The Egg Smashing Game

Birt 12 júl 2020
Here's a simple little game that you can play with your friends! All you'll need are some possibly rotten eggs and a pair of smackers!
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Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • Funny video

  • Mark’s final win is everything 😂😂

  • I was here!

  • Wow

  • Or just have a clean counter and gather the crushed ones for an omelet!

  • I can't tell you how much joy this channel has brought me 😂❤️

  • With eyes closed and just the sound of rhytmic slaps and occasional “I can’t grab it it’s too slippery” I can’t-

  • Memento mori

  • Dissociating as Ethan goes on a tangent about dominos or whatever tf he was talking about

  • Corona and Salmonella....... This looks like a blast. LoL

  • the egg splatter

  • they make it sound like they are not already wasting eggs when they tell us not to waste eggs

  • Dont get me wrong i like mark and ethan but it cracks me up when they say dumb things the whole video but when amy says something they get all serious as if she said something off the wall. Lol

  • Did Ethan have a bloody stroke after he suggested eyes closed??? What was that???

  • Jokes on you guys, i have a dozen chickens and way too many eggs in the fridge

  • Watching this in October is scary bc time really is running out

  • So this is my birthday episode... interesting

  • finally, some more 'ethan struggling with eggs' content

  • Dose anyone remember that one movie about the vampire dog that could only eat red jello and the little kid had to sneak him into school to get the jello Just me

  • this video is so sticky

  • Ethan has no good memories with eggs especially with dropping them safely

  • 3:57 what does Mark say? What is boring?? My brain isn't hearing it clearly no matter how slow or loud I play it

  • “two toints for mork!”

  • Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  • I guess the moral of the story is that sometimes you slap eggs, and sometimes the egg slaps you. No I don't know what this means but they didn't give me much to work with, gimme a break.


  • Moral of the video: enjoyment can still be found from the simplest of things, even from that which is considered of no use. (Edit) and you can still upload it to youtube and get over 1k views because the same moral can be used for viewing as well as participating

  • "Spoiler I know its new" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Best part of my day

  • @ 8:45 when Mark says, “we’re 3 to 2 now” they were actually at 2 to 2.. He seriously never likes to admit he’s losing. It reminds me of my niece when she starts crying because her sister has more points than her. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤨😂

  • I saw a geisha play this game with a man before. It was pretty fun actually. 😅 With music is better though.

  • “We’re at 3 to 2 now. How bout best of 5?”..... uhhhh

  • the moral of this video: everything is precious. however, eventually as time goes on things lose their value. when that happens, you have to make due with what remains.

  • Fresh butt nuggets can last for like two months. Store bought eggs are already a month old.

  • That whoops at the end tho...😈

  • I'm so uncomfortable with how sticky everything would be it makes my skin crawl

  • *e g g*

  • I appreciate that teeny clip of Sonic Adventure 2 menu music

  • watch at 2x speed for a true experience and to catch up cause you are months behind us unus annus vids

  • Voiceover: ominous, death is coming, time is running out Visuals: two men slap egg

  • The egg while they're playing the game: 👁👄👁

  • Mark lagged a ton is why he always missed he would do a slight pause Ethan just followed through.

  • i had SO MANY EXPIRED EGGS a few months ago if only i knew this, it wouldnt have just be thrown into the trash...aagh

  • everything about this is so hypnotising i feel like ive ascended

  • No one: My period with the egg I had but didn’t fertilise:

  • When there is a ad that has mark within a video that has mark.

  • “This is the ultimate final final round of ultimate fast quick speed” I love Ethan and his ADHD brain

  • The tempo they're at is the same as the chant at 10:24 so I'm just chanting "Unnus Annus, UNNUS ANNUS, UNNUS ANNUS over and over..🤣

  • Mark: "(Eggs) probably last a lot longer than they do, except when they go bad, because they do." Me: "Thanks for clearing that one up."

  • from blindfolded omelet making starring: Ethen Nester and Mark Fishbach in "Smashing an egg"

  • Day twenty-five of re-watching Unus Annus, an endingt so anti-climatic it shouldn't *egg* xist

  • that poor bowl

  • to be fair, mark did go off beat several times, i think that should count for an extra point for ethan

  • Two hundred and forty-first video: Finished.

  • Moral reason: everything comes to an end and some things never start. This one never started and would have never lived, you gave it the chance to die and live a new life or die and go to a better place.

  • How To Basic would be proud

  • Egg

  • Did anyone else notice how dented the tub got over time

  • The vegan teacher is having a stroke

  • Did you know you can't crush an egg in your fist? You can break it apart with your fingers to crack it, but you physically cannot put an egg in the palm of your hand and crush it in a fist, unless you accidentally puncture it with your fingernail :) my biology teacher got a kick out of all of us trying to do it

  • ethan is so handsome but his side profile is just *MUAH* 🥵😍🥴 i implore you to just stare at it throughout the whole vid like i did

  • Honestly fair dos to Ethan as he acknowledges when he stopped yet mark did it three times and didn't admit it. Shame mark

  • egg game egg game egg game

  • They slapped so hard the tupperware ended up *cooked*.

  • HowToBasic watching this be like: 👁👄👁

  • Why does Mark SMACK the table

  • The Tupperware by the end of this is so smooshed

  • This looks literally so fun

  • I just watched 12 minutes of two grown men slapping Tupperware and I *loved* it

  • Nobody: Not a Soul: ESPN: We can make a sport outta this!

  • 9:20 absolutely killed me

  • Sooo, have ya'll found that moral lesson yet?

  • Unus Annus unus annus

  • D O M I N O S

  • I cant believe I'm watching two grown men smacking eggs at 4am.

  • TWo tOints FoR MÕrK (2:50)

  • Them: *having fun and laughing* The egg: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-"

  • Do this same thing but with a REALLY BIG spike instead of an egg

  • 11:43 omg!! I might've not to win, but I weep for watching all smooth but never let food poisoning.

  • That game looks brilliant, I love it 😂

  • Alternative title: Two Drummer Boys Desperately Try To Grab A Container That Gets Progressively More Slippery

  • obviously the meaning is sometimes you need to crack some eggs to win, right?

  • 2:04 First F-EGG-tallity

  • This is my birthday video! What’s yours?

  • Me: there's no way they made a video of them just smashing egg-

  • mooom the weird neighbor kids are playing with eggs again

  • Ah, this video was posted on my birthday 🙂

  • It’s only now that I realized this video came out on my birthday and I appreciate this a lot

  • Ethan: thanks for watching so much me: wha? does that still make sense??

  • When Amy said Whiplash, I emidiatly had a nightmare. For a band player, it is freaky. I recommend it to anyone reading this

  • Is anyone else wondering when Ethan painted his fingernails black?

  • why did they have to make the split stuff limited edition :( i got into this to late

  • egggg

  • anyone else keep a counter of how many times mark should’ve hit the egg but was a wimp and didn’t follow through

  • Should I be watching all these videos with vertigo??

  • This is oddly egg-citing.

  • Unus Annus

  • This is good content!

  • Getting rid of expired eggs ensures some poor person in the world doesn't get food poisoning. That's the moral

  • Two grown men beat the shit out of Tupperware and cover it with the remains of children