A Serious Conversation Under the Stars

Birt 29 júl 2020
There's always time to appreciate the stars.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • idk but this could actually be one of my if not my favourite video just because its so calm and the topics are amazing

  • i wish i'd gotten to see the comet. it makes me sad that i'll never see it...

  • All the aliens: AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAa!!! The last one: a

  • Mark: You ever look at a city and wonder how many people are- Me: No but NOW I will ;-;

  • Awww this is what made me fall in love with FISH tests and Fluorescent microscopy in the first place. Just how gorgeous it looks where every signal looks like a star and the interfases all look like little colorful galaxies 🌌😍

  • My birthday video, filmed on my sister's birthday I love that so much

  • Damn this video made me feel

  • You think if we (all 3 million subs) band together under Mark and Ethan's lead, we would make a good colony?

  • I love seeing marks pasion for space and seeing this serious side is amazing to see and hearing them sing "Space is so cool" was such a touching moment

  • I remember driving into the small village that we were moving to and it was late. Because of the fields, we could see from horizon to horizon. Literally like an overturned bowl over us FULL of stars. My brother had a telescope in his upstairs bedroom window!

  • I love that song...

  • i just moved from my light polluted home of new jersey to the smokey mountains of north carolina and have seen the milky way for the first time in my life. it is incredible

  • Mark, Ethan and Amy trust their dogs not to run away way more than I ever could

  • I moved to the city with my family last year, but by this time next year I'll be back out to the country, this time half way across the US. I'll be able to see the stars again and I'm so excited.

  • I would love it if Ethan or anyone on the UA team posted those pictures, they're so pretty

  • My dad walked in at exactly the point when all the aliens were boning

  • honestly they should start a podcast channel and do different things in the videos and just talk, i would watch every episode

  • awww i saw the same comet :’)

  • Mark always has anime eyes in these night vision videos


  • When I look at the stars I think of home. I grew up in a area where there where empty fields you could literally just sit in for hours and see the stars. I think of my 15th birthday when me and my friends all sat in a field and made wishes on stars at midnight. When I look at stars I think of the new year I spent sitting around a campfire with my mom, grandmother and Grandfather saying how we hoped 2018 would be a good year. When I look at the stars I think of the first time I came back from a dance and knew that I had actually fallen for someone there. When I look at the stars I think of the camping trip I took with friends and we had the goal of staying up all night. When I look at the stars I think of the the night that I found out my cousins were adopted by a loving family. When I look at the stars I think of the time I sat on my roof with my two friends talking about how rapidly life changed but it was okay as long as we had each other. When I think of the stars I think of the hiking trips I took with my grandfather and me complaining the whole way there until I saw why we traveled as far as we did. When I look at the stars I think of the first kiss I ever had and the fact that it was so bright at night his sisters saw it and wouldn't stop teasing us all night but it was okay because we were in love and they knew that. I look and the stars and think of my 17th birthday and how cold we were sitting around a campfire and singing songs that were being played on the radio in my friends truck. When I think of the stars I think of the memories I'm ready to create under them. After all they've already provided so many already... I'm sure there's more in store.

  • I saw the comet in July with my mom and it was a very nice experience to share and I'm happy I did it.

  • This is my birthday video :)

  • My computer can't handle the rendering!

  • 12 year old me listening to the OG song:OH THIS IS AWESOME👍🏼😃 16 year old me hearing the song here: Oh THATS SOoO CoOoOoOoL♥️😢😔☺️

  • “If there was a program for volunteers to go into space with like, a 100% chance of dying, from death-by-space, I would be first in line... I would be there so fast” where’s that mark. Would give his LIFE to go into space. Unus Annus changed you mark 😂🤣😂🤣😂☺️😂🤣

  • i like to imagine that as Amy was sharing her POV at 5:07, when Mark got closer, he would hug her because of how intimate the moment is. Not in a sexual way, but in a way of awe that no matter how big this universe is, they will always and forever have this moment together. Not only as friends but family. How comforting is it to share this moment with them.

