE

  • What if this is a scam?😂😂

  • Alternate title: *SCAT MEN*

  • Mark: Calmly reading instructions and explaining things Eef: This is awful. This is awful and I hate it *shakes tube aggressively*

  • “You #### for us so you don’t have to #### yourself” wow that’s a good sologan. But where would you use it other than this?

  • The way Mark looked at Ethan when he said "I'm..sometimes 3..plus" 😂

  • Can I just say it's so weird seeing Ethan with a moustache? 😂 He was a baby boy.. Now... He's a baby MAN

  • Two Boys Two Cups

  • I was so curious what it would say for peanuts with eff, But maybe the questionnaire asked about allergies

  • Is this the new "two girls one cup"2020 edition

  • Watching this while on the toilet is the best way to experience this video. 💩

  • I choose the wrong time to eat before watching a unus annus video

  • I am u n c o m f o r t a b l e with the energy that we have created in the studio.

  • to make yall feel better,let me tell u what im alergic to and cant eat¨: milk (any milk products),oat milk, rice milk, gluten, tomato, bannans, mandarines, nectarines, cocoa, coffee,baking powder, eggs, squid, pork, and i think that might be it.ill go cry now

  • Two hundred and ninety-fourth video: Finished.

  • "Oh no" took me out.

  • avoid food.

  • damn... on my birthday... you guys shouldn't have...

  • Ha ha, "let's get pooping"

  • *I now understand why they're going to delete the channel*

  • i fucking lost it at COUSCOUS I LOVE COUSCOUS

  • Ethan: I poop 3 times a day Me laughing because I poop 3 times in 1-2 weeks

  • *a v o i d g o a t*

  • No wonder it’s so bad you guys tried eating a whole ice cream cake, ate only onions for a whole day, made cheese with spoiled milk...HMMMM I WONDER WHY? 😂

  • Why is no one talking about Ethans toilet? You’re gonna have a futuristic poop on that toilet.

  • “We’ve learned that this information is nearly meaningless to people who didn’t care in the first place.” This is a hot take, and I will save my $300 for asparagus and cheese.

  • What we learnt in this episode: Mark is concerned about his cheese intake.

  • Imagine if this channel was the only existing channel on ISchats in a century and it was what future people were using to try and learn what people from 2020 did 😂😂😂 It wouldn't happen since unus annus is being deleted but hey

  • Let's just say, this test is...poop!

  • Ya know...I’m trying to shit here... Fate doesn’t give a shit does it?

  • This is a video I definitely will not miss

  • Listen, I don't care what these results would say if it were me. I will NOT avoid all these tasty foods!!

  • Ja gut biome is connected to mental health, if Ethan got a boost in his microbiome I bet he would feel a hundred times better

  • Eating while watching this video was NOT a great idea

  • Drink some kombucha shits good for the gut

  • Alternate title : 'We know shit'

  • 5:25 you can hear the shit hitting the paper and Mark is just talking calmly. IM DEAD

  • Ethan you blep pooping 3 times a day HAH I tell you it's 5 times a day at least or nothing... I should see a doctor

  • o no

  • Alternative title: *Mark over analyzing the instructions while Ethan is very uncomfy*

  • I wonder how Ethan feels about taking a shit in front of 3.91 million people

  • 12:40 Welp that stare will forever be in my head

  • i wonder what it's like to even poop once a day, that must be nice. edit: i'm up to cameras in the bathroom and my apprehension has never been higher. edit 2: for more exciting facts about poop water, check out the sawbones book, or i guess you could wade through the podcast episodes of the sawbones show.

  • man wish i knew about this sooner! i had to go to the dumb ol' ER to find out i have inflammatory bowel disease. unus annus servin up the goods

  • Today on getting more uncomfortably close to Mark and Ethan everyday

  • 👁👄👁

  • This is my birthday video!