How Far Can We Chuck a 16lbs Rock?

Birt 10 sep 2020
The Shot Put is the Rolls Royce of Track and Field events. It's the one that everyone screams for. You love it. We love it. Let's Put some Shots!
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  • Mark and Ethan signed 1000 holographic, Goddus Annus Posters! Check the link in the description and grab one if your heart so desires >:)

    • My poster has a tiny box tim signed on it. Is this a rare one?

    • Is amy ok

    • make a beanis annus id be awesome

    • Mine arrived today, it's so cool 😍

    • It does not Love you guys

  • As a track thrower I’m so scared of Ethan getting hurt

  • ahhhhh Army

  • Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  • That little scream Amy did at the end... ♥️

  • My science teacher to explain gravity brought in a shot put on held out and just dropped it next to me. Freaked me out.

  • Shot put, the one sport I ever participated in at any level.

  • Totally off topic, but I swear Ethan always has the coolest shoes.

  • "Here's the shotput world record!" ...editors?

  • This is the second time Amy has died... Damn you MatPat for making me read something deep and cultish into this obvious joke

  • Here’s the shock put record *mark poses as no info is givin*

  • I love going through my watch history and seing every single unus annus video watched.

  • I did shotput and every time I see Ethan use his wrist I full body cringe😖

  • 12:03 this is the best part in the whole video. i laughed so hard and it is 4 in the morning!

  • Everybody knows God is at a perfect 45 degree angle

  • Ethan x Benjamin ketchup is my new otp

  • kill the nazi, kill the nazi- Ethan Mark Nestor-Darling 2020

  • i love how mark acts like a proud father whenever eef does something good

  • 9:40 “is this my happy face” every athlete and performer felt that

  • Just gonna say that the iron ball is called a "shot" and throwing it is called "putting" it....

  • god is at a perfect 45 degree angle... everyone knows this

  • Memento mori

  • Instead of saying omg (oh my God), we say omlbk (oh my Lord benjamin ketchup) and instead of God we say lbk :)

  • As a former shot putter and former shot put coach... this video... lol

  • 9:42- 10:02 gave me flashbacks of my track meets

  • Put it right next to my chin, and kill a nazi, kill a nazi, kill a nazi.

  • mark why did you bend your knee like that when you punched lmao

  • Dunno but in german it's Kugelstoßen and stoßen kinda implies you're pushing it rather than throwing and I guess that's the point your arm is supposed to be a spring pushing it forward not a sling that throws it

    • Oh lol that's what he says right around 11:45

  • Ethans little “kill a nazi kill a nazi” was so fucking funny

  • Huck it Yeet it Yuck it Flick it Chuck it *Bop it*

  • So... this is my birthday Unus Annus 😊

  • Ethan makes out with Benjamin ketchup but no homo tho

  • all i can hear in my head is my track and field coach screaming ‘elbows out!! elbows out!!’

  • Technically you shouldn’t “throw” it, you should push it

  • Ethan's form made me 👁👄👁

  • Making out with Benjamin Ketchup helped

  • Ethan making out with Benjamin ketchup made me laugh way harder than I should have, like he just fuckin went for it 😂😏

  • 5:37 I just finished watching a thing on the Bismarck and Hood. I don’t know what this means, but I think Mark knew what I was doing 40 days before I actually did it

  • all i'm saying is discus is better.

  • I love Coach Mark already

  • Three hundred and first video: Finished.

  • unus annus. bullying elastigirl since 2020.

  • 7:00 IS HE SAYING "kill a nazi" ????

  • Amy’s total trust in Mark is adorable

  • I think the circle is a bit bigger than that youtube floaty but whatever

  • Before I even knew what Unus Annus was my entire for you page on tiktok was using the ''kill a nazi'' audio. And I think that's pretty cool.

  • As someone who immediately recognized Benajamin Ketchup, I sincerely wonder What The Fuck new people thought when they saw Mark bring out Benjamin ketchup.

  • I threw shot-put (31ft best distance) and discus(113ft best distance)in high school was doing GR EA T until they were like now spin with it🌝✨ and I had to simply decline🤍🤍

  • 12:03 hawow was not ready for that

  • my gym teacher explained it as ""putting" the "shot" over there"

  • Nobody said anything about Ethan's anime girl fall?!

  • I feel like mark would be a good teacher

  • mark is being so nice to ethan in this video

  • Forward.... _forward_

  • Seeing Mark and Ethan actually learn together and Mark trying to help even improve is really sweet

  • Aa a shotput thrower of 10 years your guys' throws physically hurt me 😭😂

  • 8:45 is literally just video of my dad helping me with something and my dumbass doesnt get what hes saying so he gets annoyed with me.

