Momiplier Teaches Self-Defense

Birt 15 ágú 2020
Mark's mom is a master of self-defense. She will whip these two spineless babies into weapons of mass misdirection.
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  • Damn now I need to get an instagram

  • How to get rid of a Stalker 101: "I've been watching you for 6 days!" *"Well dON'T!"*

  • Who is the person behind momiplier

  • Every video with Momiplier is 10/10

  • 0% self defence learnt 100% existential crisis

  • "...she. they??? i will accept" i feel validated

  • This is genuinely one of the funniest videos I've ever seen.

  • Momiplier is so cute


  • "kick his N U T", just one nut, aim for one, and leave the other for later

    • she forgot to tell him to refrigerate it so it won’t spoil

  • Bruh,still can't believe Eef's older than Corpse Husband

    • wait.. wAIT- WHAT YOURE RIGHT OH MY G-

  • She just used them as a personal drama show

  • Every episode with Momiplier is a treat!

  • Momiplier is so pure, I love her guest appearances :D

  • Mark's mom is more entertained by the show mark and ethan are putting up xd

  • I love her XD

  • This is a master class, for people who know how to fight, it deals with the before and after, being smart, seeking a peaceful end, stuff like that. Movie stuff?

  • 13:09 she's pumping the fan service

  • 8:22 you can hear Jack laughing in ladder in the distance

  • Momiplier has amazingly chaotic energy. It's amazing.

  • 5:44 maybe talk to the girl?

  • 5:06 definitely one of the safest plays

  • 3:50 ish- Discombobulate

  • Love that she went for the plug at the beginning

  • One of the Best Funniest Video Ever! Going to be one of the videos that's going to be missed.

  • "am i gonna risk my life for her?? nahhh" amy: well thanks

  • I love Marks hair. Especially the way it looks in this video.

  • Why was Mark giving me major Dwight Schrute vibes 😂😂

  • As an Enby when Mark said “he she they” when it came to the gender of said deity this made my day. Thank you Mark!

    • same it made me so happy !!

  • 9:00 Markiplier respecting pronouns ♡

  • In my humble opinion, this gem of a video is still the funniest of the lot. Thank you, And beware of your cousins.

  • I voiced searched unus annus but it heard moon anusasa

  • 13:45: basically explains the plot of Peppermint

  • I would’ve never knew that avoiding a situation in which I have to have physical confrontation with another person would help me with self defense.

  • Mark's mom is right about not trusting your relatives tho! Statistically most bad shit will happen because of people you know.

  • no hesitation just "shave it off"

  • “You gonna be born as uh, some fuckin like uhhh maybe a snake?? Or bird??”

  • Mark is the momas boy and eef is the guy who dosnt take his parents words seriously it’s adorable

  • I see momiplier saw J.J. Bitenbinders method and enhanced it

  • it went from momiplier teaches self defense to momiplier teaches valuable life lessons

  • Momiplier: Don’t trust you cousins Ethan: pffffft- Mark: *staring* ‘what did they do to you?’

  • Oh shes so wholesome

  • Mark and Ethan: Streets Smarts! Me: Now let's say the kidnapper throws you in the back of the trunk

  • So the biggest lesson if you are a man fighting a man is to become friends, and if you are a woman fighting a man you kick him in the nuts and run away, or forgiveness

  • the whole time I’m just bothered by how marks uniform is tied and layered the wrong way in my style of martial arts xD

  • Two hundred and seventy-fifth video: Finished.

    • how many days...? ive watched about 30 videos 😶

  • She's gorgeous (not in a weird way lmao)

  • *"hey;* *nice pride"*

  • I cannot express how much I love momiplier

  • i couldn't focus on what eef's shirt said but 100% thought it said "pee lads"

  • It’s true though, never trust family members! Fuckers be weird

  • momiplier: is she worth it? amy recording this: 👁💧👄💧👁

  • momiplier brings much joy into my life


  • The gun looks like a vibrator

  • momiplier is the cutest oh my god 😂😭 “fight until you wins!”

  • Mark really missed the opportunity to say discombobulate in his bit at 3:41. Also, momiplier really said "you want it? Go get it! Street smarts!"😂

  • does anyone know where the background fighting music is from or what it's from?

  • anyone realise that the timer says there's 90 days left but the timer on the previous video said there's 89 days left? how did we gain an extra day??

  • Momiplier is just watching an interactive improv show

  • Momaplier is so wholesome.

  • Next time: Annus Annus teaches you how to dispose of a cadaver!

  • "Kick his nUt. " I think momiplier is the person I look forward to the most in these videos.

  • Okkay but unfortunately I know what momiplier means about not trusting family members, especially cousins. Just because they’re your family doesn’t always mean that they have your best interest at heart, let alone your child’s. Cousins especially because everyone else either has almost guaranteed experience being a parent or some sort of aunt or uncle that they know how to properly care for and protect a child. Even still, it’s a matter of of character and maturity, not their relation to you.

  • "I've been watching you for six days." "...Well don't!" Not enough appreciation for this moment.

  • Omg i got such Dwight vibes from Mark

  • 9:02 in a wierd way made me happy becuse Mark doesnt say "he or she" he says "he, she, they,

  • To me, a 2nd grade brown belt (1 grade before black belt) this is kinda cringy, but still halarious.

  • Everyone has an unus annus birthday video This one was mine

  • Momiplier is the best.

  • Alternative title: STREET SMARTS with JJ Momiplier

  • When she said that “the girl will like whoever wins like the animal kingdom” I legitimately thought she meant animal crossing and I almost died

  • "She, _they_ " Mark says trans rights 👏

  • Momiplier: he's following you Mark: hmmm yes I'm in the shower

  • wait why is the previous video August 16 and this one is 15 im confused

  • ethan's villain backstory

  • Momiplier is amazing

  • Plot twist: Momiplier IS the number one gang leader and she's just 'teaching them' so she can see what they'll do so she can plan her attack

  • 5:12 you want my money?! go get it !! STREET SMARTS

  • She da best

  • This video should be called " Mark and Ethan trying to learn self defense while Mark's mom talks shit about your cousin''

  • discombobulate

  • Momiplier is funnier than everyone on ISchats combined

  • i love the videos with momiplier

  • I thought the title said “Momiplier teaches self destruction” so funi

  • *“you have a black degree in black belt?”*

  • 6:36 no simp zone

  • what a lot of people don't get is that in Kung fu, Karate, or any traditional martial arts, fighting is your last resort. everyone should know it, no one should have to use it

  • I'm 2 minutes in and I have such strong secondhand embarrassment, and I kinda want to leave, but I also know I'll never have another chance to watch this video again, so for now...AAAAAAAH!!!

  • This video had me dead but it's legit sad that momiplier has to say to watch out for your cousins :(

  • Mom- Kick his nut Me: Oh jesus, not again! Actually, that would be funny

  • I've never laughed so hard. Momiplier is rad

  • *KILL ME*

  • everything momiplier says hits like a punch to the gut

  • Did anyone else get really happy when mark said "if he intervenes, she, they" at 9:03 or am i just to the point where really small stuff makes me really happy?

  • The fact that Mark’s mom has 93.9k followers is amazing

  • i love this woman

  • Mark knows Ameridote. He must have trained with master ken

  • I couldn't stop howling, jeezus Momiplier is hilarious

  • ~I don't wanna be free~