  • its videos like this that make me so sad that they will be deleted... these videos make me so so happy I hope I never forget

  • The comet's so blue and pretty in the picture. Reminds me of Rosalina's Comet Observatory.

  • I absoloutly love how chill and facinated by the stars Ethan is

  • 8:14 Amy complimenting Mark's math skills is so sweet, they are nice couple ^^

  • I think the reason that any advanced enough alien life that's out there is that they are indeed either intelligent or experienced. The repercussions of introducing such advanced technology to an unprepared civilisation could be absolutely catastrophic, either for the uplifting or the uplifted. I believe we're lucky to not have been contacted yet.

  • Mark and Ethan go to the moon... Lunus Annus.

  • 12:57 mark: I don’t know who would follow me to the moon Me:Hell yeah lets go

  • That lens camera set up is so expensive

  • Editor: *puts Space is so cool* Me: aight imma cry now

  • It is too late for so many people to see that comet

  • Unus Annus is really testing my asexual patience...

  • this is the one i’ll miss the most

  • It’s really nice knowing that this was the video posted on my birthday. It’s so wholesome

  • A world without scarcity. That is a wish I can get behind.

  • I'd follow you to the moon and back

  • I sadly didn't get to see the comet, it was too cloudy ))):

  • i would give anything for just one friend to sit under the stars and talk with...

  • Its been such a long time since ive heard mark sing space is so cool

  • So else thought the light in the background was the comet-

  • Not me just happening to watch this during a depression episode and actually getting sad🤡

  • I live in Finland, in the winter we have northern lights up to a couple times a week! It’s breathtaking every time, no matter how many times you see it.

  • Two hundred and fifty-eighth video: Finished.

  • Jesus is king.

  • I love how this video implies that Unus Annus will come back in 6,000 years

  • what's the background ost??? it's euphoric really

  • Someone needs to reupload this but with Minecraft music in the background and then respectfully delete it when the timer goes to 0

  • This is probably my favourite Unus Annus video. I'm a sucker for real conversations like these

  • Deepus Annus

  • Eff singing Mark's song to Mark, and Mark joining him got me all kinds of misty eyed!

  • I will forever be thankful for this channel and for the memories Mark and Ethan have given me. My heart breaks knowing I won’t be able to watch this again.. thank you Mark and Ethan for making so many of us feel less alone. This has to be one of my favorite videos from the channel. Thank you for the reminder to cherish the good times we have. Momento Mori. Unus Annus.


  • I remember once when I went for a camping trip with a few friends and we found a very isolated beach away from everything and everyone and seeing entire constellations up above me almost made me well up it was so majestic and beautiful to behold it really does give you some perspective at just how small we are and just how big the universe is

  • "Can't shake hands" A minute later: Ethan sitting on top of mark.

  • Unus Annus unus annus

  • Damn, that scene with Marks song really hit the spot just right.

  • Oh my god, I wish I could see those with my own eyes. I don’t get a chance much here in my country even if I tried staying up late just to see it ;-;;

  • Aaaaand cry time.

  • 144000 MPH

  • I missed seeing the comet cause it was cloudy were I live when it happened

  • Mark: people should be able to see rare things Me: does nursing a baby kiwi bird who's mother sadly past count

  • How come I almost cried with this video? what

  • I was in Wyoming when that comet was there and it was so freaking cool

  • This made me tear up and I have yet to figure out if it's a happy tearing up or sad tearing up or both

  • Seeing that Unus Annus is ending in less then 40 days makes it seem like both Markiplier and Ethan are quitting ISchats and it makes it seem so sad, but they’re not it’s just the channel itself is going away.

