Mark Teaches Ethan to Wrestle

Birt 28 sep 2020
Two sweaty men step inside the ring. Only one may leave. Probably the guy who's wrestled before.
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Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • Why is it THIS one? Why is it THIS Unus Annus video that makes me the most uncomfortable?

  • 8:35 Mics: *picks up noise Subtitles: *(Wrestling)*

  • 9:56 did anyone else think Ethan's leg looked kinda broken in this part

  • mark wrestling: in a singlet, has technique ethan wrestling: *gargling goblin noises*

  • 5:40 is crouching in almost every indie game

  • AT THE VERY END MY FIGHT OR FLIGHT LEGITIMATELY ACTIVATED HOLY FUCK Also like I know Mark is always like "shut up eef" and they're both like "you're annoying" but when they ACTUALLY want to teach the other something or the other is frustrated/stressed/etc. they're genuinely very understanding and encouraging to each other and I am HERE for that POSITIVE FRIENDSHIP DYNAMIC

  • I just realised mark's foot thing that he does(where he can bend them far out) would really help him in wrestling

  • Mark is a FORCE to be reckoned with! At least against Ethan haha

  • It looks fun, but this whole time I'm thinking "It'd be much easier to destabilize them by headbutting them..." I know that's not the point, though. I'll start with boxing training, then move to kickboxing. Though, I hear that headbutting is also frowned upon there...

  • Aww they’re hugging

  • I did wrestling in grade 6 and i was shit and this reminds me of how shit i was

  • Unus Annus

  • Three hundred and nineteenth video: Finished.

  • Normal Wrestlers: starving themselves before a meet Mark and Ethan: Eat 5 lbs of cake

  • We not finna y’all about how Ethan farted in marks face when he lifted him and he didn’t say nothin

  • Those sounds coming from Ethan lmao

  • “I’ve got him on the ropes folks” - Ethan, after making mistakes and giggling and Mark has him basically pinned

  • I LOVE WRESTLING!!! Especially college wrestling!!! If I could keep any Unus Annus video this would be it!

  • 9:52 look at ethans legs

  • Mark: I'm gonna go slow Also Mark: pounces

  • Alternate title: Ethan tries to choke Mark but ends up making unintelligible commentary

  • OASIS!! OASIS!!!


  • Mark just looks like a dad trying to teach there kid anything without hurting them.


  • sorry to be *that* bitch.... but this is attractive to me. like sure the fact that Mark is doing all these things, and hes all big and strong type stuff.. but also the fact that hes allowing time to learn, going slow, and assisting when needed.. that just find that attractive in him. okay thanks bye..

  • NGL I really liked the dramatic music

  • Looks fun

  • Came back too find that this was my birthday video! Glad it was to be honest. Momento Mori, Unus Annus.

  • ohh this is hilarious and painful to watch XD and a little awkward

  • I wrestle and I want mark to teach me his secret techniques

  • Ethan is fucking killing me here 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Bodie is so big!!,

  • nobody: Ethan's leg: 9:51

  • Mark with Bodhi is so cute

  • "I'm more stable the wider I am" I'm not fat I'm stable

  • What's the background music at 0:33?

  • The only reason I'm sad that Unus Annus is ending is because we probably won't get to see Bodhi anymore... 🥺

  • I wrestled in the 7th grade

  • I watched Ethan’s little flip like 50 smiles and each time it was better

  • Such big manly man Mark Such wowsers

  • Ah so THIS is the eternal war between melon man and cave man

  • I would love for Mark to teach me how to wrestle! But Amy would probably wanna curse me out and then kick my ass 😅😅

  • this proves that Mark is an Earthbender and Ethen is an Airbender 😌🤚✨

  • I wanna see em do wwe stuff

  • 1:09 these guys’ friendship is so strong.... wait it can’t be... it’s almost as it’s almost as if there’re GOING EVEN FUTHER BEYOND

  • The last part of the video screams “A Wrestling Match with Markiplier”

  • rip amy-

  • This is in my top ten anime fights right here

  • I love Ethan's 🏃 commentary 😂

  • Psychotic fan runs towards Mark Mark, with arms outstretched, ready. "Oh, you're approaching me?" Psychotic fan "I can't obsess over you without getting closer!" Mark, with a grin on his face. "Then approach me all you like! :) WRESTLING!" Immediately grabs, locks out, and suplexes them.

