5 Products to Grow Your Patchy Beard

Birt 31 júl 2020
In their unending search for perfection, Mark and Ethan attempt to fix what may be their one and only flaw: their mediocre facial hair.
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Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • 0:13 Me: you painted a picture of them

  • Eef is daddy

  • Memento mori

  • wow

  • John Krasinski and Keanu Reeves look different 😳

  • ethan: 1800s ruffian chimeny sweep mark: tik tok split dye

  • hello ftm community

  • 10:30 keanu reeves is that you?

  • Yancy returns

  • "What's a manly thing to say?" *staten island accent awakes*

  • I wish I could say the end of this video didn't make me tear up but alas

  • Do not let Ethan near your kids

  • Guess my dad wasn't proud of me. mans straight up left

  • Mark's face ends up half Zaddy 😂

  • *KSI has left the chat*

  • Am I the only one who thinks that he's gonna look more like his brother with a beard from Ethan's christmas song video I'll be home for Christmas Where he sings while his brother plays piano

  • Here's an obscure reference that probably everyone here is too young to get. Eef looks like Gilligan of Gilligan's island. (Who doesn't even have a beard, but Eef somehow looks like him🤔)

  • I’m better at makeup facial hair than the actual men are... And I’m a child.

  • Ethan looks like Krasinski, but hot damn Mark looks like Keanu Reeves

  • Having a husband and a son with full beards, this really made me giggle!

  • When they did it to mark all I could see was Alex

  • Still can't believe this video was posted on my birthday

  • Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  • I had more hair than Ethan in the womb

  • that ending got to me

  • So I had a client who would come in with a super thick beard and leave with a thin one. I'm a massage therapist he had beard filler that would come off on the face cradle but he was super nice and it looked good either way

  • 7:09 im gonna need the rest of this song PLEASE

  • For a second there when Mark said, "A lot of dads would want someone they could be proud of" I was super sure he was gonna end it with "but not me"

  • the outro was wholesome

  • 5:09 man this channel has Mark, Doctor Who and Harry Potter references? God I wish it wasn't ending

  • John Krasinski and Keanu Reeves hittin different here

  • That was just 2 products

  • When I was 13, my beard came in like Ethan's, when I was 14/15 it looked like Mark's. I was already shaving when I was 14. Even though none of my older brothers or father had much facial hair.

  • Ethan with a beard kinda reminds me of Daniel Radcliffe.

  • Ethan to Mark: "I haven't seen your testicles." Me: "Yes you have."

  • 8:50 Dumdududumdududum

  • ExTErMiNAte!!!!

  • mark looks like Keanu reeves mixed with a Brooklyn Italian guy. XD

  • this is my birthday video hahaha

  • This idea that being masculine somehow means you have low self-esteem is the most insane SJW bullshit i've heard in a while. People who can't grow a beard are jealous of those who can. Who is the one with a problem here?....

  • The way Mark pulled out Yancy's accent for no reason


  • Trans rights are human rights big ol' period no ifs ands or buts thank you for coming to my ted talk

  • Ethan: “Is this when people will start calling me daddy?” Me: “silly eef we already do that :D”

  • Bruh why is this video so validated to me😂 (for reference I’m nonbinary)

  • Mark totally looks like Tom here xD lmao!

  • "This side looks like a kid drew on my face" What are you talking about? A kid did draw on your face xD

  • When they were like ' I'm proud of you' Damn that sent me places!

  • hey eef said he hasnt seen marks family jewels but what about the naked videos?????

  • the fact he struggled saying "masculinity" shows how much of a soft boi he is

  • Ironic. Video about growing hair Ad before video: RazOrS

  • Mark looks alarmingly like Keanu Reeves with the sprayed on beard

  • My trans masculine ass *taking notes the entire video*

  • The end of this video literally had me in tears. It meant so much to hear someone say they were proud of me, even if it was in a joking manner.

  • Am I the only one who almost started crying when they were saying they were proud of us. Or is that the childhood trauma talking.

  • mork wif beard: korean keanu reeves;almost convincing eef wif beard: your cousin crank who isnt allowed in the state of illinois

  • @KSI


  • is it just me or does marks spray on side look a lot like keanu reeves?

  • At 11:32 I was really expecting him to say "your brother"

  • is it weird, to get all warm and fuzzy inside, during that last part, where they said they were proud? asking for a friend, who's dad never said those words

  • If testosterone was all in your brain I’d be a man now. Oh how I wish I could be a real boy

  • I didn’t expect to get emotional at the end I feel so loved

  • where's ksi at? his beard patchy af

  • if marks method is true, then i would be bigfoot

  • Can we talk about how Mark didn't speak for the first minute...he just let Ethan ramble and compliment him...what a feat

  • Mark: "...I look like Alex..." Me: "Half of him looks like he's descended from the line of Durin..."

  • I love when they find a way to be an ally in so many videos.

  • KSI where you at???

  • personally, i love ethan without the beard. it suits him! he looks younger and handsome

  • Yo ksi you watching?


  • Huge testicles "not that I've seen them" *insert every clip of them naked on this channel 😂

  • As a trans man, the end almost sent me into tears

  • Pewds is king of the beard. His Swedish viking blood is key

  • He really does look like Alex! xD

  • “hey son, im proud of you” **gets emotional in trans masculine**

  • Ahahaha. Mark became John Wick! Poor Ethan just looked more disturbed. 😆

  • why did the end of this make me actually cry

  • I think your supposed to spray that little farther back

  • Mark: I'm proud of you, son. Me, an 18 year old girl: *tears up* Thank you, dad. I am your son now.

  • Thanks dad.

  • John Krazinski lookin ass 😂

  • Last thing I expected in an unnus annual vid: Doctor Who reference

  • Lol my dad left me when I was eight after beating my mom the end for the vid kinda hurt ngl

  • 7:45 Is this the part in my ISchats career where people call me daddy?

  • This video only confirms for me that Unus Annus is just Yancy and Heapass hyuckin it up.

  • mark really said 'I will look like Keanu Reeves now'


  • I fear no man. But that thing .. *Ethan with facial hair* It scares me

  • I love how Ethan is trying to explain after he said ' giant testicles' that he has never seen marks balls but we all know pretty damn well he has seen them at least 3 times just on this channel.

  • Two hundred and sixtieth video: Finished.

  • “Haven’t seen your testicles” then what happened when they painted each other naked

  • I actually thought that beard was convincing.

  • Mark: testosterone is psychological My hyperandrogenism having ass: please

  • Towards the end I kinda teared up a bit.

  • im sure someone has said it before but. Mark looks like Keanu Reeves with the beard. that is all.

  • Anyone talking about Dalek Easter egg by the editor?

  • Eef with facial hair is just a no no.

  • Me, a trans boy: ah yes, relatable content