  • My thoughts on aliens are this: I’m a believer in what’s called the “Zoo Hypothesis”. And it goes like this: aliens do exist, and they have found us, but they’re more advanced in their technology that they have decided to stealthily watch us from a distance and learn about our species without interfering. Possibly knowing that interference could result in negative outcomes. We’re not the most open to change species on the planet. Hell, take the colonists against the Native Americans for example. Didn’t end well cause the colonists believed they were better than them. Sometimes, these extraterrestrial have even made trips down to our planet to collect samples to analyze. I believe in this theory because it seems like a logical thing an advanced species might do if they encountered other life. Also, over our history as humans, hundreds of thousands of pieces of evidence have been reported of aliens. Now, most of it I could buy is bogus, but I just can’t believe that ALL of it is bogus. Ya know? Perhaps some of the reports and accounts of alien sightings were them taking samples to analyze. And we’ve spotted them a few times. That just seems logical to me.

  • Mark: But... I dont know know would follow me to the moon Mark, you have like 26 Million people who would follow you to the moon. Just saying.

  • 000:000:001 😥😥😥😭

  • Super cool that this was my birthday unus annus video😍😭💜

  • Also, did anyone else notice how devastated Amy sounded when she pointed out Mark didn't know the lyrics to his own song? xD Poor girl

  • Mark has grown so much, holy shit 😭

  • When eef started singing "oh that's so cooool.. so coooooool..." I started to tear up because just think that he saw that video when he was younger and now he's here sitting with him looking at space with the man himself

  • Them: *talking about other intelligent life* Me: *sweats in recent news*

  • That Amelie reference!!! *Whispers "13 c:"

  • *funny how the one activity that involves space is the one to bring you down to earth*

  • I’ve been able to do something like this a couple years ago at the sound (which is a part of the ocean that got closed off by land) and I got to see a lot of the galaxy.

  • Living in arizona is really nice ☺️ we stay outside under the stars every friday night

  • this video unlocked memories and thoughts i didn't know existed

  • Joshua tree very nice for camping and bouldering

  • Ethan: singing Mark: death glare Ethan: still singing Mark: joins singing ✨wholesome✨

  • Was watching this at night in a dark room so when that part with demon Henry came up it was basically a flash bang

  • Yknow what's neat Missing nearly every single celestial event because its ALWAYS cloudy on the wrong night :) One might say I'm incredibly salty about it

  • we all know how much mark thinks space is SOO COOL. because it really is fascinating

  • You know... I am conflicted about something. Like, I love the time I am living in, but at the same time I really want to see the future and live in a time where all of the amazing possibilities we can think of today is completely normal...

  • this video made me so emotional bro lmao i’m so scared of being insignificant but this video was so comforting because it was them

  • Space is so cool playing with Ethans photos makes my heart so warm 😁😊

  • I went to my cousins house to watch it and we stayed up all night because 4am was the time it came around and when we went outside it was RAINING

  • We all know this was Mark's favorite video

  • thank you mark and ethan for being amazing

  • wtf was that walking behind them at 4:20 - 4:25

  • For some reason I seen “stars” as “stairs”

  • watching this video is making me think of that night. I remember that my anxiety had been really bad that day. though when it was dark out my dad had all of us go outside to look at the comet! I was really excited about it because I believe I was the one who told him about it! anyway, my whole family, including me got to see the comet and stars (tho I look at the stars whenever). I remember I texted my therapist about the comet and I told her where she can see it from (cuz she lives in the same town as me).

  • This is such a beautiful video.

  • I saw neowise. We went out three different nights to find it. I’ll never have that same moment again. Me, my mom, and my siblings, all standing in the night, taking turns looking at neowise, fireflies twinkling in the woods behind us. I want to head out into Amish country sometime and just stare at the stars. I love the stars, the constellations and their stories, the moon, the dark of the night sky. The night is so beautiful, not enough people can and do appreciate it. What would you do if I asked you to disregard science? Disregard everything you know, everything you knew before. Then what if I asked you to take a look at the world? How would you see it?