  • Having Mark run at you like that is officially the most terrifying thing ever

  • 4:00 it’s literally just Ethan making gremlin noises and I love it 😂

  • This just reminded me of my brothers when they tried to wrestle when they were little lmao

  • I have so many flashbacks from wrestling in high school xD


  • Alternate title: "Mount your friends; Extreme"

  • Id love to have a wrestling match in the backyard with Mark haha

  • They did THIS after the cake video?

  • Unus annus should try pole dancing 🤣

  • Anyone else voting for mark to win or just me lol

  • Mark is one of those dad's that thought they were going to be a baseball star but it never happened but they keep all their gear and try to get their kids into it and literally never stop talking about baseball and how they were doing to be a baseball star but "decided" not to

  • 9:50 Uh, ethans leg??

  • Why does Ethan sound like a boxtroll, tho...?

  • always when I see wrestling, I have that one south park episode in mind XD

  • 9:53 Ethans leg??????????

  • i just realised ethan is wearing one black sock and one white sock, possibly to represent the colours of unus and annus. that's so cute thO-

  • Also Mark just picking Ethan up and spinning

  • Ethan at the beginning pinning himself is hilarious

  • Me: 5:42 My mom: wth are you doing?? Me: *TRAINING FOR THE OLYMPICS*

  • 3:50 this is where eef's strategic planning starts Thank me later


  • Rip Amy

  • That last part felt like a heist with markiplier

  • Amy's fear scream was so real

  • I’m binging this after stopping a month ago and omg!! Bodhi got so big!!! :D

  • Omg Bodhi grew so much look at that big boi ;u;

    • @xPeachy Vibesx He's Evan's dog I think. I hope we keep seeing him on Mark's or Ethan's channel after this one dies.

    • Who’s dog is bodhi?

  • A wrestle with Markiplier ah, a classic!

  • an Amy scream before it cuts to the timer?? now THOSE are rare!

  • Make and Ethan raising a kid together would be the equivalent of a very strong lemur and that’s scary

  • ethan is a hungry monster (with his funny voice)

  • everyone: *watching heehoo and eef wrestle* me: heeey all of their socks are gonee

  • That run that he did reminded me of hee hoo

  • Tell me why I legitimately got scared when MARK CHARGED AT THE CAMERA. FELT LIKE HE WAS ABOUT TO KILL ME

  • At 9:56 Ethan's leg looks SO UNNATURAL

  • as a high school wrestler, I laughed so hard at this and as time went on I got sad because they were the same as me in my first year TwT

  • THICC boi

  • Oh boy this is giving me flashbacks to middle school me wrestling and not winning 1 match the whole season

  • CA V E MA N MA R K

  • Back when I was in high school, one of our pom gals told us how this one time when they were at a wrestling tournament, and the pom squad from the opposing school chanted "Keep your hands to yourself, Wut."

  • honestly was waiting for the barf

  • Makes me think of the time one of my friends beat my other friend in a wrestling match when they were messing around, and the friend who lost was in denial about it and he was like, "No! I had him in a leg hold!" and we were like... buddy. You're delusional.

  • Ethan sounds like a little gremlin in this whole video 😂😂

  • 0:44 I sense many screenshots were taken

  • I really wanna wrestle mark now

  • “So much cake in my body” Got me dying🤣

  • what i took away from this video is this p1: gIvE mE yOuR lEg p2: tRiAngLe

  • I am speed! 11:54


  • as a veteran 4 year wrestling manager, this is pretty much what the boys do between matches (also i didn’t say they/include girl wrestlers in this statement because the girl wrestlers were always INSANELY talented and too busy being GODS to be bothered with the bullshittery)