The Painful World of Aerial Silks

Birt 12 okt 2020
We stretch. We move. We dance. We fly. We silk like no one else before.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • Ethan just doing stretches Me trying so hard not to laugh because I respect Ethan to much...

  • this makes me miss arial arts :(((

  • Mark, twirls in upside down butterfly: "I'm a man."

  • The instructor was so nice and patient!! I Stan

  • Who else lost it at 4:10

  • Ethan is me going back to dance practice after not stretching for a week break

  • This was a super fast first lesson! I think she was teaching just to Mark, who’s done it before. I think Eef wasn’t given a fair shot haha

  • Me doing the stretches in bed like I am f i e t

  • I dunno if it’s me but just watching them do these videos makes me wanna try and be better in life and be more active. I love this. It’s funny but motivating

  • halfway in, nobody has farted yet, will continue to update

  • Ethan being disappointed in himself was too funny 😂

  • I teached silks for three years and I miss all this bs so much I understand her so much when they ask "This way?" and she goes like "Uhh..."


  • 13:54 same eef

  • As someone who also has severe adhd, I can relate a lot to eef... a l o t

  • 4:08 7:49 8:27 11:23

  • lol 13:10 Ethan loses his shiznit - as do I. The graceful music over Mark's grunting had me chuckling pretty good :P Ethan in all seriousness you're pretty graceful up there buddy :) Might be a hidden talent hehe

  • lol i'm somewhat sorry for laughing - at the same time, it's nice to know i'm not the only one FEELING it when I try to get into certain poses in yoga lol

  • 8:29 WOAH WHAT-

  • This video is just Ethan and Mark complaining and groning

  • 13:53 when you're trying to work on your module classes

  • This makes me want to do gymnastics and I’ve always wanted to as a kid, but I just never went. Now I’m 20 and I feel like it’s too late for me to start

  • this woman reminds me of my 8th grade english teacher

  • Armpits, kneepits and bowpits *ASSPITTS*

  • Alternative title: We Ironically Commit Suicide

  • Why did I watch 33 minutes of Ethan and Mark grunting

  • Day one of commenting until senpai notices me

  • I just cant get over how awesome Taylor is

  • No one: Ethan: *giggle* a floating corpse

  • I cant do all of it without fearing for breaking my neck and die instantly 😂

  • I'm not sure why, but the instructor seems more annoying than last time?

  • Hey, Marks wearing a Corridor Digital/Crew shirt

  • Ethan whining is the most adorable thing I’ve seen

  • 8:30 😂😂why did I die with they did that edit of her falling

  • And here we have a Ethen and mark in their natural habitat

  • I'm a very not flexible, dislikes exercise person but this looks and sounds so cool though like.. I'd like to try

  • its such a shame this channel is gonna be no more in like 2 months. these are two of my favorite idiots ever

  • When eathen said he feels disgraced I feel the same way because I did gymnastics for 2 years then quit for 2 years then came back and I'm not neer as flexible as I was and I'm so sad about it☹

  • being and ex dancer be like "i am ashamed at what i cannot do anymore"

  • Wow mark is so majestic...

  • 3:06 ooh eee! nice

  • Alternate title *Ethan experiences the ravages of aging.*

  • 7:50 AAAAAAAAH

  • Whenever Ethan does it, i laugh at the noises he makes when he is trying to do it lmao

  • Watching this made my legs hurt.

  • Mark: dying Ethan: *hangs himself*

  • Too bad this will be deleted, there will be no evidence of Mark doing gymnastics better than Ethan

  • Oh the body pain the next days gonna be a bitch

  • i love how she asks consent to touch mark, thats something you dont see many people do

  • 8:26 why did this make me jump lmao


  • Eef breathes like a 3 year old so much and i can relate

  • “drop my life to the floor” i can’t😂

  • you're basically crocheting yourself into the fabric and i would be terrified of my clumsy self's foot just going whoop

  • 29:12 Taylor is so cute I can't-

  • Again, as an aerealist, I'm so glad 😔✌️

  • like the corridor crew shirt

  • Mark is almost even beter thwn Ethan

  • OMG this is hilarious! Also glad this isn't me hahahaha

  • It’s been 333 days You have one chance Subscribe

  • Mark: so Eathan your 18 now right? Eathan: yeah why? 20 yo single moms who watch the show: *licks lips feriouslicly and horny like*

  • I can't even do a split lol

  • Random question but what’s the brand of Ethan’s shorts 🩳

  • Man I’m surprised that they aren’t wearing socks it looks too hot for ISchats

  • 13:08 he looks like a fly stuck in a spider web lmao

  • "I'm 5'2" Me: how old are you I'm almost six foot tall and I'm twelve

  • Welcome to eef has a breakdown

  • thats thats not what we do

  • This is the longest video so far! Rip people who haven’t caught up yet!


  • Mark: break my nose Ethan: *punches him no hesitation*

  • The position at 19:16 looks comfy tho like I could sit like that for hours.

  • eef 🤝 me being upset bc we arent as flexible anymore as we were a few years ago

  • This whole channel has been Ethan’s transformation into becoming Mark’s masochist apprentice

  • This was my b day vid

  • Anyone else doing a unus annus speed run? I need to watch a few more to catch up!

  • This is awkward

  • Ethan: I sat d o w n Mark: ohHhh

  • 0:47 killed me.

  • My favorite thing Mark ever said to Ethan so far 10:06

  • (5:52) *the moment when you get a chance to lay down in gym class*

  • Why are Mark's random sounds so funny?

  • Alternate Title: Ethan becomes a masochist and goes even further beyond

  • As a former gymnast, I can sympathize with the loss of flexibility

  • you guys should take a ballet class it would be so fun to watch

  • amy knows the angeles we want lol

  • I’m really happy that they realized Ethan needed help and actually helped him instead of letting him embarrass himself

  • They're so relaxed. Naturals. Much grace.

  • Ethan: [slips his head through the fabric] Taylor and Mark: [immediate concern]

  • Such elegant grunts xD

  • Me: having a bad day My friends: play the game I don't like Me: 24:11

  • 14:15 mark dont know his left and rights

  • Ethan looked like a gremlin

  • *that last bit didn't age well-*

  • Anyone else die from Ethan’s grunting-


  • 7:47 I evaporated 😂

  • Ethan: I'm 18 Me: Ok wait so if he's been doing yt for 8 years and gymnastics for 10 years, it checks out...

  • Ethan was just shaming himself, lol!

  • Wait is Mark wearing a corridor digital shirt