Mark and Ethan Milk a Goat

Birt 5 okt 2020
Two city boys get sent away to the farm.
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Memento Mori.
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  • Gorgoth looks like he's wearing pants.

  • "Monica" "Frangelica" "Monica?" "... Frangelica"

  • shit aint easy, he's prolly worried about hurting the goat. poor ethan.

  • 10:35 I almost lost track of mark, he blends right in jk mark is my favorite ISchatsr

  • I milked a fake goat in high school. It was part of an activity/contest for one of our Agriculture thingies where we had people in the program, and from other ag schools come over and we had fun. I won it 😬😬

  • Frangellica appears to have severe ulceration on her front left knee. I could be wrong--I'm trying to bust out my vet student skills

  • 2:47 imma do this

  • The froth is over 9000!!! have every right to kill me.

  • I feel like the goat survived this day because the handler was there. She may have paid for another goats sins.

  • this was probably the chillest video on this entire channel

  • Stap making me smile so much it hurts

  • Butter coup

  • That must be some good nut milk

  • I'm ✨ U N C O M F Y ✨


  • I've been holding it in this my head for a long time but in the intro it sounds like you're trying to summon a demon trait from h double hockey sticks l

  • That’s a good idea allow people to milk the goat for you

  • 0:25 they’re gonna behead the goat!

  • My name is pepi i love unus annus can i be a part of this?

  • Doki doki!!!!! Monika

  • Next video they will milk a girl

  • The gongoozler

  • memento mori

  • Mama milky

  • Did 6:44 scare anyone else? I jumped.

  • video idea: mark and ethan have a kid and it's just them spending time with a baby goat like the Body (idk if I spelled that right lmao) video

  • That goat got some weird nuts

  • We have to stop the clock

  • My back itches

  • Three hundred and twenty-sixth video: Finished.

  • Hell

  • This reminds me of somthing I just can’t put my finger on it

  • Unus Annus

  • cheese

  • That part where Ethan wanted to brofist with Mark and Mark rejected Ethan 💀 that was a big oof

  • 9:41 Ethan, where are you looking at?

  • Time is running out!

  • Imagine going to the farm and getting a carton of milk that says "Hand milked by UnusAnnus"

  • Mark, I think this is the day Ethan planned for you to get crushed by pigs 😂

  • The pig part was the best

  • If those arent milk thingies then its nut grabbing to the next level

  • Was the soundtrack that they use for whenever the spiral is up made by Unus Annus themselves, or is it a soundtrack I can find on ISchats somewhere. I'd much appreciate it if someone could tell me. 11:02

  • this video makes me love ethan more than ever

  • 11:38 I've never had pigs, but going off of what I've heard, "Gorgoth the Destroyer" is actually a pretty good name for an uncastrated boar. They're pretty aggressive, aren't they? Idk, haven't looked this up in a while.

  • Mark had the same reaction I did upon finding out that you can make SOAP, of all things, out of goat milk. XD

  • They are basically just squeezing goat balls

  • 39

  • Wtf

  • No one: Mark and Ethan: *casually squeezing goat tatas* Me at school: oh- O k a y- Guess I’ll watch t h i s-

  • 8:03 country 100

  • I like the intro and sounds like a time when the devil will come kill mark and ethan

  • no one's talking about marks cute reaction to the piglets at 10:26 omgggggggg

  • the maam"she loves to get milked" me"what a way to start a video" and get beaten up cause my family thought I was watching sime bad things so yea

  • First time I'm gonna see Mark and Ethan do something that I know how to do x) Well, aside archery, but I do the classic one, not chinese

  • I can smell this video

  • Awwwwwwwwww

  • Other title for this video: mark and Ethan get tricked to get milk for pigs

  • Ethan goes for fist bump mark dose not fist bump back ahhh

  • 6:44 Why did THAT scare me?!?

  • Ethans to gentle 🥺so sweet

  • i milked a COW when i was 8

  • Ive been there...well not there there but there was a place across bonqet (?) canyon rd that was similar but shut down due to the drought but that was a little like small world moment when they mentioned santa clarita

  • Gorgoth the destroyer is my new favorite unus annus characyer

  • ethans “neat” shit, omf i want

  • Mark: I want to be blessed by a pig What he’s actually thinking: I want a pig to shit on my head


  • Momento Mori


  • The whistle picking up made me giggle, not gonna lie

  • can you do 2 horse ride pls

  • Next video:"Mark and Ethan Milk Amy".

  • Got a milk ad for this video it's a sign


  • the boys were once again like 10 minutes away from my house and im just here like ._.

  • my uncle used to be really good at milking cattle when he was a kid

  • God, it's the fucking face again- On the goddamn thumbnail-

  • I watched this while eating cereal it felt wrong

  • Ethan watching her hold the microphone away from her mouth and just glancing back and forth made my day

  • i'm naming my child gorgoth the destroyer

  • 2020 youtubers: no content... time to milk goats!!

  • Or... "five minutes straight of ethan groping a goat" XD

  • Her name is frangelica" What's her name again?-mark Monica good job 👍 monica Wait what's YOUR name?

  • Ion wanna touch the floppy"-mark2020

  • I like how halfway through the goat looks like it has one gigantic ballsack and one small one

  • Fuck bacon man those pigs deserve life😥

  • Mark singing that old "cereal and milk" song was everything.

  • Watching Ethan brush the goats hair is so funny

  • 11:02 I would've laughed so hard if that was an actual transition.

  • goat balls

  • "we did goat yoga"

  • yall don't need to wear masks. damn. yall know of ignorant yall look. I mean seriously

  • The one Pig has Breaches!! 😆👖

  • Gorgoth The Destroyer, I better see that as an official name Gilchrest

  • Boargoth the Destroyer would be a fitting name xD

  • Blessings

  • bigs be like squeak squeak squick squank swenk sweenk sk w o n k

  • 6:54 that moment scared me so much

  • Awww what wholesome content for my birth date 💗

  • I have known Gorgoth the Destroyer for one day but if anything happens to him, he will rise from the depths of Hell and kill everyone in this room and then Me

  • I love Marks hair right now