Mark and Ethan Share a Drink

Birt 6 ágú 2020
For the first time ever, Mark and Ethan share a drink. A very special drink.
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  • "its potassium, thats it" me: ah yes, the thing that explodes when it comes in contact with water!

  • Apple Cider Vinegar just turns Mark into Ethan... Change my mind.

  • How are they not dead yet?

  • holy shit *beats air*


  • This for some reason is giving me acid reflux lol

  • "Two youtubers drink a bottle of apple cider vinegar... This is what happened to their brain."

  • At 9:43 what is it called? I know it's classical music but I've heard it many times in cartoons

  • Chica just like “bread? Dad is that salt? Dad can I have salt? Can have bread? Dad? Oh Eef snuggle. Dad?”

  • Ethan: "Share the load..." Mark: "Share the *loaf* ."

  • Bruh Ian from Smosh did something like this on twitch and he like almost died (okay he didn’t but he was sick for like ever)

  • okay, but why do you slam the shot on the table? ethan was about to explain that

  • My roommate is sleeping I'm so glad they didn't activate my Google lol

  • whoevers reading this, im about to go on my first ever date, and im very nervous, so im just writing in the unus annus comments section. god im so nervous

  • Imagine if people haven't seen the paper plane episode and they keep wondering why it says tak when Amy harrumphs

  • The way mark said hey when Ethan said he hadn’t eaten 🥺

  • It’s bad luck to cheers and not drinking

  • A real good Unus Annus always leaves off with Mark and or Ethan as emotionally and physically broken men.

  • Then they turn into Sam and Frodo...then this mom fears for their safety....

  • Watching Mark turn into Golem!!!!

  • That first shot granted Ethan the ability to see ghosts

  • Me at the start of the video: I wonder why this video's so long, maybe they'll take a shot and see if they get stronger or something? I hope it's not that they drink the WHOLE thing, how wacky is that - Mark: alright we have a long way to go Me: *oh*

  • Mark- “I’m just tough” No mark. You’re a masochist.

  • i take a spoonful of apple cider vinegar and put it in a water bottle. i shake it up and let it sit for a few hours too get chilled before drinking it and it tastes horrible and burns my throat as i drink it then later i end up shitting nothing but water so i understand how Ethan feels and although Mark is fighting it he'll probably have it even worse especially if you're body isnt used to drinking it like that. but it is really good for you like cherry or grape flavored medicine

  • I'm so happy Ethan stood his ground and said no. I was getting so worried. AND THEN THEY HAD MORE JUST WHY

  • May Oranges are the Apple's natural predator never die

  • Hi

  • As someone who has had ACV, this video made me nauseous.

  • They're over there drinking apple cider and I'm here drinking my fav protein shake 😂 the timing

  • This was my birthday video and I didn’t even realize it 😂. It was a fitting one for my 21st.

  • They definitely didn't have a good day after that....... 🤢

  • Nobody: Minecraft zombies when you hit them: 12:35

  • This one made me REAL nauseous but I watched because must watch all

  • Cute friendship moment *Amy asks if they've eaten* Eef: I've legit eating nothing today Mark *in a calm tone* : hey Idk why but it made me smile sm

  • The last 5 mins or so of this video were so amazingly dramatic and beautiful, felt like I was watching a movie about two heroes who journeyed through lands and oceans running away from there pasts and eventually had nowhere left to run 😢

  • this reminds me when Dumbledore had to drink that strange shell water thing

  • As a barman, I can confirm that most younger drinkers react like this to shots of vodka

  • " Psychosomatic. " *THAT BOY NEEDS THERAPY.*

  • "you have any bread" is Eefs mating call

  • See this is why my parents think you're a cult

  • So it’s not 20 shots, it should be 213.3 shots

  • eef is literally me drinking omg Its hot in here. No no water. Can I have some water? Do you have bread?

  • 10:35 poor chica begging her deranged father to stop 😂

  • Interstellar looks different here 15:15

  • Honestly I get this pain I did a ACV detox for a week (u actually lost 5 pounds) but it was nasty as hellll

  • Me deathly allergic to apples: I'll take 2. It's supposed to be good for me right? xD

  • the oranges didn't help because they're just as acidic as the apple cider vinegar.. 😭😭

  • at this point i'm convinced the last video is gonna be mark and ethan doing something so astronomically stupid they literally die on camera.

  • The lethal amount of potassium is 75-100 mg/kg

  • Please for the sake of me having to scream at my google home at night bleep out the hey google 😔

  • Mark: Is mad Ethan interrupted him >:( Ethan: Proves Marks point Mark: 0_o starts pointing at Ethan and smiling :)

  • idk if i’m the only one but this video gives me dan and phil crafts vibes

  • This is one of those times where im legit worried and i don't want them to continue. Like drink piss sure, get peppersprayed but dont destroy your health guys :(

  • Glad to no I'm not the only one that cant take a shot of it,my parents make me do it when i am sick

  • Limeade would be more similar I think I never drank but I've seen people do it.

