Bobbing For Apples But the Water Keeps Getting Thiccer

Birt 3 okt 2020
It's fall, baby. Time to get into the season by doing an old classic: Bobbing for apples
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • Unus Annus

  • Distorted mark is the best

  • Eef's funny fast forward spin edit 7:36 Mark's super funny spin edit 7:58 Mark's super fast spin edit #2 (12:33) Funny face edit 3:18 Haha fun zpom efeat 4:24 Funny face edit #2 5:27

  • Mark is spray to Jack's Memetime song, lol.

  • Can we just appreciate how Mark was so protective of his jello? ahahahah he was trying to push it so much so they wouldn't have to use it

  • Alternative title: Mark and Ethan drowning themselves in chlorine for 13:35-


  • The 5:29 frame. It’s perfect.

  • Mark was getting the water out of the water

  • the editing in this video just hits different

  • Hey Unus Anus you don’t have to fear death, death comes to everyone and it’s just another part of life, just because you die doesn’t mean your life is over .

  • What's the clock for?

  • 0:07 - 0:10 "hey now don't try this at home" ?

  • amy filmed this episode from the next state over

  • Plot twist what mark and Ethan were hearing was an actual murder

  • This was one of their funniest videos 😂

  • i’ve missed out on so many unnus annus videos but i literally love them so much. for so long i wanted there to be a big surprise or something that they would keep all the videos. there are so many good memories that are just going down the drain. i’m now scared that it’s the tuff truth that all of it will be gone. the less time there is, the more freaked out i get

  • 5:36 x.25 speed

  • I’m out here at 2am trying to catch up on this and my grandma walked out, gotta act like I’m sleeping with 0:22 playing in my ears, lovely asmr. Thanks mark.

  • 💚

  • Why does the boy on the left remind me of mr poopy butthole from Rick and morty

  • 8:37 it looks like he’s drunk and puking

  • When Ethan said "I wish I had a nose plug" he sounded like the sidekick of Carface from All Dogs Go To Heaven

  • When they were mixing this bloody-and-chunky water and the child started screaming--that got me. They just carried on.

  • Ask yourself this: where did the other half of the jello go?

  • imagine being a small child and living in MARKIPLIER’S neighborhood

  • Ethan has so much goblin energy

  • Mark came back from the bob and he wasn’t the same

  • Am I the only one who was thinking it would stain marks hair red

  • No one: *Ethan shirtless* Me: ...Ethan, where did those shoulders come from? For science.

  • Markiplier: Huhsuhsh

  • Why did I think baseline was pronounced like vaseline

  • Stemiapis😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Is it bad that as Mark was spinning Ethan I wanted him to push Ethan into the pool?

  • Everyone watching the video normally: :) Me, two minutes into the video: IS THAT A VAPE??? ( 2:24 )

  • Ever episode of unnas-annas get weirder and weirder and we all love it because that's how weird we all want to be

  • Mark eating the chlorine apples tho...

  • Top-quality content from Mark this time.

  • That shirt feels like the shirt Ethan would wear if he was a cartoon character that never changed his outfit.

  • We should make the measurement of thickness c's because if something has minimal thickness could be thic then thicc, thiccc.etc.

  • okay but what if you made a big tub of jello and let it set, then before it sets all the way put apples in it, then let it set the rest of the way so you have to bob for jello.

  • Ethan was so traumatized from the last Apple bobbing that he completely suppressed the memory

  • 10:26 thats a good idea for a haunted house blood and teeth or bone fractions

  • as a person with a chlorine allergy this video was increasingly worrying yet halarious

  • jello pie eating contest no hands bam

  • Not sure how smart using the pool water was lol 😆

  • The gum looks like nuts 😂

  • ah yes glad this was my birthday video lmao

  • 6:51**mineirinho intensifies**

  • Next of the bobbing for apples trilogy: bobbing with the gongoozler

  • Everytime mark went in I felt I was gonna puke from the sounds of slurping

  • Guys if we go to the first video and watch it the timer restarts.

  • This editor is one funny bastard

  • why use pool water?

  • thicker than a snickers

  • Do not Bob for apples in cement!! Some cement contains chemicals that can literally melt your skin off when in contact for long periods of time!!!

  • I remember way back when Mark was single and filming drunk minecraft with Bob and Wade. Lamenting and yearning for a girlfriend. Cut to now when he's saying "Amy, what the hell!" because the girlfriend who does EVERYTHING for him, didn't buy him enough "Thick-it" for making a video, like everyone should just know automatically how much you should need for bobbing for apples.🤣 Been thinking about this for awhile. I've been watching Mark for a long long time and I know the "a$$hole bit" is supposed to be all improv and jokes, blah blah blah but we watch his channel and Unus Annus and honestly the thing that bugs me is that he COULD theoretically just be a genuine a$$hole whenever he wants and then just say "its all a joke" when someone questions him and expect people to be ok with it. If you know people who do that in real life, they are usually obnoxious as hell the rest of the time too. But since its Mark and because its ISchats no one will ever really call him out on it. "He's just joking, he's a really good guy." Its probably true; he's given alot to charity over the years, he's done some great things and on many topics he's on the right side of history. I'm just saying its very possible all the fame has changed him over the years (as it does to many). He doesn't seem to care anymore when he crosses another subscriber threshold, he never does stream of consciousness videos to thank his fans anymore, he actually barely acknowledges his chat at all when he streams and just ends up insulting us when he does. We would all probably think of him very differently if he was a part of our real lives and not just internet lives is all I'm saying. IDK, like I say I've been watching him forever too so maybe I'm part of the problem, but as I get older and he does too I just miss the guy who seemed to appreciate his fans AND the people around him, and who wasn't to afraid to say 'Thank you' from time to time amid the "a$$hole bit".😔


  • i love the kids screaming all around them

  • 10:54 Mark casually pretends he isn't hiding children in his basement.

  • t h e e y e s w e r e w i d e

  • is mark amys boy freind or husband or are they just freinds???

  • chica is so cute in the background

  • Mark needs a fresh cut lol

  • Eefs obvious concern over Mark and his usage of the Jello...


  • Honestly Ethan is so freaking cute 😍

  • sippin on thicc chlorine

  • I thought ethan’s mic was a box mod and thought “that makes so much sense”

  • i may be ugly, stupid and annoying, but at least i am significantly better at bopping apples than both mark and ethan

  • the editing and just them being stupid idiots absolutely killed me- i sounded like a choking and dying cat that just ate a squeeze toy

  • Mark has completed the John wick cosplay

  • I just...they used pool water..

  • No ones talking about how they gave up on the hose and used the pool 🤣

  • You already know what I’m thinking: Bobbing for apples, except instead of water, it’s pee

  • I know you can drink thick pee now i need that video. Love your content.

  • I love the editing-

  • “Was it the one where bob was there?” “No”

  • It took them so long to mix it that it got dark

  • Me watching literaly any unnus annus video: 6:56

  • bobbing in ooblek lol

  • Are those little mics they’re holding?

  • The "no" after "Bob" caught me completely off guard.

  • "It's funny cause it's like jizz." Had me laughing so hard it hurt.

  • Mark looks like heath ledger

  • Why did Ethan look like shirtless kylo ren lol

  • Ethan looks like Astro Boy with his hair wet

  • Mark: DONT TOUCH ME Everyone: ... •-_ •- -•_ -• Everyone again: HE SAID IT HE SAID THE THING

  • ethan: wow the trees are orange butiful colorblind ppl: `f*ck u

  • Video idea, thicc pool

  • Neighbor's daughter(?): screams* Mark: *i will dump this over the fence*

  • "How much chlorine can you ingest before it's a problem? Because i think he's reaching it" - Amy

  • 6:35 that made me laugh so much

  • Mark: Amy... Amy: what? Mark: .... *what the hel?*

  • 4:46 jeez Mark be more gentle with him

  • 4:47 shit that scared me

  • Next video: “Bobbing for Water in a bucket of apples”

  • 2:05 He looked like a cat xD

  • "We can never do anything normally, not because we're weird" Sureeee

  • That little Ethan helicopter killed me, it was so precious :D