Tasting Weird Food Combos: Pickles and Chocolate? Ice Cream and Soy Sauce?

Birt 10 júl 2020
We are a channel divided. Is pineapple on pizza a tasty treat that can't beat? We look forward to your vigorous debate in the comments.
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  • ethan: eats almond also ethan: DIES

  • I drink orange after cleaning my teeth and like it 😅

  • Can I just say, ketchup and mac N' cheese is amazing and anything else is irrelevant

  • Omg I love rattatouli! Did u know it's a real dish? Edit: bi*ch did you just say phillipinian? It's filipino 👁️👄👁️

  • I remember going to my neighbors house(they were Filipino) and we would have the marshmallow and mini hotdog combo and roast it over the fire and it was the best thing I’ve ever had ;)

  • Mark: I think... that pineapple... does not belong on pizza. I can no longer call myself a proud annus. I may have to relinquish that title completely.

  • I like orange juice and toothpaste taste though 🤔

  • yall should try ice cream and hot sauce, its pretty good

  • Ok pineapple pizza- it has to be, garlic parm sauce, cheese, bacon, onion, pineapple. Let it cook. Add a mango habanero drizzle on top. It’s the perfect pizza my friends and I call the Macy Bachtel Supreme

  • Nacho cheese Doritos on 2 toasted pieces of bread with peanut butter spread. Pizza and chick-fil-a Polynesian sauce.

  • I've never had pineapple pizza, but I feel like the sweet and savory combo would be nice

  • A+ editor! Mark: editor, put this in Editor: oh that’s me!


  • memento mori

  • If amy was the cook then who da frick was holding the camera?

  • Mark: when I was a kid we were too poor to afford *insert literally anything here* Also Mark: *talks about having icecream and chocolate sauce and pickles* Me: so were you eating that when you lived in the rubbish bin or?

  • I really want bow tie pasta and ketchup rn

  • I’ll sponsor you

  • fun fact: cacao beans were originally used in a spicy drink by the Aztecs. so you just ate something similar (in terms of flavor) to what was originally done!

  • I love pineapple on pizza

  • What's the intro music?

  • the editing is immaculate

  • not @ me feeling so ashamed when mark went who uses that much soy sauce,,,, i look to the dining table with my bowl of soy sauce where i dipped my boiled eggs ;_;

  • I'm just recently starting to watch unus annus again and I thought the thing at 8:34 I thought it was scrambled eggs and ketchup. (which is pretty good btw)


  • I like salted caramel. Its actually awesome. Also Eef mah boi: you need to eat more nuts. You're missing out. 🥜🌰

  • in what world is pasta and ketchup a weird combination

  • No Ethan it’s Ketchup an Mac n cheese 🤣 In playing not everyone likes it

  • I love pineapple pizza

  • why isn't the best food combination of peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich not here!!!


  • Was anyone else mildly concerned at 15:40 when Mark couldn't think of what he was saying? It honestly scared me for a minute because I thought something was going on for a minute..

  • 14:03 mark i hope you liked it

  • Made me crave pickles. My mouth is watering and i don't have pickles

  • And yet orange flavored toothpaste is a thing.

  • Humans have over 100 taste buds in the circumvallate papillae So yes, we have a billion million taste buds.

  • Pineapple on pizza=yes. I also enjoy chocolate with salty/cheesy chips, fries dipped in a frosty, and salt and vinegar on anything potato. I eat ketchup on macaroni to this day. Never tried mustard. The only mustard I like is honey mustard, so that might be yummers.

  • Mark is selfish

  • Not sure if this is a weird flavor combination but I'll eat Cheese and anything sweet Also to answer Marks question: I better f___ing know what the chef puts on my table, because if I don't it's not what I ordered!

  • the oj course be like: brush your teeth now BOOM orange juice, that’s life

  • the zooms at 11:05 - 11:07 are just so perfectly timed with the music it’s amazing

  • That Stranger Things intro was fantastic

  • no-one: Ethen: I Dont eat nuts

  • pickles on a peanut butter sandwich(sorry ethan you can't be in the video or you'll die)

  • Wait, who’s the editor? That’s not Lixian!

  • 15:46 I’ve seen that sent too many times on ylyl (wilbur soot)

  • Are they seriously suggesting that macaroni and ketchup is a weird combo?

  • Nerdfiction really went all out on this one huh

  • i also dont know why we put marshmallows with our hotdogs.. like im now only realizing how weird it is. tho we dont do this on regular days on the philippines, we just do it during parties and we poke the hotdog-marshmallows around a cabbage lmaoo... i guess it's only for aesthetic. which it isnt really that aesthetically pleasing when i think about it 😭😭😭😭😭

  • music made by jazz

  • used looooove marshmallow with hotdogs. I'd always look for them at celebrations hahahaha

  • Pewds also called his Filipino Fans "Philippinians" uwu

  • i cant be the only one who likes the taste of orange juice after toothpaste right

  • The first food I feel like I miss out on cause I can't really have pizza sauce cause of my acid reflexes

  • Mark: I get the same exact pizza Ethan: What do you get? Mark: Pepperoni, black olives, extra sauce Me: THE PROPHECY IS TRUE No but seriously, I always get black olives with extra sauce, my husband always gets pepperoni...it's like Mark is actually a hybrid of us or something...

  • I really liked Craft Mac and cheese with ketchup when I was little, I ate it so much that now the idea of eating it makes me feels nauseous.

