We Attempt Pottery Without Amy's Help

Birt 8 sep 2020
Scared Potters? You should be. This is an affront to all pottery aficionados out there.
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Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • Great video

  • 17:00 the Dursleys be like

  • Upset that Ethan's shirt didnt have a big CK on it

  • Loving the FU t-shirt! - a Furman University alumnus

  • I sneezed at around 2:12 and when I looked back up I just saw Ethan staring at me and everything had gone quiet and I almost said “Sorry”

  • If I do not see a recreation of ghost, I will be disappointed I wrote this before they made the joke, and whilst, disappoint... is good substitute

  • Definitely Triggered. lol.

  • Finally, someone else who made an ash-tray for their parents! I even used a pencil to make indents to hold the cigarettes! It sounds crazy to people now that I was allowed to do this and even at the time I got weird looks from the other kids (I must have been on the tail end of that being acceptable since people had started hardcore trying to quit around that time too) but my parents used it for years

  • I can imagine Amy and eef having nightmares about mark with a garrote

  • "I got poOp on my hands..."

  • Nobody: Voldemort: 17:00

  • Oh my god the wheel of wow

  • 14:00

  • Oh my God my Neopets haven't been fed in so many years

  • I like how mark was haveing a panic attack when the rubber band broke

  • its easyer if you make a ball to start with

  • "have you... taught me anything?" "i know very little" is the constant mood

  • God I graduated and lost access to my college's studio recently and this makes me feel all kind of things

  • im only in art two and have only done pottery ONCE and this still stressed me out so much

  • Didn’t know Amy was a potter

  • Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  • Oh my lord the wheel of wow was buried so deep in my head, it brought up so many memories.

  • as a person who does ceramics sometimes...oh my

  • Mark :you want it but we wont give it to you" Ethan: *awkward gay bottom voice* "i dont like this"

  • Mark F Crank A+

  • I mean u did do some things wrong but this was amazing 😂 I love this so much lmao

  • sdgasgasdga I used to play webkinz... I remember "The Wheel of Wow!" Also as someone who has taken pottery courses in highschool and has done pottery on her own this kinda hurts to watch, especially when they just.... when they didn't wedge at all.... Also up until over halfway I was concerned that mark was just straight up making a kiln bomb, that or a literal lump of clay....

  • Anyone else parent used cornbeef containers as ash trays

  • Omg I love ceramic work but all the things they did were so wrong. Like worse than beginners skills bad, lmao atleast they got a studio to work on their craft. Ceramic work is an amazing thing to get into!

  • when I was little, I used to endlessly watch pottery videos. Pottery videos are now closely tied into my first house. I haven’t watched them in forever, but this video brought back so many memories.

  • as someone who loves ceramics, this whole video made me so nervous for some reason edit: but every time they did something slightly correct, i got so excited lol

  • My mom is a potter and watched this.... she loves it and wants to show her entire guild and all her students. She says Ethan did well for his first time!

  • "I just think you aren't living to your full potential" *intense music*

  • Me, half asleep about to full pass out: ....... Mark: YOU CLOSE????? YOU CLOSE?!?!

  • Mark: I thought it was like a car?? Me: Yeah, it's called cruise control

  • I loved playing Webkinz!

  • As somone who took 5 ceramics classes and student aided in 2, this is both hilarious and painful to watch.

  • I look away for a second and all I hear is "You gotta jerk it off a lil right?" Then another "Are you close" from Mark I'm cracking up

  • Memento mori

  • Mark: *Talking about how their fans want them to ghost* Ethan: I am very uncomfortable with the energy we have made in the studio today.

  • i wanna see amys pottery now

  • Amy's pottery in the background: beautiful, perfect, wonderful, absolute masterpieces. Interesting shapes and smooth textures Mark: doesn't even have a bottom on his ashtray Ethan: made something?

  • I took classes for this in college as a means to take a break from my major. I am no professional, but OMG! This was so hard to watch.

  • Plz have an episode where Amy gets to teach you! U can end with a comparison of what you made in this episode! Also, I hope u have behind the scenes footage, bloopers, and Amy behind the camera!!!!!! LOVE U GUYS!

  • Webkinz the world has gone crazy since you died

  • for all the potters in the comments, say hi to harry for me please❤️

  • I wanna see amy make something.

  • Honestly miss my clay class

  • Shit thats way harder than I thought.

  • "I have poop on my hands :D"

  • i got poop on my hands

  • I would love a video dedicated to Amy teaching/making pottery

  • JUst fUcking sTop thE waBBle -mark-

  • Did I just watch 17 minutes of two grown men struggle to make pottery? *Yes*

  • I can't wait till I can go back to class and use the wheel omg that killed me so badly!🤣😭❤️

  • Mark freaking out over the rubber band got me 🤣

  • I gagged so hard when ethan said “gotta keep these fingies moist”

  • Is mark leaving or is he just deleting the channel

  • ENDING BE LIKE " i like poop on my hand"

  • Amyplier.

  • The wheel of wow reference gave me serotonin

  • Me looks up how to make pottery This video pops up Me wondering if I could have clicked on another video... Nah this video is way better than pottery

  • I really should have seen the "you close" coming.

  • "and you get to eat it at the end like play doh"

  • If that's Amy's pottery that's sitting around the room then, holy shit, that's some skillful work!

  • *I thought the title said “Attempting Pot without Amy’s Help”*

  • Won't lie would really like to see Amy teach a legit pottery class but probably;y won't get to.

  • 8:03 if I somehow get back to pottery I'll remember this

  • this is no joke i made a poop empjie ash tray for my dad in 6th grade !!!!

  • “It’s centered!!” The clay: not centered

  • The Wheel of Wow brings back so much Webkinz nostalgia!

  • Mark: argh fuck the potters right! Ethan: I got poop on my hands..

  • i had a visceral reaction to the wheel of wow

  • This took me back to high school ceramics class and the fact that I don't remember like anything from it

  • I wanted to see Amy's facial reactions to everything but then I realized I was living it 😂

  • all I could think during the entire video was a line Draco Malfoy said in the first movie which was "ScARed PoTTer?"

  • The whEEl of wOw!!!

  • *apologizes for bad potery* *then makes a video on making holy e Water and doesnt apologize* 🤣

  • The Wheel... of WOOOOW!!

  • I think I really mastered the jerking aspect. of pottery

  • ah, i finally found my bday video

  • "What is failure? Growth." - The wise words of Ethan Nestor 2020 Man, I'll miss this channel.

  • less than 5 minutes and I am already seeing a bad pot.

  • Mark must have been too poor to have webkinz account...let alone a computer to begin with...

  • 15:08

  • 13:05 hahaha

  • 11:27 I was in class and could not stop almost laughing

  • This would be me

  • Let's be honest here... We all got scared by Mark's jumpscare.

  • I’m not a professional by any means, but I’ve taken a pottery class and BOY this video is hard to get though

  • Amy do you actually mind sharing tips?

  • eef pls no

  • Someone turn this 4:38 into a meme, and do it quick while Unus Annus is still alive.

  • Two hundred and ninety-ninth video: Finished.

  • Heyyyyy, My parents got divorced when I was around 8. I feel ya Mark.

  • Man I wanna see how these worked out after going through the furnace

  • I am not great at pottery wheel, but I was cringing the whole time. The art student in me was dying lol

  • the gay tension between mark and eef when they mentioned the scene in ghost is ✨impeccable✨

  • "fuck the potters amirite?" Yeah Mark U RIGHT

  • Why does Ethan lowkey sound like my 3rd grade music teacher... smh