Playing Cards: The World's Deadliest Weapon

Birt 2 ágú 2020
Playing cards: to some, a fun family game. To others: the deadliest weapon known to man.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • Grisp

  • towards the end of the video: banan a! my head: can u fEel it, b a n an ba ? yES FEEL TH e SPED WE HAV REAHCED MXAIMUN VLELOCIPY

  • And well cum back

  • Hisoka can teach Mark and Ethan how to throw cards but be careful

  • "Bad For Kids,Good For Us" Mark-2020

  • 9:06 i expected mark to go with "bane of my existence"

  • Worlds deadliest weapon is a nuke

  • I swear damnit, Ethan is like the American version of RADAL, but without a beanie

  • when half of the comments are about hisoka

  • Mark: I made a Mark on the board Goes in closer and it's a picture of Mark hahaha

  • Thank you to the editors for subtitling all "harumphs" as "tak"

  • I got a markiplier ad on this...why?

  • Ethan doesn't usually succeed first or so calmly, I'm proud of him!

  • 8:18 Ethan should have looked Mark dead in the eye and said "The first time I did a backflip was in front of you"

  • I like this new Game Grumps ad

  • This was uploaded on my bday☺️ will miss the special connection

  • Look like dr.Seuss made a fuckin target

  • Did anyone else catch when Amy harrumphed, the subtitles put ‘tak’ from the airplane throwing contest 😂😂😂

  • banana

  • 0:57 Mark, is going to draw Jacksepticeye!?


  • I love how every time Ethan throws a card he goes "Nea"

  • Hisoka is typing...

  • Alternate Title: Mark and Ethan Master the art of Storm Trooper Aim

  • Mark at 4:33 Me: Flashbacks to the cooking blind video “NO..”

  • Circle circle dot dot now you've got the cootie shot. That's what the beginning of this video reminded me of

  • 12:55 I made an ethan

  • Ah yes, *HISOKA*

  • When they say banana they sound like gremlins

  • Watching an unus annus video with a markiplier afk arena ad at the start. This is the content i came here for

  • Everyone be talkin about Hisoka, meanwhile I'm disappointed how Ethan, Amy and Mark know about Yu-Gi-Oh but don't remember Setting.

  • No one: The coke ad: Where I left the video: Mark-“people can kill people with these things”

  • For those wondering a little bit about card throwing. The technique shown in the video they watched is one of a few different ways you can actually throw cards. Also I feel like that video could've given a little more insight as to how to avoid having the card flutter in the air without traveling. In order for the card to travel, you have to give the card rotation in the air. It doesn't have to be a ton, but enough so that it doesn't just spin in the air and stop all momentum. So when you flick your wrist, you are looking to give the card a little bit of rotation (not too different from a frisbee) and that will keep the card moving forward. The harder you throw the harder it is to control as well If you want, you can hold the card so that the card is horizontal (the top is the long side and the left and right are the short sides), grab the top corner with your index finger with whichever hand you prefer, have your middle finger and thumb gripping the middle side of the card close to the edge, and use this grip configuration to practice getting the card to move forward. I find this grip easier to control. All you do is throw the card forward gently, use your index finger to give the card rotation and figure out how to throw it this way.

  • 7:06 Eef:’What was one of your best/worst memories of your childhood?’ Mark:*flashbacks of seducing woodland creatures*

  • Additionally, bananus annus

  • "talk normally" "I wish I could" I have never felt more seen

  • Two hundred and sixty-second video: Finished.

  • I use regular playing cards

  • Imagine getting hit in the neck with one of those in Vegas? Talk about drawing dead.

  • why does ethan look like a 30 year old man who drinks beer from day to night?

  • BaaAaaaAaaAAAaaAaAAaaAAanNnnnnnnnNnnNnnnnnNnNNAaaAAAaaaaAAAaAAnnnnnNNNNnNNnnAAaAAAaaaaaAAaaA!!!

  • Bañaña!

  • That outro was just😙👌🍌

  • For the tell the what they mean to you I just thought he was just gonna say, "You.. are a....a$$hole."

  • ethan's shoe game tho

  • the banana makes the man

  • 12:27

  • 7:50

  • I just love that they're both wearing Game Grumps merch :)

  • Who else noticed Mark’s face on the board at 12:54 ? It can’t be just me surely.

  • this was posted on my birthday😎

  • “Do you have a nickname?” heapass

  • EEF

  • Mark reppin a game grumps shirt in these is pretty top


  • the only reason i actually know how to throw cards is because of a substitute teacher-

  • i tried as hard as i can, but i still dont understand, why do you have a 3 years old voice but a body of a 25 years old ._. also i dont wannt sound mean yeah- i love your channel qwq

  • Idk why but i'm getting Hisoka vibes-

  • As someone who throws cards, this is painful😂😂

  • People with access to the entire internet: “ugh I’m so bored there’s nothing to do” Mark and Eef throwing cards at a board: *gasping in amazement*

  • Ethan looks like a baby Johnny Knoxville in this video 😂

  • "I made a Mark on the board!" Damnit that made me laugh.


  • I don't usually comment about stuff like this but it was so cute when Amy goes "hey, Mark" when she wanted to make sure he heard the pizza comment 😭

  • 13:31- ...... 13:33- That escalated quickly.

  • I love how they are both wearing their glasses


  • Ethan's horizontal grip towards the end was actually spot on! Pretty pog.

  • Eef: "A laceration!" Quick! Sing into it!

  • Okay but why does the target look more like a freaky eyeball than an actual target?

  • I like how they get so exited about throwing the cards "correctly" but they miss every shot. xD

  • Unus annus has shown me how many useless random skills I have that most people find tricky to learn. Like being about to throw cards. I cut a carrot in half once with a card I felt so accomplished


  • Mark and Ethan should just make a unnus annus learning yugioh video

  • i knew the comments would be filled with hxh

  • Amy really wanted pizza

  • Banana? Banana.

  • Ethan at the end looked like he was using a magic wand.

  • 5:55 14:00 14:18

  • Had a friend back in high school who actually could throw playing cards he was pretty good

  • 4:25 you could almost say they have..... dynamic banter? 👀

  • Are they making a nipple?

  • I made the mistake of closing my eyes and listening to the noise

  • It took me four whole minutes to realize that mark is wearing game grumps merch

    • Jonathan Weldon I'm pretty sure Ethan is wearing a Video Game Boy shirt

  • they just started sounding like the characters in games that say the same thing every time they use a move

  • Hisoka fans be like:

  • lol there breathing so much while doing it 14:45

  • Mark awkwardly trying to tell Ethan how much he cares for him is a mood

  • hisoka💧⭐ is typing...

  • Guys I think Amy wants pizza...

  • Thats the most cursed target I've ever seen

  • The game grumps merch thoo

  • Hardcore Hisoka vibesss 😂

  • Hisoka is proud

  • “Gee whiz am I convenient” *laughter* Ethans mind: this is why I have low self esteem. I think he puts on a happy face on camera but actually he’s a little hurt by marks words

  • I literally just got an ad for playing cards

  • Hi

  • My birthday episode yaaaaay

  • This was my birthday unus annus video, I just realised.

  • banana