Was 2020 a Bad Year for Unus Annus?

Birt 30 ágú 2020
Tune in for some real talk about this channel and the year it just so happened to exist in. It's all the tea and hot goss you've been itching for. Also we skip rocks. Or try to.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • i learned about unnus annus through tumblr during the start of the blm protests when ppl were sharing the pepper spray video bc it was such an accurate and real reaction to a weapon that was being used against protesters and even though it was not intended for that use, it gave me a semblance of an idea of what was happening outside my four walls and was just incredibly educational

  • I'm catching up on some of the videos from when I moved and I have to say that even though this was an unexpected time to do it I think it reminded more than anything that this year still mattered and was worth living. This year, This one, was amazing even in the middle of a very hard time.

  • This made me realize that I've literally never rewatched an unus annus video. I watch them once and then move onto the next and don't look back unlike some channels where I rewatch stuff a bunch.

  • 4 million out of 8 billion

  • throughout the entirety of unus annus, i feel like ive lived through so much i had my first slow dance went through 3 breakups experienced my parents getting officially separated lost people who i thought id know forever met amazing new friends and theres still a month to go

  • My lil bro who introduced me to unnus annus, his birthday is on November 15

  • My birthday is tomorrow. I wonder what my video will be.

  • Y'all ain't got no business being this deep and inspirational

  • I can’t believe it’s almost over

  • My birthday video is November 12th😳

  • This channel is the best thing that happened to 2020

  • imagine someone joining this fandom a couple of days before it ends and they binge all of the videos.... how many hours would that take?

  • i wold just like to say that i found out about the channel when there was 36 days left. ive been binge watching at least 10 videos per going up to 25 per day at its highest. i. am. going. to. make. it. i refuse to not have watched every single video on this channel when the deadline hits.

  • My birthday video was eating onions for 24 hours

  • I am so greatful to have been able to experience the entirety of Unus Annus I remember my friends and I freaking out about what even Unus Annus was gonna be and now we're here nearly at the end just bingeing or rewatching for the memories Unus Annus is gonna be such a special memory for me because of the absolute Shit storm 2020 was I'm happy they made this to Unintentionally get us through this year I'm so happy to know Mark And Ethan and Amy and everyone else behind the camera and computer screens

  • I love this channel. It's been such a comfort to me. Thank you guys for all you do!

  • I want them to have a Netflix improv/comedy special

  • I just realized that my friend and I created a dadaist script where our names were Om and Amen...... we literally foretold Unus Annus

  • One thing I gotta do it catch up on all the videos I didn’t watch since it is gonna go at one point, I also have to get at least one merch before the year ends.

  • this should be a series... like the olympics, every two years or so its a unnus annus year. and every time it ends its deleted, as if nothing happened. idk if it defeats the purpose i just love these videos and dont want it to go uk?

  • I really want to emphasise how special something is when its only available to you for a period of time. Someone once told me to imagine how truly magical classical konserts where back in the day before music could be recorded. For you to be able to listen to a symphony an orchestra where you lived needed to have rehearsed it and you had to be able to get tikkets. This meant that you would be able to experience your favourite konsert perhaps a couple of times during your entire life! Imagine how truly special that konsert would be!

  • Am I the only one who wonders how many time travelers are gonna come back to this year just to watch this channel?

  • If you could save one video I think it would be this one. This one really hit me, Unus Annus really isn’t forever and Well We have to learn to let go and live on in memory. I will forever remember this channel and everything you put into it. Memento mori.

  • Sometimes death isn’t something we need to fear. Sometimes it’s just something beautiful.

  • I’ve been here since the beginning. Through that time I’ve completely changed. I’m honestly happy they made this channel this year because the videos were a ray on sunshine and now I won’t need it as much this year as I did a while ago, it’ll be missed but never forgotten

  • listening to them talk is so soothing like i wanna podcast

  • seeing this video late while catching up on all my unus annus. I am truly grateful for your guys' commitment to this channel and it really is a ray of sunshine in this dark and tumultuous year and im sure many others can atest to the true glory of Unus Annus. ~Momento Mori~ ~Unus Annus~

  • Don’t cry because it’s ending, smile because it happened. ---Theodor Seuss Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss.

