We Smell Every Smell

Birt 1 sep 2020
Do you smell that? That smell. A kind of smelly smell. The smelly smell that smells.... smelly.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • This is the smell version of the salmuttotabreabbitlecochicarrochopotatie pie cake

  • I love that they just both started singing from Halo

  • 5:30 ... Piss aromatherapy???

  • 7:10 Monopoly guy is that you? Also having met and been an intern for a licensed aromatherapist at my former college and learning how to properly handle essential oils, I was moderately concerned about them getting the oils on their skin undiluted

  • This would have been good for the sensory overload chamber

  • Omg there's peppermint and eucalyptus in there! No wonder its burning!


  • i love the fact that half of the videos they do involves them doing a serenade of the Halo theme song. It fuels my Spartan heart with the fire of joy.

  • Ummm there's a problem if the labia is oily and the smell lasts for days. A doctor must be consulted at that point. But, oh my gosh 🤣🤣 That's a question no one should ever have to ask 🤣🤣


  • Did anyone else hear "sawdust in car engines" and immediately think of the movie Matilda?

  • thea are blazed out of there minds

  • 9:36 bakugo has entered the chat

  • My heart sank when Ethan said he didn’t like peppermint...peppermint is literally my happy smell.

  • shaken, not stirred

  • 2:52 totally not a cult XD

  • Two hundred and ninety-second video: Finished.

  • 2:51 The video turns into an Assassin's Creed cityscape from a high viewpoint.

  • This video is just Ethan not-so-subtly bragging about fingering someone to death with his bony fingers

  • Me who was born without the sense of smell: oh yeah smells, haha relatable 👀

  • Please make an actual Churchus Annus please. I will pay you to bless me with the holy water you made.

  • Mark and ethans humming reminded me of halo.... i think I’m the only one that thought that

  • Right when mark read the bottle that said oasis it took me back to the “3 mile mark” video I’m so glad Ethan got that one 😂✨

  • Mark why you growl at the sweet orange

  • Mark big tibbies...

  • I love how whenever they need to sing some gregorian-ish song they just resort to singing the Halo theme 😂☠️

  • imagine if this would've been the last video ever lmao

  • I cannot be the only one that imagined Mark and Ethan high during the end scenes.

  • Me clicking on this video: “this should be fun” Mark 2 seconds in: “so these are essential oils” *instant regret*

  • "Well, that's boring" *proceeds to light on fire*

  • " More ceremonial. " *Starts the Halo: Combat Evolved Gregorian Chant*

  • Love how 90% of what mark says is “either (insert semi reasonable conclusion) or I’m D Y I N G”

  • Alternative title; We Create The Karen Elixir

  • Sings tha halo theme song religiously

  • Think of, uh, the smell of a cherry pie. Right? *W R O N G.*

  • Mark is so in love with Amy and it makes my heart happy :)

  • me: * sees Ethan's face * "Damn, those are some nice light rays 👀 " 1:23

  • Amy sounds so sad when she says “I don’t want it” lol

  • This reminds me a bit too much of that one time I spilled about half a bottle's worth of lemongrass oil all over my hands

  • Ethan turns into Vsauce Michael 1:20

  • Every single word that came out of Ethan's smell explanation is like a tiny knife stabbing your lungs when you're taking a sensory and perception class

  • "is this shit flammable?" *Attention promptly diverted from important, very relevant safety question*

  • can't wait for youtube smell

  • Anyone remember “don’t tell Amy”

  • mark: [writing] ethan smells ethan: oh, you didn't finish your sentence! ethan: [writing] good

  • I listened to this walking home and it honestly sounded like a porno.

  • Imagine smelling things. This post was made by the anosmia gang

  • Their monk chanting low-key sounded like Halo’s main theme. 😂😂

  • 2:56 I immediately thought of halo theme. Anyone else?