  • Ethan makes me feel like maybe its okay to be myself

  • Bro why is jollibee in this video😂

  • Tooth paste + orange juice = delicousness

  • the marshmallow and hotdog on a stick is eaten separately XD I've never seen anyone eat both at the same time

  • Ethan is absolutely right, mustard is great in mac n cheese

  • M: "Cut to the top down camera." [cut to satellite footage] M: "Hey, how's that look" E: "Wow" M: "Good stuff, right? Alright, cool" E: [laughing] "I don't know what they're going to do in post for that" M: "They're going to do nothing" [cut to Anikin with NerdFiction's logo on his face saying "You underestimate my power"] Oh my gosh the pickle ad. Ngl, I don't pay super close attention to who edits which videos, but NerdFiction is doing wonders for this one. The fact that E just said "clean your palette" and then only drank water instead of eating plain bread to soak up the left over flavors made me upset. That is not how that works. (I use the word upset lightly, but I was surprised when I noticed how much it bothered me) E: "How frustrating is it dealing with me on a day to day basis?" M: "I don't deal with you on a day to day basis, only way I survive" M: "Editor, put this in for me" NF: "Oh that's me!" [frantic typing] [explains the science of why mint and orange don't work]

  • My husband ABSOLUTELY HATES anything that's been soaked in vinegar. Pickles, sauerkraut, even pickled jalapenos and he loves jalapenos. I thought I was safe bringing my Claussens home... I was terribly terribly wrong! 🤬🙄😒🥺 I swear it's the only thing that he eats with vinegar on it. There's just something about those pickles... They taste so much fresher than anything that you get off of a shelf. If they're meant to be eaten cold you shouldn't buy them when they're hot 🤢

  • Ahhh yes marshmallows and hotdogs

  • should have tried artichoke followed with milk. not sure why it is so terrible but it is.

  • I've forgotten how amazing stranger foods intro is.

  • I know the worst food/drink combo and there's actually a story about how I discovered it Barq's Root Beer + milk = bad Ok so one time I was having a glass of milk and I was almost finished when my friend suggested we walk to the closest gas station to get a quick snack and/or drink. Obviously, I went along and picked up a thing of Barq's, and when we got back, I poured the root beer into the cup of milk, which I thought I had finished before leaving, and started drinking. It's bad. If you want to suffer, then try it.

  • i agree with mark with the pineapple on pizza, but agree with ethan on the mac and cheese with mustard. try it it’s actually really good

  • i miss the stranger things intro, it was really cool 👀

  • ketchup and mac n cheese is good

  • Memento mori...

  • Fun fact: Sodium Laureth Sulfate is also found in shampoo.

  • My question do the question of pineapple on pizza. WHO THE HELL CARES. People can put litterally anything on pizza yet society chooses to argue about pineapple? Why arent people arguing about anchovies or the desert pizza?

  • This whole video just proved to me how horrible Ethans taste in food is

  • Bro the editor is really pushing themselves in this🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Out of all the odd animal parts and animal fetus that can be eaten as part of Filipino cuisine that I have seen I am somehow more baffled and confused by the Marshmallow on a Hotdog

  • 15:42 but without context

  • BUP!!!!!

  • Pineapple pizza is good

  • Where does the “does he have his own hotdogs now?” Come from. I recognise a similar quote but can’t figure out where it’s from

  • Heath bar and frito bean dip uwu

  • This video is so fun and weird, I think i'll give all of these a tr- t o o t h p a s t e a n d o r a n g e j u i c e [everyone disliked that]

  • Y’all only hate pineapple on pizza because you’ve been told to hate pineapple on pizza. It’s honestly not bad at all.

    • my school served it every Monday. I felt like I was the only one who went to that line. which is cool cause.......no line

  • “i believe that pineapple does not belong on pizza.” THROW THE WHOLE MANS AWAY.

  • nerdfiction's editing on this video was so nice

  • Mark should try my sister's weird food combo but Ethan can't eat this (he allergic) but it's 2 slices of bread with peanut butter and cheddar cheese on it

  • The "assistants to Mr. Crank & Mr. Plier- Melon Man & Caveman" part KILLED me. (1:34)

  • Eef: We should have a nut video Mark: 🤨🤨🤨

  • The weird combo I do is dipping the Cheetos Hot Fries in peach or strawberry yogurt. And peanut butter and Doritos sandwiches

  • Ketchup and Mac and cheese is great

  • Pickles are salty and chocolate works well with salt because it creatures contrast. Same with Cheese and Mustard! 😄

  • I don't have a severe allergy to peanuts, but I have a mild allergy to most nuts

  • Mark and Ethan: Orange juice with toothpaste Ladies me gentlemen, our new rulers and gods,

  • It's okay Mark, it's not your fault that your palate isn't sophisticated enough to appreciate savory and sweet, I forgive you 🍍

  • Pineapple does belong on pizza x

  • I'm Filipino but I've never seen a hotdog and marshmallow

  • Y’know.... this is one of those very few times where I’m glad I have celiac disease. I can’t have any of these (mostly!) horrid combinations and my GOD I am happy about that. That being said, I like pineapple on (gluten free) pizza, and I would never in my life try pickles and chocolate. Same with the marshmallow/hot dog abomination. And toothpaste and orange juice.... why???? As for the gum and almonds, it’s a solid maybe. I’m not opposed to it. I’m also not opposed to (gluten free) soy sauce and ice cream. Sweet and salty, y’know? Makes some sense. Also my cousin used to put ketchup on everything. And I mean everything. Eggs (normal), mashed potatoes (not completely unheard of so okay), and pumpkin pie. That one was the kicker for me.

  • Keep using ethans green screen clips pls. Its amazing

  • 14:39 arrested development!!