  • Two hundred and sixty-sixth video: Finished.

  • One of my favorite quotes is from this video. ‘Oranges are apples natural predators’

  • “THIS IS SERIOUS” “a seriously good time” 1:23

  • i know i did not just watch a full 18 minutes of two full grown men drink half a bottle of vinegar and white bread

  • “Oranges are apples natural predator” -Mark Edward Fischbach 2020

  • Marks definitely not a masochist

  • I drink bowls of apple cider vinegar with my sisters 😅 ...after watching this i I realize that maybe were not normal..

  • Bread

  • My mother drinks that stuff, she hates it

  • Out of curiosity I tried to drink just a tiny amount of apple cider vinegar and holy shit they weren’t playing it up

  • I feel like ethan could be a really good actor

  • Twas a champion born on this day

  • There’s such thing as Potassium overdose and it can kill. WELL HAVE FUN, KIDS

  • rapping ethen you go

  • I don’t understand I can drink a cup and I’m fine is it really that bad? It their rotten?

  • Alternative title: Two grown men join forces to completely and utterly demolish the enamel layer They m i g h t have to do another DIY teeth video after this

  • they set off my google

  • U didnt even toast the bread

  • I'ma keep it real with y'all when my mother was drinking some of it every once in a while because of her acid indigestion I used to mix some of this with a ginger-ale just a little bit and yes it's no kind of like feet but holy shit does it taste good if you mix it with something that dilutes it

  • you make Alex Ernst proud

  • You know maybe it's a good thing Mark can't drink for real

  • This episode of Unus Annus is sorely lacking the "Don't Try This at Home" disclaimer

  • The thing about actual drinks is that you start to not taste it the more you drink. Apple Cider Vinegar does not have the effect lmao.

  • Ethan "That burns more than a shot of.. pretty much anything." fluoroantimonic acid: "Let me introduce myself...."

  • mark and ethan: literally about to vomit me with severe emetophobia: heh 😃i’m 😃in 😃danger 😃

  • 𝙒𝙃𝙔 Aren't they diluting it with 𝙒𝘼𝙏𝙀𝙍??? 𝙨𝙝𝙛𝙞𝙞𝙧𝙗𝙖𝙜𝙬

  • Ethan was drunk after his first shot

  • Ethan talking about his first kiss and needing to ask the girl if she ate peanuts or not just reminds me of my friend who is allergic to chocolate. Just because he has to the same thing whenever he is in a relationship.

  • In case anyone didn't know having way too much potassium is actually very dangerous and can stop your heart just as much as not having enough

  • They shoulda drank some thx weed drink thing

  • That ending was very dope

  • What a journey! It made me feel sick, and then by the end I was completely wrapped inside what turned out to be an emotional deconstruction. It was the peeling away of sunburned skin, exposing an almost healing type of vulnerability. Friends, brothers, vinegar... Bravo!

  • Oh holy night! Just watching this made me feel physically sick LOL

  • this video is good for hydrating me because I drink water for them

  • Heads up to anyone who mighy try this: too much potassium will relax your muscles to the point of your heart failing to beat. Sodium helps your muscles contract while potassium relaxes them. Please be careful.

  • I have Apple Cider Vinegar. I have shot glasses. I have no self control. You know what I’m going to do.

    • UPDATE 2: I had a few more. Your stomach really does start to hurt after a while. Final Rating: 8/10 -would drink again

    • UPDATE: Not that anyone cares but I did it. It really wasn’t that bad. Kinda like kombucha. I think I liked it? I’m gonna do it again? Somebody stop me?

  • "Where do I go from here?" *camera zooms on Go To Hell shot glass*

  • Ethan is so psychosomatic it’s unbelievable

  • Too much of apple cider vinegar can kill u 😦 if it’s not diluted

  • Ethan’s swinging motions is my daily dose of serotonin

  • As a kid I remember chugging a large McDonald's cup of white vinegar and as soon as i was done i ran to the bathroom to puke..... I cant even smell vinegar or I'll get nauseous

  • Me, who had gallbladder stones and ended up getting my gallbladder removed: *slowly grins when I see apple cider vinegar* I am... Actually... The CEO.. of the company.

    • Btw apple cider vinegar and apple juice does wonders! (Fill about a cm of ACV and a small cup of apple juice) it helps pain (depending on the cause)

  • You guys need to eat more damn 😂

  • At first I thought this was a bite. (It was not)

  • This video made me dunk a vinegar shot uh...OOF.