  • intro: everything can and will kill you i worry about air quality! i have to, my mom and i both have garbage lungs, it sucks, especially in the summer. edit: i wish i was like ethan and had $200 to basically just flush down the toilet for no reason

  • I think this is the first time in Unus Annus that Amy, or any cameraperson, has died.

  • Was that the halo theme song tell me not

  • Stayed up a couple nights and watched these videos throughout the day... I FINALLY CAUGHT UP

  • To this day disappointed they didn't launch into the Halo theme while chanting. That was the perfect set up.

  • smels like teen spirit


  • 2:50 I like that they sang the halo theme

  • Ethan explaining smelling really gave off Markiplier makes energy

  • Mark is Mr Wormwood 'Sawdust quiets the ears and lets the engine run sweet ass a nut.'

  • The whole part with Mark grunting and saying “More” I instantly recognized. XD One of my favorite scenes from the first MIB

  • "That's make of glaSS" "Very good Ethan it is made of glass" Lmaoo

  • At 4:00 i thought they were saying "D-do you like these?" and i thought mark and eef were looking at everyone going "Do you like these?"

  • I love that whenever Mark is mean to Amy he immediately apologizes

  • "Amy, you have a good berometer for saftey" Everyone fucking dies shortly after

  • Waiting for that ISchats smellovision

  • Just watching this video is giving me an asthma attack

  • 0:05

  • Bro I just got an add made by mark for AFK Arena

  • The 356 dislike will suck the dick of Ethen and Mark

  • I literally watched that “Cogs” scene from the incredibles so many times I can recite it by heart

  • Unus Annus

  • In an episode of The Andy Griffith Show people put saw dust in warn gears of a car to make it run smooth for a few days when sold it to Barney. Then it crapped out after a few days and had to get fixed. Thats when they found the saw dust in the gears


  • You know how _they_ put sawdust in car engines?

  • why does this video have such different energy than the last few

  • Why does the thumbnail look like there getting baked

  • I do believe that was the halo theme music

  • Just a bote this is indeed very poisonous, but mark and ethan didnt cross the line yet

  • Amy just straight up fucking died-

  • Me *sleeping* Them: *singing the Halo theme* Me: *A W A K E N S*

  • Not going 2 lie I thought they were singing the halo 3 theme lol

  • “THEY PUT SAW DUST IN CAR ENGINES?!” Yeeeaaaahhh? Oh, did no one else grow up watching that episode of Andy Griffin? Oh, okay

  • It's a shame I couldnt afford ISchats Smell

  • 6:48 sweet puppy 😥

  • PSA: Please be careful using essential oils around pets. Many are toxic to animals (even those ones MLM companies like to claim are safe), and animal hospital visits related to poisoning due to EO diffusing and use have increased tremendously as they’ve grown in popularity. Many people are unaware of this until they lose their beloved pets. I personally don’t take any risks with it when it comes to my cats, as much as I enjoy the thought of using them.

  • Oh no....essential oils....don't let the Karen's see this Also as someone who started making candles recently, this hurts me

  • Definetly don’t put sawdust in your engine. As a mechanic the only time I’ve ever used saw dust is to soak up spilled liquids from the floor.

  • The wobbly sound effects are my favorite

  • When they lit the candles they sung the halo theme


    • I fucking swear to gods no-

  • stale air what?

  • they really be singing the death note music huh

  • When Ethan was holding the candle and about to put it near the oils I almost had a heart attack. Amy is a lifesaver.

  • 2:42 XD

  • When they pulled out the white candles my mind instantly supplied a video idea of them trying melted wax kink but disguised as therapy

  • Markiplier looked cooked asf

  • They on that high life

  • Yo

  • Mark and Ethan hotbox

  • Mark, Ethan, you boys don’t have to worry. I deodorized my room by mixing a shit load of essential oils. You won’t die. Also, I wish I could be there with them for the essential oil and self care episodes when they were doing it on their own.. I’m actually pretty good at providing information on that kind of thing..