Judging Your Terrible Unus Annus Ideas

Birt 10 ágú 2020
You think you've got what it takes to make an Unus Annus video huh? Pfft. You WISH you had the creative genius to come up with ideas as unique as "10 Strange Products We Bought Off Amazon."
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • I dont eat salad but I still like croutons.

  • Yo I love croutons ajdodjiesm-

  • I felt the "life isn't fair" bit, I hated every time my brother used that as an excuse when we were younger.

  • mark and eef literally agreed to try pegging and sounding, respectively, and nobody's talking about it? 😭

  • Croutons are the best im with ethan 11:55

  • Ethan moustache makes me want to eat sand

  • I got a idea for a unus annus video like they should get some candy boxes from around the world like Japan Russia German etc anywhere like 3-4 boxes and try candy xD

  • I agree with Ethan and how dare you mark

  • croutons are the best part of the salad i stand with u ethan

  • Zak Bagans and Ponyboy Curtis are judge, jury, and executioner

  • sorry mark. croutons are better.

  • excuse you, i frEAKIN LOVE croutons. thank you

  • You can always count on Ethans randomness to make you laugh. Thanks Eefan.

  • 12:33

  • I don't like croutons..

  • If anyone knows where Ethan got his hammer I want one so badddd

  • "An island that you're not on..." That's probably my favorite line from Unus Annus nvm I change it to "I had already took the Raccoon in my ass"

  • They should have their brothers come to the show and teach them things

  • Shame mark, shame

  • Shame mark shame

  • lets give it everything we've got! ITS PUNISHMENT TIIIIME

  • Shame on mark croutons are awesome

  • Croutons are awesome.


  • Why did Ethan agree so fast to the uh... *stretching video*

  • Ethan is so right about salad and croutons!!!

  • Ethan is me, wtf he's like older me lmao MARK CROUTONS ARE GREAT WUT R U TALKING ABOUT he need to go to doc, get his taste-buds checked

  • The only reason I eat salad is for the croutons

  • 12:00 SHAME. SHAME. SHAME.

  • How about you finish Chica’s dog house instead of a dog bed

  • Fuck u mark croutons are good


  • I shame Mark! Croutons are the best!

  • Unus Annus video idea: Mark ad Ethan plays "Keep Talking and No One Explodes" but talking is not allowed. Instead, they can only use sign language.

    • Another idea; Since Mark is Korean, Ethan and Mark both sees who can eat the spiciest ramen in Korea the fastest.

  • They could do a jousting battle in the inflatable pools on the pool

  • Mark and Ethan make a treehouse

  • they don’t understand how happy i was when mark said johnny i grew up watching jackass and the movies are my comfort movies

  • Shame Mark Shame

  • me: i only eat the croutons most of the time

  • Hey ummmm Ethan was right about the croutons

  • "Croutons are the worst part of a salad." SIR

  • Wow Ethan actually went through with the neuter idea!!!

  • who wants them to learn dark magic if they haven’t yet

  • ( *I hate crew tons, especially the bagged, stale ones* )

  • 11:16 holy shit Mark actually turned down pain

  • Croutons are the best part of anything, including soup

  • As scary as it is that Mark could sell supplement pills tomorrow, I do think that people would buy them just to get as fit as Mark.

  • Sorry Mark, you're wrong about croutons 😁

  • mark really just went for nastiest fucking combination off the top of his head saying 'licorice and gravy'


  • I just went “pfff croutons are not a thing?” then remembered that I wouldn’t know bc I’m such a picky eater, I never even had a salad before

  • I love croutons in salad, Eef is 10000% right


  • I like how they said no tasting plant boring but tasting pumpkins o lordy

  • The pool in the pool idea, but they both have their own pools and it's war

  • Jokes ok mark, croutons are the best. I hate salad, I only eat croutons

  • "oh my god- d-die" -Mark 2020

  • I like croutons

  • crotons are bomb af

  • flaccid strap-on.

  • The fact that Mark hates croutons is strangely fitting with the anus suggestion cause he CAN SHOVE THAT OPINION RIGHT UP HIS

  • The fun of the video "put a pool in a pool" would be the act of trying to get INTO the pool in November

  • Croutons are the only part of a salad I actually like to eat lol.


  • Mark and Ethan try to find out what the bite of 87 was

  • croutons are the best part of a salad for sure they are like the pieces of chocolate in the ice cream

  • Croutons suckkkkkk

  • ethan is a ceasar salad looks like he as no flavour then u get in their and its tasty

  • Idea: Mark and Ethan learns Bio Engineering

  • Ethan: Life's not fair. My brain: That's a fair point.


  • I have coronavirus give all the prayers


  • Croutons are the BEST part of the salad

  • mark: who goes for a salad for the croutons??? me: ME ME ME ME ME ME ME

  • I completely agree with Ethan about the crouton thing. He is correct


  • I love croutons on my salad! Same Mark, Shaaaaaame!!!!!

  • i would eat a whole bucket of croutons

  • I wish life was fair. 😔 I love you Jackie

  • life isn't fair *squeaky sounds* Also croutons are amazing, all due respect Mark.

  • Two hundred and seventieth video: Finished.

  • I want a flaccid dildo/strap on now

  • At 9:24 I choked on my m&ms XD

  • I love croutons

  • 7:53 they actually did it lmao

  • are we ignoring that the Boner Pill Olympics is in theory sponsored by Del Monte??

  • E

  • Here's an idea Mark and Ethan dig their own grav

  • me eating croutons out of the bag while watching this

  • I love croutons

  • "But mark, you're the masochist of the group"

  • "Our relationship" *wait, so you finished your relationship* 😂

  • I also love croutons 💖

  • Mark what the fuck is wrong with you?! Croutons are amazing!!!

  • bruh i eat croutons by themselves

  • Why does Ethan look like Dennis

  • Croutons are good tho

  • wtf mark?? ethan is absolutely right; the croutons ARE the best part.

  • why was mark so offended that salads are just a vehicle for croutons