  • I just started watching a few days ago and am trying to get through all of the videos before it's over which is unlikely lol, but at least I'm here now

  • This is really special. The whole concept of things ending is what gives them beauty and purpose. I think that each episode has meaning no matter what the content is, just like how every day has meaning no matter what happens during it. Because it all ends, and that's sad, but it's what makes this stuff so special. We're all limited edition lol

  • F in the chat for Evan’s rocks:

  • I’m honestly so glad they have merch. Like normally merch is made to support the creators and that’s awesome, but not something Unus and Annus needs. It’s the tangible and real evidence that Unus Annus exists. Even if you don’t have any and there’s a random folk in Walmart has a T-shirt on 3 years from now. Like “hey, that wasn’t just a fever dream. It was Unus Annus. Sick...”

  • 49% of the comments: hey my birthday video was awesome! 49% of the comments: *sad noises*

  • Annus Unus when?

  • What is the background music. It’s so peaceful


  • I've been trying my hardest to catch up because I found the channel with 30 or so days left, and hearing their thoughts on this makes me glad that I decided to watch what I could.

  • Mark: A lot of people were disappointed about their birthday video Me: this is my birthday video

  • I'm crying right now, thanks!

  • Yes, yes ir was. Dont even need to watch the full video


  • Something worth mentioning: There’ll actually be at least 366 videos on the channel, not 365. This year was a leap year, and there was also a day that had two uploads (“Only Unuses Can Watch This” and “Only Annus Can Watch This”). So even if they don’t upload on the final day, there will still be at least 366 (potentially 367) by the time the channel is terminated.

  • One day, I might come across Unus Annus a few years after this channel is deleted, and even though it hasn’t ended yet, it would probably be one of the best memories ever.

  • This came out like two weeks after I had to put my dog down. Damn.

  • im so sad because i just started watching with only about a month left :(

  • I know people are really wanting a 24 hour live stream for the end but I really really don’t want that cause I need sleep and I’m busy like maybe a 1 hour live stream or just cool video but not a long one

  • In all honesty, I don't think anyone could have chosen a better year for Unus Annus! The chaos of 2020 really encapsulated the spirit of the channel and has just made it all the more memorable for those of us who were a part of the experience. Plus, I'm not sure I would have made it through the whole thing if I hadn't been quarantined for months on end, lol! Thanks for being such a bright spot on such a terrible and unstable year, guys! Momento Mori

  • My birthday video was the Human horse video. I am proud. 😭😂😌

  • I started crying because I gonna miss this so much....

  • My birthday video was "Pitching a tent in the woods, but there is a bear 15 feet away" And I gotta admit? It was a wonderful birthday present

  • Mark: "A lot of people were disappointed about their birthday video." Me: Jokes on you, this IS my birthday video.

  • for the last video you should get something from each video and destroy them

  • For the last video should be a 24hr live stream of memes

  • This is probably my favorite unus annus video.

  • my favs (so far) are building Chica's doghouse(bed) and the DIY bungee jump. Disclaimer Song is so epic!! XD

  • If they were bored of making gaming videos no one would really have a problem with them making these types of videos on their own channels. We all like the videos that don’t have a purpose but are just them having fun together.

  • I just started crying soo bad right now. I hit me, it really hit me that we have so few time left and then its gonna be all gone... ill miss it so much even tho i was so late... and i wont be able to explain it to anyone what it was like and i know i shouldnt be sad cuz its ending i should be happy that it happened and stuff but i just cant...

  • I know it’s dumb to be happy abt it but the children’s games in the dark was my bday video so I’m glad mark enjoyed that one :(

  • This made me feel so special for discovering this channel so early on and sharing it to so many close friends. Having unus annus part of my morning routine. Waking up watching jacksepticeye first and then going to unnus annus to see the next episode. It would feel so weird once this channel get deleted and i like the idea that it gonna be delete because it gives it a purpose, makes it stand out from everything.

