We Lubed Our Floor for a Sliding Competition

Birt 3 ágú 2020
Lube? Check. Socks? Check. Safety? Overrated! Let's get our slide on!
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Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • the sute part was so bad@$$

  • 13:45 i cried when the word Hokage came out of marks mouth.

  • I think this is my favorite 😂😂😂😂

  • Mark's tv is bigger than our house

  • 18:03 my dumbass thought he said “well miss jack.”

  • memento mori

  • I played Ethan's fall 10 times I'm not even joking.

  • wow

  • Hi, we're Ethan and Mark, and this is Jackass-

  • Doing this next to a set of stairs seems extra dangerous lol

  • Henry popping in at 4:26 is genuinely my favorite part.

  • ethan: real safety mark: bubble wrap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 6:24 This is gonna be deleted, Mark.

  • I believe this was my first video of Unus Annus. What an introduction. Ahaha

  • Mark: I'm going to be the next hokage!😎 Me: Did he just say Hokage! 😱

  • he ate the lube

  • “That mans on steroids” Pans to Ethan wearing his pink helmet

  • 2:58

  • *Sigh* They are...Interesting...

  • Mark looks so much like PangaeaPanga in the thumbnail.

  • 4:25 is that Henry peeping around the corner? He be like: "what's all that shouting for?" lol


  • At 19:00 turn the playback speed to 0.25 trust me

  • Check for Socks *DOGGO APPEARS!*

  • Ethan rlly said "I feel the tingle"

  • Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  • not enough people are talking about how genuinely concerned Ethan got when Mark didn't move "Wellness check, not a bit, are you okay, are you hurt-"

  • This is "Dont tell Amy" but Amy's there

  • BuzzFeed: Are Markiplier and CrankGameplays children?

  • Why are his tootsies censored

  • 4:25

  • LMFAO, as soon as i saw Competition i clicked. SO WORTH

  • I thought this would be funny until I saw that they are sliding towards the stairs- and all I felt was fear Everytime they slid- 😂😂😂

  • 0:53 Call of duty black ops 3 r.a.p.s be like

  • 13:04 he's the video game boy!!

  • i hope hat doesnt stain the wood

  • they really are just two little boys

  • 6:51 is a reference to the movie "The Matrix".

  • Camera: **shows KY jelly** Me an intellectual: **immediately thinks of Sebastian Stan**

  • How disgusting did this make your floors?

  • 3:24 Pov: all-might breaks into your house so now you're hiding in the closet

  • This.is.the.video.that.came.out.on.my.birthday.

  • Did anybody see Ethan's shirt... It says the one who wins How ironic

  • Me and my friends used to put on bathing suits and slide around in my tiny bathtub/shower using shampoo on the floor to make it slippery. Honestly dunno how none of us fell cracked our heads on the faucet and died.

  • love how Ethan be copyin Mark w the facial hair LMFAO

  • "i am going to be the next hokage"

  • The title should be “mark and Ethan attempt to reach rainbow road via sliding on lube”

  • Markiplier: I’M GOING TO BE THE NEXT HOKAGE! *Fall’s down on the steps*

  • 4:28 henry 🥺

  • id like to imagine that the neighbors could watch this through the windows

  • Real talk where can I get those lights at??

  • ......and they wonder why people ship them together...

  • ok the part when ethan Said "My foot isnt in your mouth..YET" i must say..dat was a little GaY MaH BoI

  • Baby powder would’ve worked better.

  • mark: that man's on steroids ethan: 👁 👄 👁

  • I like how the dog looks and he’s like nope

  • I agree with the takis rant haha 😂

  • You should try glass cleaner

  • 9:04

  • Chica was the highlight of this whole video 🥺

  • They should turn the unas unnas channel into a Netflix series.

  • Also, with water-based lubes, helps a bit if you put actual water on it. Makes it way more slippery.

  • i mean like... wood polish?

  • Did no one notice the 'lube cam'?

  • Imagine telling your girl she's loose, oh no

  • God i love the "the Matrix" referance.

  • That Takis rant hit different. I thought I was the only one who thought they sometimes have different taste or texture and it agrivates me beyond measure

  • 20:23 is theater kid vibes omgs

  • 4:26 trust me click it

  • Ha, I slide on the floor every day WITHOUT protection. Wimps

  • Hi there I'm the announcer of a fun new family game

  • Can we take a minute to appreciate Ethans beautiful helmet

  • Marks just give him self an ISchatsd award

  • Best fucking intro ever lol

  • “WeLl”

  • More surface area means more friction guy!!!

  • why gf just asked why i watch this shit and i said "because all of us are going to die and we cannot stop it" then she went out with some friends i wonder if she will come back

  • 8:31 I’m sorry.... who takes their chips (taki) and puts them in a ziplock bag?

  • Ethan: lets go of tape measurer Mark: Becomes the kid in Walmart who can’t find their parents

  • My favorite moment is 4:25 when Mark's house elf appears

  • I just can't stop thinking about "come get y'all juice" vine

  • These two idiots were made for each other.

  • Marks land lord after watching this:👁👄👁

  • Someone, please propose to them the concept of a slip n' slide before it gets too cold. Dish soap is the trick to the maximum slide.

  • 4:04 fall out boy?

  • kenny vs spenny's new season pretty lit so far

  • Ethan lets go of mesure: Mark:starts singing like the queen of night 4:03

  • What if...Chica was not interrupting by accident, but interrupting on purpose? What if she feigned ignorance but was actually saying 'dad pls reconsider' inside-

  • okay but why did they do it near stairs

  • My birthday video

  • Dude dry socks and baby powder on the floor. Thats the best.

  • this is actual footage of two oversized five year olds

  • the squeaker sound byte woke my dog up lmaooo

  • The safe word is "not a bit"

  • Step--eathen, thats not what that lubes for!

  • They need led wax, though it wouldn’t have been nearly as hilarious

  • KY is a water based lube, if they wanted maximum slip and slideitude they should have used something silicone based. But hey whatever works for them, still fun to watch

  • the thing that makes me most uncomfortable about this is mark rubbing his lube hands all over the fridge

  • "Apparently catching your balance is illegal" YES MARK! YOU HAVE to FALL FLAT ON YOUR FACE

  • Wellness check, not a bit😂😂