Hunting HeeHoo

Birt 29 ágú 2020
Scarier than Bigfoot. More terrifying than the Yeti. The most dangerous creature is man and he's out for revenge.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • Hi

  • why is this so good tho omg 😭

  • This needs to be a book

  • This is pure 100% friendship when you see your buddy completely butt naked and you're no longer faced by it, heck you would even have close body contact with them and feel normal like its nothing

  • I laughed so hard watching this that I almost vomited

  • Caveman mark went full blast (also im watching these backwards because ive skipped a few weeks i am disappointed of myself but i am commiting in the binging)

  • Fangirls would LOVE to down the heehoo

  • Look a heist with markiplier is great but what we want is Hee Hoo the movie

  • Why are there not more comments about Ethan's acting skills?

  • When they said heewho, I kept on thinking 'He Who Must No Be Named'

  • Not sure what I just watched....

  • I really wish the park rangers would have came by and said asked ‘what in the hot hell’

  • Damn! Who knew Ethan was such a good actor !!

  • The acting is on point tho

  • Nice. Animal kingdom

  • I bet 99% of the editing in this video was trying to get the blur pixel thingy to stay on Mar- HeeHoo I mean.

  • What is the song at the beginning?

  • I hope it was warm outside. For Annus’ sake


  • Ethan: UUUUNUS Mark: AAAANNNUS the subtitles: [music]

  • “Face it, masks fight COVID 19.”

  • We have Heehoo, Gongoozler, the Melon Man, and Robot Amy as cryptids now.

  • This whole video was just mark using unus annus to fuel his streaking kink

  • This is great. They should totally do something like this again. Maybe about Melon Man? Also, Ethan's acting skills are on point.

  • this gives me the stanley parable vibes

  • Ethan is a great actor We stan

  • This could be a TLC documentary...

  • Lmaoo eef strong boi

  • Ahhhh I see Ethan was incorporating their “newly learned” crying on command trick from a month or two ago! Getting absorbed in the moment. It was good! Like around 5:50


  • *This really feels like one of those story documentaries that are on 'Pick'* Edit: *Oh my god, I'm actually getting emotional-* 😭

  • I love how high quality this video is it’s amazing and I applaud u for it 🥳🥳❤️❤️

  • Two hundred and eighty-ninth video: Finished.

  • If Mark is a giggly bitch, than I have no words for what I was in the first 30 seconds of this video. And for the rest of this video. XD Also, is it possible to like a video multiple times? I’m asking for a friend.

  • Is It Bad That I Have This Whole Video Memorised

  • Is this a movie or what??? That was awesome and good acting skills *F*


  • I am very happy with this video having come out on my birthday.

  • "47 foster raccoons" living for that

  • Wait, it said he died in 2020, but participated in the 2021 hot dog eating competition? All the rest of that makes sense, but I won’t stand for them messing up the time he lived.

  • I need time to process this

  • Hearing a narrator say "HeeHoo" in the most serious voice is the funniest thing-

  • 0:22 aside from naked mark, it was pretty cool to get an aerial view of the camping area ngl

  • What i wanna know is how Ethan took this seriously with Marks junk all over the place

  • Is this Real

  • Can we talk about Eef's amazing acting? Like...for a second i forgot that this wasn't real

  • No one: The freaking history channel:

  • This is one of my favorite youtube videos

  • Question- does anyone know any of the music?? XD

  • ....this was so gooood.... i cant believe it had to end this way though....

  • They need to do Hunting GonGoozler

  • Hunting HeeHoo. The national geographic documentary of the year!!!!!!!

  • best doco ever

  • bruh i legit almost cried what the HELL


  • This is superb acting. Weird and a silly type of stupid, but really good acting.

  • wtf am I watching a 20/20 documentary

  • Damn who is the narrator? He sounds like a professional nat geo narrator

  • Is this Ghost Adventures?

  • Is this a bit or reality

  • wait wtf i dont ever remember this being uploaded and i check everyday wait im having a stroke wtf-

  • They got the Discovery Channel VA. XD

  • This voice-over HEAVILY reminded me of the Stanley parable

  • *yeah, but those are vegas odds*

  • Dave's voice is amazing 👏🏾

  • Dat acting from ethen doe

  • Friend: "Explain this channel." Aight. Shows video:

  • Ok but I can't stop laughing that at least *someone* that was out hiking or playing with a Drone probably saw a naked (possibly rapid in their eyes) man crawling around in the brush.

  • still so hard for me to remember that this wasn't real

  • This must have been so weird to film

  • Anyone able to give me the song from the beginning? Shazam cant find the right one Come to think of it it may just be custom

  • imagine walking through here, trying to take a break from quarantine and seeing mark running around buck naked. that’s terrifying LMAO

  • Eef got cake

  • This is like an Until Dawn AU where Chris goes back for Josh after the "good" ending.

  • Why do I feel like this is a meta commentary on Bigfoot shows?

  • The fact that Mark actually got naked for this makes me laugh even harder! :)

  • Ethan: I've never seen somebody move like that. Mark: its the dance of Italy

  • Fun fact: when I watched this on TV with my mom in the room, she thought it was a real documentary

  • Imagine stumbling upon this video shoot

  • So narrator is mark... right?

  • So is the HeeHoo another alter now?

  • This is so well put together I love it.

  • tell me why this made me emotional? Ethan is a GREAT actor????????????

  • hee hee wait

  • Classic

  • Mark really does like making fake movies and trailers.

  • How many Unus Annus Timelines are there now. This may be my favorite

    • The HeeHoo timeline comes to a close.

  • This should have been the last or second to last video, Unus and Annus saying goodbye is probably the last.

  • Ethan's acting it's.... woah

  • This is a straight up documentary

  • A disease.

  • Why does the ending sound like madlibs

    • Holy shit you're right.


  • as i'm watching this it has 1,234,588 views. nice.

  • The REAL question is why is no one talking about Ethan's THICC thighs and cake.

  • Just 14 minutes of incredible acting

  • Well this was something

  • Dave Pettitt doing the voiceover for this is such an awesome touch

  • The Michelle Obama thing got me xD

  • It took me a few minutes to realize the narrator was Mark with some kind of filter lol If they were to keep even just one single video archived, i hope its this lol