  • No it's not (Thumbnail)

  • Unus annus is youtube history and I'm glad I got to be a part of it.

  • When Eef said that YT ppl were like, "you'll make more money" I just got really mad (?) Not really mad but not a pleasant emotion. If the channel isn't deleted within 36 hours of the last day, I will unsub. I love the community, but I am devoted to keeping by their rules. Lol, this really is kinda like a cult, except it has actually taught me some things, and really helped with my mental health.

  • "A lot of people were disappointed by their birthday video..." Me: "honestly, yeah, kinda was. I mean... Putting an apple watch in a rock tumbler? It was fun, but come on y'all"

  • When you mentioned people being disappointed in their birthday videos I had to remind myself what mine was. I actually like mine.

  • The ending should be a recap of all the videos

  • I believe in *Unus and Annus with shaved legs supremacy*

  • Ethan: "My sleep schedule is non-existent.... I sleep to noon and I don't know why." Me: "Same, and hunny let's talk about the effects of depression." Also, can they start a podcast?

  • honestly this made me hardcore emotional. it’s honestly helped me a lot with a lot of different things and i’m so glad i was able to be apart of this

  • I think this is my favorite video by far, and i skipped it because the camp videos lost my interest, glad i came back!

  • My brother got me into the channel and he was shipped to Texas to join the Airforce and I always am busy with school and work so I catch up when I can or when I miss my brother. I’ve learned a lot of new things since then though... Since the start of unnus annus I’ve: Turned 16 feb.28th I moved homes I started the 11th grade I moved schools I Learned to drive I Got a job I Moved to a better paying job Got a pet hamster (his names peanut) :) And I’m currently loosing weight lost 20 pounds but I’m still working and fluctuating. Thank you so much for all the valuable things I’ve learned and experienced and the memories I’ve made. I really wish I could meet markimoo and eef one day

  • this was very humbling

  • Mark: A lot of people were disappointed of their birthday video. My birthday video: *"Ethan and Mark Shave Chica"* It wasn't bad because I got to watch Chica! :D

  • I didn't get a birthday video at all..

  • I had to rewatch this cuz just wow I'm here since the 1st day and dam I'm really gonna miss it

  • “A lot of people were disappointed with their birthday videos” Mine: **Reacting to your hilarious green screen memes** *DEL MONTE CORN*

  • Honestly, if Unus Annus saved one video, I'd want it to be this one. This is the heart of Unus Annus.

  • Two hundred and ninetieth video: Finished.

  • All these theories about Unus Annus. On one hand im interested but also too lazy to figure it out by myself. On the other hand, what mark says about us giving too much meaning to this channel also has a point. None of us want the channel to end we all know that. But i will be fine, i will be ready. Will i have spent my time wisely? no but frankly i dont care. I tried MarchusAnnus(seems so long ago now doesnt it?) but quit. I didnt do any of the challenges. Truly the only thing i will have left of this is..... Memories. And i think that's fine. I am ready. I have accepted my fate, whatever it may be. Some of you don't think the way i do which is fine. Its fine to want to hang on to something. But im a realist. This channel will die and there's nothing i can about it. So why try? I will be sad when it ends yes. But i am ready for whatever will come next. 27 days left as of writing this. Thank you Mark, Thank you Ethan. Thank you for giving me something to laugh at. Something to think about. Thank you for being here, with us. Thank you

  • stop yall im gonna cry dnwjdjxmxnsnx

  • The only video I'm going to keep is my birthday video, October 21st. I'm going to download it no matter what and keep showing people for as long as I have it.

    • I'm not going to upload it, just keep it for myself no worries. Besides, I do want one thing as proof of this memory so I never forget.

