Amy Sent Us a Mystery Box

Birt 21 sep 2020
What horrors lurk within this secret present that Amy sent to us? Will it kill us? Will it aid us? Are we even capable of understanding its true glory?
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ᴛᴡɪᴛᴛᴇʀ ► unusannus
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • (dips banana in pesto) dodie has entered the chat.

  • my video cut out and it just said “unus, unus,” thats trippy bro

  • 2:15 titty cam !!!! 🙌🙌🍒✨

  • "oh 69, hehehe"

  • wHy iS iT sPiCy

  • 12:06 12:43

    • Unus annus out of context but instead u close ur eyes 😂

  • i love how amy asked mark what he got with nothing but hope in her voice.

  • Ethan: "why is it spicy" me: did he just-

  • What about the ass stone???

  • Pee banana

  • Why did the make a wish kid use his wish to meet mark ?😂

  • i've said this once and im gonna say it again DONT ANY OF YA MAKE THIS INTO A SEX JOKE *takes out holy bleach*...dont

  • 2:09 ( my mom shopping) 2:28 (me left in the car thinking im a vlogger)

  • 8:15 for a split second. Put the part in the speed of 0.5, kay? Trust me. It says so perfectly... " *What about the Butt Stone?* " NOT EVEN KIDDING🤣 9:44 killed me so bad. Amy: Mark, blow through the tube. Mark: *blows* Tube: *lets it escape* The banana within (and this is what I imagined): I'm free! 🤣

  • Ok but I’m sorry but like when mark said we should have a hole in our body instead of like lungs I thought about how like in school kids would throw things through each other (balls, paper, pencils)

  • me a person who genuinely hates bananas cringed this whole video...

  • “Bye casey!” Me: 👁👄👁


  • im watching this while havin a banana for breakfast :)

  • 10:32 please no i’m having flashbacks of griffin mcelroy c r u n c h i n g a banana

  • 12:43 *tom waits has entered the chat*

  • Ah, the boys lacing drugs into bananas to be dropped back at that some grocery store parking lot 10:19

  • These are just Mark's shower thoughts

  • "Life is really boring" yes, yes it is

  • Three hundred and twelfth video: Finished.

  • someone tell mark we have tree holes for air... and we need them...

  • This is the funniest video I've watched in a while.

  • This is basically a 'safe for children' version of sounding...

  • Mark over here looking kinda like Keanu Reeves

  • I died of laughter when Ethan said “why is it spicy?” 🤣

  • 2:52 figures out what ram ventilation is and explains the positives

  • I thought the title said army instead of amy-

  • Mark: "im bored, 69 heh heh"

  • I read this as "Amy sent us away in a box" and I was like "yeah, for PEEING in the Britta filter TWICE"

  • This might be my favorite video. 😂

  • Mark: What if we use our sinuses for storage? News: Student has been found cheating on a test with notes he had close to his brain, in his sinuses


  • 9:53 mark: *slurp* ethan: laughing hysterically while saying no mark: "its a banana! its a banana!"

  • This video has the energy of just being stupid with your friends

  • Mark with the vienna sausage...... Same

  • Amy is totally sending a hint

  • 5:51 asking for consent

  • "piss banana" the indonesian word for banana is pisang piss-ang

  • 11:56 Chica is so god damn adorable

  • Mark: *disgusted face* what is thaaaat? Ethan: Pesto! Mark: *confused/disgusted face* that’s not a classic.

  • Unus Annus

  • It’s 11pm where I am right now and I’m trying to hold in the laughs but I literally died from laughter.

  • I'm 95% certain that they're at a Vons grocery store bc of the "if you have your club card, please scan it now"

  • Eef

  • you need two nose holes so you can smell more stuffs. the smell particle need different amount of time to be absorbd by the smell absorbal ganglea. and with one nose hole beeing free for the fast smells and one nose hole cloged for the slow smells you can smell a lot more

    • this is 100% scientificly accurate btw. nasa aproved

  • This video terrifies me. For once, the end of the clock can’t come fast enough.

  • This video gives me the idea for them to do a video where amy punishes them somehow

  • wHy is It SpIceY

  • 4:44 my brain when my heart starts to feel weird

  • Who’s Casey?

  • Mark sends Ethan into the store. Ethan gets complete nonsense when mark said the chocolate syrup, Whip cream and bananas.

  • mark lost all common sense in the car when it was at 69 degreees cuz he said "the more you run the more oxygen you need" twice unless that was intended and i missed the joke.

  • “The more you run the more oxygen you need, which is great because, the more you run... the more oxygen you need” -Markipli- no Mark 2020

  • Why you got to do this to us pliz just keep it going

  • Actually most drug deals happen in 711 parking lots

  • I cringed thinking about them not disinfecting the groceries! I wash my bananas just to be safe and wipe down every container. T-T but I could die if I catch covid so maybe I'm just waaay more paranoid than most people.

  • unus annus

  • Mark talking about replacing the human lungs with a hole through the body that air passes through to be absorbed by the body... sounds like a good biology experiment for an Unus Annus video ISchatsr arrested for imposing his view of the ultimate human form in an abominable surgical experimentation on his friend

  • I want to comment something but I don't know what so I'll just comment this.

  • 9:41 Ethan what was that sound

  • 9:53 that banana chunk just left this plane of reality

  • Does Mark own a Tesla?!

  • I had this playing in the background and when I heard my name at the end I damn near had a heart attack. Felt like some kind of weird 4th wall break.

  • P I S S B A N A N A

  • I feel like Mark when my mom leaves me in the car for 30 minutes when she goes shopping. Mom: I wont take to long Me: pls

  • Wait people heat vienna sausages? I always just ate them out the cabinet

  • I hate this

  • Heh, 69°F cabin temperature

  • Was anyone else a little sad that Mark and Ethan didn’t choose their signature colors for the pudding in the banana🥺🥺

  • ahgfshagf the increasing hysteria of what ethan got is hilarious

  • My birthday video

  • It says a lot about an activity when even the people who don't have a penis feel very uncomfortable about it

  • Ethans “Seven” reference deserved more attention 😂💕

  • OK, but who's (K)(C)asey?? (K)(C)acie?? (K)(C)asie??

  • I don't like the taste of Vienna sausages. Now, Carmela sausages, whether raw or cooked, that was the shiz! 😋 Please excuse me as I eat some 🤤

  • Imagine seeing mark just sitting in his car as you walk past

  • What’s in the box? WhAt’S iN tHe BoX?? WHATS IN THE BOX??? Do you know the reference???? Don’t matter, imma tell you. Seven Deadly Sins. A horror movie. I haven’t watched that movie in ages

  • Il felt kinda guilty when u said that to amy

  • This is Wut happens when u leave a wild Ethan alone in a shop

  • Wait- you're supposed to heat up Vienna sausages

  • I wonder how many guys were uncomfortable watching this video after they started playing with the banana filler thing xD

  • The fact that Mark's first approach was to eat the banana with the peel on is sorta concerning.

  • Who is Casey lol

  • "I haven't seen 'What's In The Box'", I don't think anyone has Mark, I've seen "Se7en" though

  • Hes not wrong.

  • use a funnel for gods sake

  • They are fucking sounding the poor bananas

  • God, I’m going to be so empty when this is gone :(

  • Is the last episode on the last day of December?

  • That thumbnail is so GOOD

  • i swear to god they are shopping at Safeway im not even kidding. I think that they have Safeway's in California?

  • Fell asleep watching this woke up to them saying my name, It felt like a nightmare

  • I've witnessed multiple hate crimes

  • These guys are such clowns 😂

  • Alternate title: Two grown men have a crisis over bananas