  • I've noticed that every time the countdown comes on at the start I chant along with 😁

  • mark being the shot put hype man behind eef 👌🏾👌🏾

  • I was impressed with Ethan's first try, until I realized the moving camera made it look longer. 😂 I suppose chucking a 7kg ball for 5 meters is still pretty good from someone who just started? Then again, neither of them really got anywhere close to 70 feet (21 m) which is the average world level. :D

  • Betty: 👋 Me: 👋😄

  • Unus Annus

  • This is my birthday video! Quite pleased with it to be honest. Not a shot putter myself, my friend is, I’m a sprinter. But yeah, cool!

  • Mark is math.

  • the ad for this video was for german ww2 memorabilia lmao

  • that i'm learning this is a sport from unus annus really speaks to my priorities in life and i don't know if i like the implications

  • So, moral of the story? Elastigirl is a nazi


  • 12:04 is the funniest thing i have ever seen (I CONNOT BREATH)

  • The look of pure bliss on Ethan's face when Mark put his hands on his hands to help with his form lmao

  • only the second time amy has died

  • This is bringing back memories of discus and javelin throwing in 5th grade. Oh God, why did they give 11 year olds the equivalent of spears and tell us to throw them at the sheep.

  • This was my birthday video (the reason I'm so late is that I came in late and I am desperately trying to catch up, anyways) and this was the best birthday present ever! Even Benjamin Ketchup made an appearance!!!!

  • man this took me back to my 7th grade days throwin like 39

  • Day thirty *four* ... It has been (at least) a month and four days since I went on this quest, and as they keep uploading, I keep catching up, I'm slowly coming to an end, and as is Unus Annus, as I said on day one, this is my last time seeing the history of Unus Annus, they had a good start, a rough experience with the start of 2020 but they made it good, and with the comeback that was Pee Sauna they kept getting better. Soon I will stop re-watching Unus Annus and catch up with time... See you soon, Memento Mori Unus Annus 30 days left... oh shit 😐

  • "So this is...we're gonna call her..." Me: Betty. Mark: Betty. 👀

  • my sports teacher always taught us "clean hand, dirty face" and to balance the ball with your fingers not your palm, and flick with your fingers when you throw

  • Where was Mark's explanation of throwing when I was in track? We only had one coach for all of the events, and he couldn't really teach everything at once.

  • Aha it’s cute how Amy genuinely trusts Mark. So cute. Haha

  • Wait are the rules or what not for shot put different in other places (Australia)? Because I remember not having a tiny circle but a huge one. I honestly have no clue, I’m probably completely wrong. Haha oh well

  • My mother played shotput in high-school and always trained with Male shotputs so when she threw in the Female tournaments she would throw farther than the rest of the girls 😂 she still has a hell of a throw

  • “I put it close to my chin, and I kill a nazi” 😂😂

  • I love Marks WW2 story

  • i'm very new to danganronpa and only know about the stuff from the 1st, so figuring out how rantaro died because of these comments upsets me. i like him a lot.

  • RIP Amy

  • This is a concerning, and flawed, rendition of shotput...

  • i love big brother mark

  • 🔴---------->>>>>🚩Unus Annus🔴---------->>>>🚩

  • As a field athlete, this hurts. It's hilarious, but it hurts haha.

  • I've been a babysitter for almost ten years, I'm the oldest of 4 kids, and I'm studying to be a teacher, but dear God, I've NEVER felt the urge to give someone a hug and a pep talk as hard as I did when Ethan was stressing out during this video. Also, Mark did such a great job at helping him out oh my god

  • i love this duo so much when they put smiles on eachothers faces i start to tear up

  • ethan making out with benjamin ketchup and then proceeding to snap his neck is... so bizarre on so many levels

  • Does anyone know the name of the shirt Mark is wearing

  • i think every danganronpa fan is scared of this video

  • Mark-" I can get you to 25, maybe 30" Ethan-"Can I get to the states!?" Mark-" NO!! THEY THROW LIKE 70!!"

  • I throw shot and the whole time I was so worried Ethan was gonna get hurt cuz Mark didn't correct his first throw. Me watching: Ooo cool- ETHAN NOO WATCH YOUR ELBOW, THAT'LL HURT

  • 12:47 You’re welcome.

  • it's putting. It's a shot put and you putt it not chuck or throw.

  • I might just be dumb and think that there can only be one high school name, like no high schools with the same name, but when Mark said ”This is for you, Eisenhower(most likely not spelled correctly)” I got confused because the only Eisenhower I know exists is in Illinois and I don't think Mark has ever lived/visited where I live

  • The only time I threw Shotput was in 8th grade and my farthest throw was 23 feet. Which was pretty good considering that was the first year I've ever done something like that and I set that record in our second meet which was only around 3-4 weeks of practice with 3-4 days of practice a week. I always skipped and threw and I remember I almost fell out of the ring one time but saved myself and almost twisted my angle😂 Thankfully I didn't because that was my first try.