Too Many Pickles

Birt 21 ágú 2020
Mark and Ethan hit the open road with nothing in sight but pickles and bears.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
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Unus Annus.


  • The fact that mark wasn’t holding the pickle jar made my heart burst out of my chest.

  • Pickles make me so happy

  • i actually do some of these warmups....

  • Oddly, this is my favorite video of theirs to date

  • Why is no one talking about the words on the pictures lol

  • Sorry Eef, but deer do, in fact, have teeth. 32 of them.


  • I am so jealous of the pickles. I want all of them

  • I was so worried that those pickles would spill the whole time and ruin that nice white car

  • 9:19 i call this one "The Morning After"

  • I hope they do something like this again. Or do videos together. I keep forgetting Ethan has black nail polish and when ever I see it I thibk he bruised his fingers lol.

  • No such thing as “too many pickles”

  • Look Observe Scan Evaluate Run L.O.S.E.R.

  • mark gives dwight shrute energy in this

  • Save the bats

  • I reached into the deep crevasses of my pantry to feel like I was eating pickles with eef and mark.

  • @2:55 sounds like my great aunt when I pull a surprise visit.

  • i thank it is driving it self

  • 12:49 "dont run away from bears" 14:10 "run away from bears"

  • Tbh I came here for the pickles

  • Where’d he get those pickles I need them

  • Glad my birthday episode ended up being one of the most incomprehensible of them all

  • what spencer lookin at doe

  • Does anyone else notice how big their heads have been in the thumbnails¿? 🤔 😂🤣

  • Does anybody think this whole video is cringey

  • This is an absolute dream

  • every time they did vocal practices i got war flashbacks to the worst and only semester of choir i had in 9th grade

  • Mark and Ethan: singing Subtitles: applause

  • New unit of measurement how many pickles does it take to get to california

  • Oh nice Eefs night in the woods shirt :)

  • This is a missive bro moment

  • Mark: "Imagine you stretched out your nutsack and tried to fly on that" Me: *Pom Poko flashbacks*

  • 4:58 Road Safety With Markiplier

  • Lmao the bottom left squirrel has a gun

  • Does anybody know where Eef got that shirt?!

  • nov 15 will be a sad day rip unua annus

  • Why does this give me huge Wallace and Gromit vibes

  • Gonna have nightmares about snakes now thanks guys 😂😂

  • 🤢 I hate this so much- I hate pickles

  • I want Ethan's shirt so badly ahhhhh

  • POV: you’re a bug on Ethan’s windshield

  • I feel like I shouldn’t be watching this.

  • Honestly when they started eating the pickles in Ethan's very white car interior it made me very anxious.

  • What are these songs? They’re really good ngl

  • I hate pickles

  • me as soon as they start eating the pickles: *pauses video, runs to kitchen, grabs pickles, runs back to room, presses play, then eats pickles with them

  • My last 2 brain cell at 3 am on school night WHEN I JUsT WONNA slEEP

  • Sharks are misunderstood creatures...

  • as someone who cannot eat pickles cause of the taste n texture,, this video is something else

  • Is this the new Dumb and Dumber movie

  • 10:20 Crotalunus Oregannus

  • Now I want pickles

  • Y'all can say what you want. But Claussen pickles are something I could easily eat twenty-seven of.

  • I'm getting The Lighthouse vibes from this car trip. Two men locked up in a confined area for a prolonged period of time, slowly descending into madness.

  • I love how Spencer perks up when the sustain a note.

  • 2 good looking guys eating pickles and singing... Doesn't get better than this...

  • Listen to this with your eyes closed You are now in a first hand experience of FakeTaxi

  • ethans trying so hard not to laugh

  • this is like deleted scenes from i’m thinking of ending things

  • This reminds me of marks animated video called PRETZELS

  • Spencer is so cute in the background, just being oblivious to the two weird men in the front seats.

  • Mark is a liar! I know for a fact that he listens to and enjoys the music of popular band Ninja Sex Party!!!

  • This is one of those videos where your sense of time is just completely gone while watching

  • I feel like it has been told before for other videos,,, but I highly believe that this is an actual fever dream...

  • How does this have so many dislikes 😂

  • 6:46 I love how all the squirrel pictures are squirrels just being themselves in the wild and then on the bottom left of the poster, there's a chipmunk with a gun.

  • Mark: I'm a very safe driver Also mark: tries desperately to show ethan what can kill him while he's driving

  • Oh man..... mark is so bossy! 😂😍

  • Their liveliness is linear with the amount of pickles left.

  • 6:16 DEPRESSION at it's FINEST

  • Me: calmly watching this at 4am with my headphones cause everyone is asleep Mark and eef: BELLA- me : SENOIRRRRRRRRRRRA

  • 1:26 Ethan: Pickles! Spencer: What's that smell?

  • Alternative title: Markie moo and eef drive while Spencer hates them

  • There is no such thing as "Too many pickles."

  • Ethan is wearing a night in the woods shirt ❤❤❤

  • Unus Annus Carpool Karaoke

  • I wind up paying more attention to Spencer. I am easily distracted by animals

  • mark: what about this one? *points to a perfectly harmly non-venomous bullsnake*

  • my anxiety was skyrocketing because i kept thinking mark was gonna knock over the pickles

  • This is stupid

  • Feels like 30 mins.

  • This is honestly one of my fav videos it’s so well done

  • Was I the only one worried about the upholstery with all that pickle juice?

  • You don't have to outrun a just have to outrun your friend 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • At the beginning of the vocal warmups when they "yawn" they sound like turtles

  • I love how toothy Mark gets when he's singing. Also Ethan is so hard to take seriously.

  • Can anybody else hear their choir director complaining about vowel shapes and "Too much 'r'," when they are doing the warm-ups?

  • Man I could go for a nice jar of bread and butter pickles.

  • This is the equivalent of a bottle episode in a sitcom

  • What bs is he doesn’t listen to music? He sang along to “do you wanna build a snowman?” With the boys on a car trip a while back

  • I just realized, this is my birthday video. It's an interesting video for my birthday.

  • I’m just surprised that they didn’t spill the pickles

  • When there talking about animals, there’s pickles. When there signing, there’s no pickles PICKLES MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!

  • Imagine the people at office depot that had to print the posters out and how confused they are

  • Rewatching this on a road trip. Perfection.

  • Lmao its look like my mom trying to teaching me something


  • Mark: “yeah I got snacks” Dog: 👀

  • this looks a lot like an episode that would be in the office

  • Poor Spencer