DIY Minesweeper

Birt 7 okt 2020
Break out the metal detector, because once again Mark has cooked up a new excuse to pummel Ethan with a dodgeball.
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  • "You're gonna go into hiding." "Like witness protection?" This joke was so funny to me i laughed for a full minute 😂

  • Big election mood: Ethan nervously and incorrectly singing You're a Grand Old Flag

  • *DIY Hurt Locker* I cri

  • I only played minesweeper once I think

  • Mark going “my nose” reminds me of kelso going “my eye” xD

  • im behind

  • 7:18 Come on and slam... 7:24 *...and welcome to THE JAM*

  • 12:33 marks final moments

  • Amy must have great amount of patience taking care of two children all of the time 🧘‍♀️

  • god the sound direction in this one is so compelling esp cause i'm high. but it really makes it immersive and dramatic!

  • I knew marks whole body was a nose

  • 🤣 can someone submit Mark's end scream to Jacksepticeyes "perfectly cut screams" please cause lmao

  • They are like me and my sister in this video-

  • they are adult children

  • Mark and Ethan being kids

  • Alternate title: two grown men running around screaming and hitting each other with a ball. “Don’t hit my nose!! Don’t hit my nose!!! DONT HIT MY NOSE!!!” “I WASNT AIMING FOR YOUR NOSE” “YES YOU WERE” “YOU CANT” “OH YES I CAN” “NO YOU CANT” “YES I CAN”

  • Don't just go walk in the minefield if you don't want to get hit.

  • Ethan's a puss.

  • I have no idea how I did it, but I overlooked this episode

  • Ethan: “It’s soggy!” 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • "HIDE YOUR NOSE...BETCH!" roflolmfao

  • Mark: "I am not a masochist" Also Mark: 9:52

  • Ill be satisfied once they do DIY Pinball...with themselves... RU FI OOOOOOOO!!!!!

  • 2:10: PFFFT! WTF, ETHAN! XD

  • 1:42: Tree mine!? Oh God! :O XD

  • Should've used the paint ball gun or a bb gun

  • Ah yes, Mindsweeper. I remember playing that in on the PC. It was such a fun brain-teaser. Good times.

  • HIDE YOUR NOSE BITCH has to be my favourite moment 12:16


  • the mark cam is on low battery

  • I swear...if there's ever a Dana Carvey biopic made, Ethan needs to play him.


  • Not gonna lie I wish that they used the paintball gun instead of the dodgeball.

  • No one: Absolutely no one: Mark: BREAK MY NOSE Also mark: DONT BREAK MY NOSE


  • They should just play dodgeball that would be very entertaining

  • which episode so they bury a lunchbox filled with peanut butter?

  • Thank goodness they didnt stick with "DIY Landmine". This video would have put us all on some government list

  • Ethan was definitely a theater kid when he was younger.

  • It’s been 328 days You have one chance Subscribe

  • If I meet Ethan in real life I want to tell to shut the fuck up.

  • And then markiplier, died

  • Literally big children. Ethan was so cute when he said " was one of mine" Someone also needs to make a crash bandicoot meme with ethan cowering as he's hit by boxes.

  • he was scared to get... hurt? No!?

  • Why is no one talking about the fact that someone tried to assassinate them with a fruit :0

  • Literally was talking about this game in my geometry class when this came out 😂😂

  • 9:52 Not gonna lie... I got a good chuckle from "Break my nose!"

  • mark: creates a gane where you have to throw a ball at someone mark: mY nOsE

  • Can someone pretty please tell me what shoes Ethan is wearing :) I want them

  • Ethan's KojiPro shirt 😍


  • So, where's the coffin at?

  • .

  • This channel is the wholesome visual interpretation of boys will be boys

  • Mark has the serious Dad thing... gets into argument with Son Eef and Momma Amy brings down the HAMMA! ⚒

  • “DIY mines” Atf wants to know your location.

  • this whole time i've been reading it as "minie sweeper" and then they said it out loud and i...

  • Heh

  • "you thought this was gonna be one sided?" "ye-yea i kinda did" should i be sad or think its wholesome

  • I bought bouth colors of your bandanas, and holy shit they are massive


  • Alternate title: Two guys play diy mindsweeper until it escalates to throw a ball at each other till some one dies

  • I like how it just to turned into a game of dodgeball at the end

  • where is that crayon rainbow thing from the fence again? i forgot where its from but i know they made a video of it

  • mark need too calm down

  • Wow Mark I thought you didn't mind pain...

  • Alternate title: Mark and Ethan Find an Elaborate Excuse to Play Dodgeball

  • I thought his shirt said Clorke

  • Mark: MY NOSE!!!

  • We really are just a bunch of kids on the inside

  • BB

  • why do i feel like a video of just them running around and violently throwing the ball at each other would be highly entertaining

  • This video just straight up turned into a game of dodgeball.

  • "May all the patrons be forgot keep an eye on my grand old flag." or the alternate version: "May all the painters be forgot keep an eye on my grandma's flag"

  • they should just do dodgeball together

  • “HIdE yOUr nose BITch!” -Eef 2020 (Also my new catchphrase)

  • The nails are just like like the Vietnamese in the trees

  • Get a green grapefruit. Squeeze as many nails into it as you can fit. Throw it in the pool. Repeat.

  • DIY hurtlocker. I about passed out

  • One day,this minesweeper become official sport or game,created by a cult themed comedic channel

  • You guys should play Battleship

  • Unus Annus

  • 12:16 Ethan saying that was kinda frightening

  • i love how smooth brain is a joke on all the friend’s channels

  • DIY Minesweeper? More like soccer Mark: _Gets hit in back_ Also Mark: "MY NOSE!" _falls over holding face_

  • Ethan at 12:35 The Sniper

  • I think that's how Mark broke his nose again

  • marks defensive stance is the Grinch pose

  • There just coming up with more and more unique content, that I've not really seen on youtube, doing it for fun, and on the side ones going to kill the other and it could be either

  • At 4:50... Ethan: “ThErE’s A bEe On Me!!! Hi bee!!! Please don’t sting me!” Bee: *gently flies away * This is the cutest and most precious thing on planet

  • His nose totally got hit, didn't it.

  • Unus Sunnis is just a vault of memories you forgot about you and your siblings goofing off.

  • Mark: don’t hit my nose 5 seconds later Mark: break my nose

  • I literally forgot about this game until I saw this video!

  • Any part of Mark= Mark's nose


  • Wait a minute who pays who? F*ck it just give it to Amy! XD 7:30 That must've been so therapeutic for Mark XDDD

  • Ethan: “He’ll never suspect it” Mark: *Finds it*

  • They shouldve shot each other with the paintball gun

  • Mark: Could be a tree mine. The vietcong: