Hydro Dipping A Baby

Birt 11 ágú 2020
Hydro Dipping is the ancient art of submerging an infant in water and noxious paint fumes, symbolizing purification and rebirth.
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Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • It's like I can smell the fumes through the screen


  • "Will It Watermarble?": Unus Annus edition

  • SO UPSET that Ethan did not take the oppurtunity at 7:47 to say Will's "That's hot"

  • me, who’s done this with nail polish and dipped my nails in it: 👁👄👁

  • 9:06.... that was unexpected- What a waste of a perfectly good mixer.

  • Mark is actually making me upset :( my adhd meds haven’t taken affect yet


  • While I was watching this video, I was drinking Milk, but when they started filling the bucket up with water and whet not, I went to sip my milk, expecting it to be water, but it was milk, so I freaked out.

  • I am trying to tell if it was a bit for Eathan to be serious this time around or not

  • alternative title: marks ADD runs wild

  • the tensest and yet calmest video on the channel

  • is no one gonna admire the fact that Ethans shirt is vault 6

  • This is my birthday video-

  • But that baby looks so realistyc i hate it TwT i still hate it.

  • Mark acts like Ethan and Ethan acts like Mark in this vid ngl

  • just got Mark's afk arena ad on this video. nice.

  • Are we gonna talk about how the babies HEAD was resting on the DILDO, AFTER THE NECK SNAPPED?

  • Awe.. "How come you never give me gifts babe?" -cause I don't like u! 😂

  • Is it bad that I know how to properly use that paddle so it doesn't leave a lasting mark?

  • Dunking the baby... WHERE'S THE MONEY, LEBOWSKI??!!

  • That bike helmet looked awesome

  • Mark you don’t stir dipping stuff

  • Hydro dipping our family members. Mom and then thier son

  • love that Ethan punches the air when hes mad

  • I saw what happened to the skull and immediately was like " They made Wolnir's skull goblet. "

  • Haha funny Unus Annus baby

  • does anyone know the camera, lens, etc. used at 12:35? i’m in love with these shots

  • Mark: Chica go get a stick Ethan: *WE DON'T NEED A S T I C K*

  • Do you want your AAAAAA

  • Alternative title: unnus annus personality swap

  • Two hundred and seventy-first video: Finished.

  • Mark: Are you ok? Ethan: yEs gO! Mark: Are you okay? Ethan: *lord help us* gO

  • There's something wonderfully cursed about giving a fake painted baby a "mixer" headrest.

  • “hydro latin for water” me:*knows latin* ok, first of all-

    • @Elizabeth Sandifer really? How's it pronounced?

    • also, hate to say it, but they’ve been pronouncing annus wrong this whole time...

  • I can't believe after all this time the spatula was a seggs paddle o-o

  • When they drowned the baby I couldn't help thinking of the *"wheres the money lebowski"* meme

  • 2 eefs for a day

  • *caveman Mark's industrial revolution, starting small;* *with the s t i c c*

  • My birthday video lmao

  • This is literally just mark high... and drunk...at the same time... and eef took his meds.

  • Not gonna lie i like the helmet

  • Which unas annus video was posted on your birthday? This is mine

  • one used their brain cell today, and one didn’t use there brain cells today

  • I just realized that this was my birthday video... Kinda amazing

  • I was here

  • "we push it under and hold it till the bubbles stop"

  • Mark: get the satisfaction My brain watching the hose water come out: dang I'm kinda thirsty now

  • I really don’t get this video. It’s dumb

  • Did he say babe

  • The beginning of the video is my two brain cells arguing over doing my assignments and literally everything I actually want to do

  • Why do I feel like Ethan is Mark and Amy child 😂

  • They did it... They made the video.. They swapped roles!

  • "Where's your baby?" Ethan: Y'know farming somewhere... Me: ..and buried himself accidentally.

  • I love how badly Ethan wants to punch someone or something 🤣

  • I I just got the afk arena ad from mark

  • Everyone talking about how Ethan and Mark swapped personalities, but no one talking about the death of an icon: Tiny Will Smith. May he Rest In Peace.


  • Maybe you should hydro dip Chica

  • HeY AmY wANt ThIS mIXeR?

  • Markipliers tree trunk forearms like jesussssss

  • "how come u never give me gifts babe? :(" "b- i dont like u" i absolutely lost it here

  • baby: i tried to scream, but my head was UndErWatEr

  • Anyone here Gonna talk about the “electric mixer”

    • I was looking for someone to talk about that 🤣

  • alternate title: ethan finally increased the dose of his meds

  • The water pouring out of the baby at the end reminds me too much of movie make up blood when a character is bleeding out from some fatal wound

  • Very present switching if the rolls here

  • When you see chica: GOOD GIRL DETECTED

  • Ethan and Mark have really switched rolls in this video

  • I bet at the end of Unus Annus they'll do a competition where they ask us questions about the vids, and one's gonna be, which vid was Mark secretly high for. And we'll know...

  • I don't think the doll is water proof

  • If I've learned anything from Jenna marbles it's that you really gotta fuck up the water with paint

  • 0:37 Mark sprays water in the house... also, 0:29 Fish-Flops

    • Also, say hello to Baby UnAn at the end of the Video

  • Idk why ethan saying “I’m stuck to a tree” and then the camera turns around and he’s trying to get away is the funniest things to me

  • water incersion

  • mark trolling ethan's adhd is great

  • is no one gonna mention that mark sprayed water in his house 0:36

  • Mark: [being annoying] Ethan: now I understand your pain

  • Why in this video is mark being patient and methodical and when it comes to cooking his solution to slow cooking is more heat😩

  • This is some Freaky Friday type shit

  • Mark offering Amy his art is sooo flipping cute! Relationship goals

  • _Is this what it is like dealing with me?_

  • this is one of the most relaxed chaotic videos on their channel

  • The disbelief on Marks face when Ethan says they don't need sticks.

  • Ethan is a bit peeved in this one. Me likey.

  • Are they sure they're doing this right, cause some of these look awful.

  • This whole video is the most chaotic thing I've ever seen in my life lmaooo💀💀

  • i dont have adhd and mark is driving me crazy. i can only imagine how exasperated ethan must be

  • They should sell hydro dipped electric mixers

  • Quick tip: If you want to hydro dip yourself (not literally hydro dip yourself), use primer first, let it dry, THEN spray the water with your colors, and do the actual hydro dipping. You’ll get better results, the paint will stick better, and it’ll be more opaque.

    • Another thing; go slowly as to cover the entire object, so no seam is visible, and you don’t have to dip it a second time on the other side.

  • mark and ethan: guys this isnt a cult also mark and ethan: force their baby to undergo a possibly deadly baptismal ritual for their "not a cult"

  • It was satisfying

  • Ethan: my baby is off farming Me: hey remember how some people tell their kids after their dog passes away that their dog went off to the farm?

  • Okay 1) Ethan literally sounds like he’s talking to a toddler and 2) I haven’t seen any appreciation for the music tracks they use, the tracks are literally so well chosen

  • What good fathers Mark and Ethan are! They pulled the baby’s arm off and also hydro dipped him. What more could you want from parents?🤣

  • i wouldn't call it happy as much as maybe.. dead?

  • new title sucking at hydro dipping without my add meds

  • Actually, in latin water is aqua.

  • Mark brain: whisper hydro the stick

  • Did he forget his baby was in the time capsule