  • Lmao what if they end the channel how twilight ended

  • Part of me holds on to the hope that they wont delete it. Like a miracle. I dont want it to end. Like a loved one who has little time left, but somehow recovers. I know it's very, VERY unlikely, but I just want the hope

  • The last catastrophe of 2020 will be the end of Unus Annus

  • I feel like I'm not allowed to be here seeing as I'm a youngster. I cant get merch, either. But I've been here every day. It has been so amazing, now that Unus Annus is almost over (less than a month I think?) Its been a wild ride. Memento mori, Unus Annus

  • my birthday vid was finding a needle in a hay stack which i havent finished yet

  • My birthday video is age restricted 😌

  • I was trying to fall asleep to this but man when Ethan said “it’s like putting down the family dog” my head *whipped*.

  • I've been treating this as a podcast ever since it came out. Their voices are calming

  • dude my birthday video was them giving away there 1,000,000 plaque sooooooo yeah

  • "Some ppl were dissaponted at their birthday video" Me 1 month later: "Bobbing For Literally Anything Than Apples"

  • For me, Unus Annus has honestly been life-changing. Because of the whole 'death is imminent, make the most of your time' message, I actually started spending more time with parents - my dad specifically. I'm so grateful for that now as sadly he passed away unexpectedly at the end of August. There's moments I never would've spent with him if it wasn't for the message Unus Annus spread. I don't think I'd be coping quite as well with the loss if it wasn't for Unus Annus either, I'm only 15 but I think because of you guys reminding me that death is inevitable I've come to accept it easier. I doubt you'll even see this but thank you so much guys. Unus Annus has done more for me than I ever could've expected. You're amazing, keep doing what you're doing :)

  • I guess everything happens for a reason huh

  • How will we see the last seconds of the ticking clock? Will there be a livestream? Or will the time of Unus Annus just... End? I'm very curious as to how the last day of the channel is gonna go

  • I can proudly say that I have been here since day 1.... As an Unus, so I decided to write a little comment :) My story is: I was browsing my subscribed channels to unsubscribe from channels who I've grown out / stopped watching, when I was browsing Mark's channel I came across a video : "We made something horrible." ... I was instantly interested so I clicked on the video.... (I was jumpscared from the intro in the 1st. video of Unus Annus 😂), and I was a little confused about that a dark death themed channel would have such funny and just uplifting stuff.... In the next few weeks, I became hooked, so I told my best friend about the channel (I didn't tell him at first because I didn't know how he would react to the mix of, cultish and dark content with stupid and "sexual" content (the 1st video of course being :"cooking with sex toys") Eventually we started to watch it together it became something to us, that only we could relate to, that only we could joke about.... Unus Annus made me and my best friend closer than ever, we are just having so much fun and we tried some challenges/videos for ourselves.... I really wanna thank this channel for being created, because: u helped with my depression, u bonded me and my best friend to the point of "telepathical talking 😂", you made me laugh and even cry sometimes... And I could go on and on... I just know that Unus Annus will always be a part of my heart, and one of the best memories... So I just wanna take a moment to thank you Ethan and Mark for being the best youtubers,... for being such an inspiration to me, my best friend and to all other viewers or should I say all the other Unuses and Annuses.... This channel honestly changed my entire life... I've had my rises and falls thru this year, but this channel was always standing by my side.. In good or bad, ... It makes me smile... It is an escape from this mad world. Thank you for being you, thank you for creating this channel (even if temporary) and thank you for changing my life forever :) Memento mori, Unus annus! Sincerely, ~Nikolaj (Unus)

  • this put me at ease with the channel being deleted tbh.

  • My birthday video was pitching a tent in the woods with the bear :)

  • Honestly I'm going to sob when Unus Annus is gone. It was the sunshine in this shitshow. This held me together until I could do ot myself. I adore Unus Annus so much and I'm going to be so sad when it ends.

  • But like....the way back machine....

  • Ethan: I'll probably go on a solo road trip with Spencer Me: What about Mika? *Watches next video* Oh *Does a Google search and sees his tweet* Wow I'm really out of the loop

  • This has probably been commented before, but the last 12 hours, from noon to midnight PST, should be a live stream of Mark and Ethan going over their favorite memories, looking at the compilations people have made of random moments, talking with the fans in the chat, and the eventual tearful goodbye as they end the livestream and delete the channel I think that would be beautiful